Beloved little wife

Sold for thirty million by her stepmother, a female crashes the wedding when she shouts at her paralysed husband "No! You are the devil, you can't marry me!". Shaking, tears rolling down her face, the husband-to-be replies "Woman, in three months you must give birth to my child"; his response is cold and wanton.


5. Dead Cowboy, pulled what pulled

Geng Jiao did not expect such a good-looking man, but it was so terrible!

Oxygen is constantly decreasing, her consciousness is getting blurred...

Just when she thought she was going to die here, the elevator door opened.

The cold man grabbed her hair and dragged her out of the elevator.

"Hey man, I am not yours? Why are you doing this to me? You are a cowherd, what are you? You let me go! Ah! Pain--"

Her scalp hurts like it is going to tear open!

"Woman, you are brave enough, no one dares to talk to me like this!"

Leng Zikai will be dragged into a luxurious presidential suite.

Yan Jiaoqiang endured the tears in her eyes and looked at the cold man with angrily. "You dare to let me go, or I will call the police!"

She took out her mobile phone from her pocket. When she was about to press 110, the phone was taken away by him and fell to the ground.

"Ah! What are you doing?" Looking at the phone that was bursting in an instant, Jiao Jiao was distressed. This mobile phone, but the birthday gift that Xiuwenge gave her when she went abroad.

When Jiao Jiao was preparing to go to the mobile phone that was broken by the cold child, he walked up to her in front of her and stepped the phone under her foot.

The tears in the eyes of Jiao Jiao’s eyes can no longer help but fall down.

"You crazy! You are going away!" He was kneeling on the ground and wanted to open his feet. He was like a giant mountain, and Wen Si did not move.

The cold child licked the back collar of Jiao Jiao, threw her tears and horrified her, and threw it on the wide soft couch. Then, at the speed of lightning, she rushed to her delicate body.

"I didn't say 10,000 yuan to me last night? I will give you 10,000 now, you will stay with me for one night!"

Leng Zikai took out a red banknote from his purse and licked his face with a rainy pear.

There was a sense of humiliation that had never been seen before, and when the money was scattered to the face, it seemed as if he had slaped a few slaps.

The resentful scornful contempt of the cold child, his hands kept beating on his strong chest.

"If you dare to touch me, I promise to be desperate with you!"

This man, Bai Hao had a good skin, she really regretted the intestines, and should not be so impulsive last night, to provoke him.

The cold child licks a cold smile, and the woman who falls into his hands is like a prey that falls into the net. Is there a chance to escape?

With a big palm and a white dress on his body, he was torn into pieces!

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