Beloved little wife

Sold for thirty million by her stepmother, a female crashes the wedding when she shouts at her paralysed husband "No! You are the devil, you can't marry me!". Shaking, tears rolling down her face, the husband-to-be replies "Woman, in three months you must give birth to my child"; his response is cold and wanton.


6. beg for mercy? It’s already late

Without the coat of the coat, she was ashamed and angry. Her hands were firmly tied with rags, and her legs were suppressed by him. She lost her resistance.

"You are raped, you have to go to jail!" Jiao Jiao yelled at the scorpion and shouted.

It seems that the words of Jiaojiao are unheard of, and the big palm of the cold man smashes the delicate sponge BRA and directly covers the white and full softness.

His kneading touched her tears and surged even more.

She used to hope that she could find a perfect man before marriage and go out for the first time. However, this situation is not yours!

"I beg you, don't do this to me--" She was so horrified that her face was white and her teeth trembled.

Picking up the delicate chin, he smiled coldly.

"Now I know that I am begging for mercy? It’s a pity that it’s too late! If you dare to provoke my fire, you must be responsible for destroying it!" Then he ripped off her underwear.

Looking at the delicate and smooth body of the delicate and delicate white, the lust in the cold and lingering, like the fire of the original, is burning.

"No, please don't!" She screamed in horror.

The cold child sullenly wrinkled his eyebrows and pulled her clothes and stuffed them into her mouth.

This is a beautiful body without human life. It takes a deep breath and seems to smell a faint scent.

He began to kiss from her deep clavicle, and then stayed in front of her pink scorpion.

With a bite, she trembled even more.

The tears of Jiao Jiao are running dry, and God can't hear her prayers. Tonight, it is destined to be a sad night.

She had a fragrant fragrance and a faint scent of wine. He also drank a lot tonight. When she knelt on her body, she couldn't help but think of another soft figure. His scorpion slammed and couldn't help but add The strength of the hand.

It’s so painful that my toes are huddled together.

This man has an angelic face, but it is an absolute demon.

The pain of heartbreaking lungs spread to the bones of the limbs, and the apex of the heart was followed by tremors.

She has never hated a person so much, but she is close to her, and she is struggling to gallop her man, but she feels what it is to hate!

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