Beloved little wife

Sold for thirty million by her stepmother, a female crashes the wedding when she shouts at her paralysed husband "No! You are the devil, you can't marry me!". Shaking, tears rolling down her face, the husband-to-be replies "Woman, in three months you must give birth to my child"; his response is cold and wanton.


9. Humiliating humiliation

Jiao Jiao gripped the jacket tightly and sighed in humiliation.

"Fei Yuduo, come over to help my mother." Meifeng saw a person unable to open his clothes and shouted to Feiyu.

"Fei Yuduo looked at Jiaojiao's reaction and she understood.

She sighed and said to Mei Feng: "Mom, leave a face for Jiaojiao. She wants to marry a waste man. If she is a virgin, it doesn't matter."

Mei Feng frowned, she said with some concern. "Although this is true, if the cold family knows that Jiaojiao will go out before marriage, will it invest in our company?"

She is very depressed. In this family, she does not care about her happiness. Even if she marries into a cold home, she will jump into the fire pit and will not sacrifice everything to push her down.

"Jiaojiao, you are out of chaos, do you do contraception?" Fei Yuduo took care of the cold little hand and asked softly.

Jiaojiao lowered her head and bit her lip. "No problem." After that, she ran upstairs.

Last night, heartbreaking lung pain seemed to have hit her limbs. She just shook her head in tears, and even if she didn't take medicine, she shouldn't be pregnant.

Leng family ST Group is the country's leading real estate with sufficient economic strength and wealth to purchase several island countries in East Asia.

There are three rooms Leng Zhentian, each room gives him a son, and an outsider knows that he is born out of wedlock. Leng Zhentian announced to the outside world that in the future, the CEO of ST Group will be passed on to the eldest son. Therefore, his three wives are secretly competing and want to seize the eldest son.

Later, the third wife was more powerful and gave birth to her first son, named Leng Shaohen.

Leng Shaohen returned to study at the age of twenty-five and took over the ST Group. Under his leadership, in just three years, ST Group has successfully consolidated the status of the real estate industry, but in a fire last year, Leng Shaohen burned beyond recognition.

Leng Shaohen is severely burned and he will live alone on the island's castle. Since then, he will not recover.

In order to find a wife, Fei Yudao was married to the Leng family in accordance with the marriage agreement.

Fei Yuduo regards sex as one of the most beautiful things in life. She is not willing to marry a waste man.

There is no way for Fei family to let Jiao Jiao's mother threaten her. She can't afford the mother's loss of treatment. She has no choice but to nod.

At 7:30 in the evening, the black extended version of Rolls Royce stopped at the door on time.

Jiao jiao took a small suitcase and walked out of the villa...


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