Beloved little wife

Sold for thirty million by her stepmother, a female crashes the wedding when she shouts at her paralysed husband "No! You are the devil, you can't marry me!". Shaking, tears rolling down her face, the husband-to-be replies "Woman, in three months you must give birth to my child"; his response is cold and wanton.


7. When bitten by a dog

The cold child squats on the side, while looking at the white face of the tender.

This girl has a melon face of a classical beauty, her eyebrows are slender like a wicker, the stars are like a moon, clear, blue waves, under the nose of the show, lips like sea otters, pink as if people are rushing Take a bite.

Her closeness and warmth, her tears and pain, as if, with a magical power, told him that he can not control himself, can not stop!

She is not well-dressed, but he is well-dressed, and he can feel it. He is only a kind of pure venting in her body. His movements are rude and wild, like a thorny whip, and she smack her unrelentingly. On the body.

Before the consciousness gradually pulled away from his mind, Jiao Jiao seemed to see the warm and handsome face.

Jiaojiao, I must wait for my study abroad. When I arrive, I will marry you as my wife.

She is about to marry soon, she and Xiuwenge can no longer have a future -

Sad tears, cut through the eyes, two streams.

After sprinkling hot seeds into her body, Leng Zi looked at the stunned stunned underneath him and suddenly lost interest.

He got up without hesitation, went to the bathroom, and after he had finished his body, he took a glass of cold water and walked to the edge of the bed, pouring directly into the face of Jiao Jiao.

The cold touch came, so that Jiao Jiao slowly woke up from the coma.

"There is a million in it! With money, I will get out of my sight! And, if you buy the pill, I don't want to see you again, you threaten me with your child!"

After throwing a gold card to Jiaojiao, Leng Zikai untied her bondage.

As soon as he got the freedom, he was so eager to slap the cold man.

"Scum, beasts, bastards!" Don't care for the image, and Jiaojiao snarls the words of the monks that can be thought of in his mind.

The cold child touched his red cheeks, and he looked coldly at him. "Only this time, roll!"

The tears of tears in the eyes of the eyelashes bite the lips, she put on the clothes that he tore, can not be carcass, picked up the card on the bed, cut it into two pieces, and then, it was cold and cold. Jun face.

"Your bad money, I am not at all rare. Tonight, I will be bitten by a dog!"

The voice of Jiao Jiao was just falling, and the slender neck was suddenly held tight by him.

Breathing was suppressed, the lung cavity was severely itchy, and my mind began to become blank.

"Woman, you are really impatient!"

His look, cold and frosty, gaze, extremely embarrassing!

Life is hanging on the line, she is scared.

The mother is still in the hospital, she can't go wrong -

Looking at the look of beggar in the eyes of Jiao Jiao, the cold child snorted and retracted the big palm.

"Don't appear in my sight again, otherwise I will completely ruin you!"

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