She Is My World

"She Is My World" revolves around young, 17 year old Avery Jenkins. She is a Junior at Westwood high school and plans to go to College as soon as she graduates. She has her entire life planed out. High school, college, job, marriage, children. Basic huh? Well not for long. New guy, Landyn Vance, enrolls at her school. She comes to realize he is a major play boy and messes with every girl in town. All the girls swoon over him and he takes advantage of it.

One night, Avery's best friend, Jenna Brown, drags her along for a long night of partying and fun. Avery gets a little to drunk and well... guess you will have to read to find out!


1. Chapter 1- Get to Know Avery.

Hey guys! Before we start I just wanted to say that the people who play the characters in the story will be shown at the end of the chapter. If u don't like the people I picked u can obviously imagine your own. Anyways, enjoy!!



I heard my alarm clock.

"Turn it off!! That thing has been ringing for ten minutes!"

Just then a pair of hands rolled me off my bed.

"What the heck!! Why didn't you wake me?!" I yelled at my best friend, "now I'm ten minutes past my wake up time. Which means I'm gonna have to rush my hair!!"

I then run to my vanity and curl the tips of my hair considering I didn't have time to do the full curls. I finished up my makeup and threw on my Friday outfit.

"Come on Jenna! Are u ready yet?! We need to go eat!!" I yell through my room and into the bathroom where Jenna is finishing her hair

"Five more minutes. Damn. We don't have to be at school for another 30 minutes." She replies popping her hip out sassily.

"You know that I have Drama club before school. We go over this every morning." I roll my eyes.

I waited five minutes until she finally walked out of the bathroom. Her hair was straitened to the gods and her wings could cut someone. I wasn't really into eyeliner. I wasn't into makeup at all really. I mean I know the basics, but other than that not much.

"Finally." I laugh.

We walk downstairs and my older brother, Bryson, greets us with a smile.

"Hey Bryson." Jenna smirks because she knows it makes me mad when she flirts with him.

"Jenna." Bryson returns the hello.

Yes. I live with my older brother. He's twenty one. Two years ago my father got drunk at a party. My mother went with him to keep an eye on him. At the time she was eight months pregnant with my soon to be little sister. Her name was going to be Mallory. Mallory Renee Jenkins. She ended up going into an early labor from shock of finding my father with another woman. She obviously couldn't drive so my father drove. He ended up wrecking and killed both my sister and mother. He got charged with dd (drunk driving) and murder. He will be in jail for the rest of his life. My brother became my legal guardian.

I shake my anger off and grab Jenna and I's morning yogurts from the fridge. She tossed me a spoon and I tossed her the yogurt. We quickly ate and ran out the door. I jumped into my grey 2019 Mini Cooper and was quickly followed by Jenna.

Yes. My brother and I had a lot of money. Both of our parents had good jobs. When my mother died she left us half of their fortune. My father obviously doesn't need his so we got that too.

We drove about five minutes until we made it to our schools parking lot. Today was odd. Everyone was gathered outside of the closed office door as if they were trying to see inside. Jenna and I just shrugged and headed to our lockers and grabbed our stuff. She walked me to the drama doors as usual. We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

I opened the double auditorium doors and ran inside. The class was already in the meeting circle. I'm the president of the drama club. So Mr. Stephens always puts me in charge of the class. It gets me a lot of extra credit. Especially for college.

"Sorry I'm late guys!!" I take my seat, "had some troubles this morning."

They all sit up getting ready for our morning talk.

"So today..." I start.

I won't put u through the pain of having to listen to our hour talk. It lasted until 8:30am. We then had to partner up and write a play about what happened to Romeo and Juliet in the after life. Which I thought was dumb but the rest of the class enjoyed.

We stayed writing until 9:30 am until the bell rang.

Jenna and I meet at our lockers everyday and walk to our next class together: Gym.

"Avery!! Thank god your here!! Guess what!!" Jenna grabs my arm and pulls me closer so no one else could hear our conversation.

"What?" I looked at her with a confused face.

"We have a new guy!!" She screeched.

"Why would I care. You know I don't do guys. I have nev-"

"Never even had a boyfriend. Yes I know you tell me all the time." She cut me off, " but he is gorgeous. His name is Landyn. Even if you don't do guys, he is great eye candy!!"

I roll my eyes and chuckle at how excited she was.

"Come on dork." I motion for her to come.

We walk to the gymnasium and wait for the rest of the class to assemble together.

"Volleyball. You know the drill!" Coach V yells.

A whole bunch of girls were all in a circle around something flirtatiously laughing.

I couldn't care less about the other girls.

Jenna and I walked to the girls net and got in position soon the guys were all ready at their net and the rest of the girls eventually got in position as well.

We began bump, set, and spiking the ball back and forth. I was currently playing middle back row. Jenna was playing the middle spiker. She ended up hitting it way over the out line. I ran as fast as I could backwards, watching the ball fly through the air.


I hit against something hard and fell to the floor. Then I realized it wasn't a wall or a pole I ran into. It was a person.

I stand up holding my head, "oh my gosh I'm so sorry."

My head pounding and spinning all at once, I hold my hand out offering to help the person.

I feel a firm hand grip my hand and pull themself up.

"Avery Jenkins?" A deep, familiar voice sounded.

My vision cleared.

"Landyn. Landyn Vance?" I laugh smile.

The new guy was... Landyn...? My Landyn?

"It's great to see you!!" He smiles.

"Ohh my god! You too!"

We hug and pull away smiling.

"I heard there was a new guy. But I didn't know it was you!" I laugh.

"Well I didn't know this is where you went to school!" He smiles.

"Landyn... I've went to the same school as when we were kids." I confusedly look at him.

"Ok... I did. I just didn't want you to think I was following you or something." He laughs.

"Well I'd hope that's not the case."

"I hope so too." He replies.

"LANDYN!!" Someone yelled from the guys side of the court.

"I better go..." he smiles pointing to the guys.

"Yea... yes. Me too." I laugh.

We exchange smiles and jog back to our own sides.

Jenna gives me her 'what the fuck' look and we all continue.

The bell rang. I ran to change and get the heck out of here before I have to explain myself to Jenna.

I ran to my next class. I didn't have anymore classes with Jenna thankfully. But I did have 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 7th period with Landyn. Which means we have 5/7 classes together. We didn't socialize at all. We didn't really talk at all other than small waves here and there.

7th periods bell rang and all the students poured out of the class.

"Avery!!" I heard a voice yell.

I immediately knew who's it was.

"Landyn." I spin around with a smile.

"Hey. I'm having a party tonight. You know where my uncle lives. Right? Well anyways I hope to see you there?" He asks.

"Welll... I don't really do parties." I kept my embarrassment inside.

"Same old Avery." He chuckles, "just think about it."

I nod and he runs off to a group of people and they immediately give him all their attention.


Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know who play the characters. So make sure to look them up if you don't know who they are. Ohh and btw I won't be making authors notes unless they are important. So make sure to read them. Enjoy.

Avery Jenkins- Madison Beer

Jenna Brown- Jasmine Thompson

Landyn Vance- Jack Gilinsky

Bryson Jenkins- Nash Grier

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