Beyond the Night Road 2

A spy espionage thriller that is set in the early 1970's.


8. Beyond the Night Road-Part Eight


October 6, 1972


Darla Bear Klaine, a black activist for The New York Radical Feminists Group, glanced at the young women, and approached the podium  in the middle of Times Square. "The road to success for black people is a problem that won't be erased over the decades. Ever since the mid nineteen forties, we all strive for perfection; we all are working under male bosses. But it is nineteen seventy-two; it isn't nineteen sixty-two in the Deep South of Alabama, or Mississippi, where the KKK have killed innocent people while they hide under their white hoods over their heads; racism isn't going to be swept under the carpet from now on. Now we are here to fight the cause which President Nixon, wants to neglect over the Watergate crisis. It is time for action now. Yes, we are radicals; yes we're preaching to the converted; yes, we're here to fight racism. Now is the time, as I've said, to act. We're not robots like out of 'The Stepford Wives'; we're here to fight the Nixon Government to reform everything that matters in America today; women are working for a New America, and are on the road to success, as we love our husbands, feed our hungry children, and live in expensive homes, as America crumbles. Peace be with all of you...And God bless everyone...". And, seconds later, the thirty thousand strong crowd, applauded.


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