Beloved little wife

Sold for thirty million by her stepmother, a female crashes the wedding when she shouts at her paralysed husband "No! You are the devil, you can't marry me!". Shaking, tears rolling down her face, the husband-to-be replies "Woman, in three months you must give birth to my child"; his response is cold and wanton.


14. is 30 million, she was sold

"Come and have breakfast." Lengshaohen looked at Jiaojiao and said hoarsely.

Jiaojiao bowed his head.

From beginning to end, she did not dare to look at the cold man sitting opposite her.

"Three days later, when you get home, I can't go out and let zichen come back with you!" Lengshaohen eased a lot.

Jiaojiao lifted long eyelashes, crisp like a butterfly's wings, shaking his head. "no no."

She does not want to have any separate contact with the devil.

"Big brother, I think this is not good."

When Leng Zichen said so, the dark and deep eyes were always shocked.

Damn woman, is she eager to clarify her relationship with him?

"Nothing is bad! Let her go back alone, let others say gossip, you are my brother, represent me, is the most appropriate." Lengshaohen said he gave him a check, "This is 30 million, you bring Past to the little father."

Jiao Jiao looked at the check and the nose was sour.

30 million, the whole family will sell her!

Leng Zichen looked at Jiaojiao, and suddenly there was a complicated expression in his eyes.

After breakfast, the two returned to the room together.

"Ziechen, you are back to the ST group!" Lengshaohen said.

Cold purple Chen on the sofa, his dark, melancholy eyes shook his head. "Big Brother, you don't know my identity. I swear to my father that I won't take your brother's property away."

"lengzichen, you are also a family member!" Lengshaohen distressed his brother.

Leng Zichen said. "Children born privately can never see the light. Now I run my own business very well."

Lengshaohen sighed. He closed his tired eyes and said slowly: "This year, I pretend to be weak. I want to seize the opportunity to find the real murderer and hurt me, but my body has burned after all, old. Big brother may live. longer- "

Leng Zichen vowed: "Big Brother, will you live for a long time? I will ask the best doctor to heal you!"

Lengshaohen, shook his head. "Useless, my physical condition, my heart is the clearest, lengzichen, you should help big brother, go back to work, accept ST as big brother, second and third, they are wolf ambitions, a heart swallow us ST, less ink and play, don't do business, can't take over the team, Cold War, only you have the ability to take over my position."

Cold Zichen is silent and does not speak. 


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