Mightiest Soldier

He was the strongest sword in the battlefield, a storm of blood, he went to the city and then returned. Both men and women saw him discoloring. He was the most powerful man both in the battlefield or in the busy city.


2. Unforgivable

"You TM want to die?" The army is a soldier, and the army is a soldier. He let go of sue and looked at the young man, his eyes narrowing slightly, as he stared at the tiger in prey. It is unforgivable to say so in his face. "Fuck, I thought it was a little white face, so this is the virtue!" The young man crooked his mouth and said. Su's skin is a kind of ancient bronze color, with the spirit of short hair, such as Eagle's eyes, it looks very tough, and the white face completely do not match. "Zhou Kun, you focus on the point!" Su's faint face clutches her face. She has just bitten on Su's shoulders. In order to vent her dissatisfaction, she used a lot of energy, but she almost broke her teeth. The meat of the frenzy is like a piece of iron. "Hum, respect you? You are shameless to your face. If you are sensible, you can lie down to Lao Tzu and let Lao Tzu sleep once. The woman I asked for by Zhou Kun would not get it. Zhou Kun coldly hum to say, saw Su crazy one eye, also didn't care. The frenzy looks tough, but he has three high hands behind him, all of which he has hired a special veterans with heavy gold. He really has a conflict. He has a good reason to clean up the family. "What do you think your parents didn't teach you about shame?" this is a society of legality. You will be punished. Su Xuebin was trembling with anger and coughing. In the eyes of Su Meng, there has been a murderous attack. This Zhou Kun is seeking death. "You are going to take care of your father. They give it to me." After the frenzy of the frenzy, he walked to Zhou Kun. He looked at the three people behind Zhou Kun, knowing that they were all troops retired, and the frenzy felt the scent of them clearly, and that he knew it was a soldier. But that's just that! The frenzy looks at their eyes with only one message, a threat of information - if they dare to hand, don't blame him for his frenzy, and do not talk about the brotherhood of the army. The three people came into contact with Su's crazy eyes, and their body quickly shook down, but they were still in front of Zhou Kun's body. "Boss, go out first." A bruised bodyguard on his face said quickly that the scar on his face was hot when the bullet slid through, and he was a real soldier who had been in the battlefield and had been shuttling through the bullets. In fact, all three of them are the same elite soldiers who have been on the battlefield. But when they saw the frenzy of the Soviet frenzy, their heart was an awe - awe - awe - awe - awe - manic breath that made them feel suffocated. Even the smell of Su's maniac is stronger and more impudent. "Quit what to do, give me a tough lesson, dare to rob a woman with Laozi, do not want to live!" Zhou Kun is just an ordinary person who doesn't know anything about it. "You are more careful, brother." Sue yells behind Sue. Although siblings are opposed to the other side of the wall, although Su's secret is full of grievances against Su Meng, at this time, she will still support Su mania unconditionally. "Don't worry, there will be no one to bully you." Sue said calmly. Anyone can hear the firmness of Su's crazy words. It is a solemn solemn pledge of Hong Meng. It is a steadfastness that never goes over my corpse and never renege. "Is he your brother?" Oh, it was my little uncle. Zhou Kun said with a smile. "Do you deserve it, too?" Su Meng's eyes narrowly opened and he looked at three bodyguards again. The bodyguard swallowed the mouth water and reached to the waist. There's a gun! In the heart of Su's crazy heart, it seems that this week Kun is not an ordinary person, but the bodyguard with him deserves a gun. In that case, Sue could not wait any longer. He was confident, and did not dare to break up with the three soldiers in the narrow ward. Even if he had nothing to do at the end, it would be hard for his father and his sister to be all right. At the moment when the bodyguard was about to touch his waist, Su's crazy tiptoe was like an eagle swooping down. Bang! The bodyguard that wants to touch the gun, the hand is still hanging on the holster, the body has been kicked out by the frenzy of the Su, heavily smashed on the door of the ward, the whole building seems to shake. Fast, too fast, it's faster than the speed of human brain reaction. Since he was the best soldier coming out of the bullets, he could not do anything at this moment. The Soviet frenzy did not stop, the other two people did not have a gun, but he still quickly flashed to two people, one boxing one will knock down the two people, one breath, without the force of returning hands. In the gaze of Zhou Kun's eyes, Su Meng walked up and took out the pistol of the three men's waist, and instantly disassembled it into a part and threw it in front of three people. He did not lay hands on three people, and soon they could stand up again, but if they wanted to use guns, they could kill them ten times in the time of assembly. After all this, Su Meng went to Zhou Kun step by step. Zhou Kun now regrets that when the bodyguard let him out, why he didn't listen, instead he had to pretend to be forced. Now it's too late to retreat. Su Meng walked up to him, half a head higher than he was. He was so frightened that he stepped back step by step. His voice trembled, "don't come over. I'm the manager of Jiangnan pharmaceutical industry. My father is the chief of public security. If you dare to move me, you will die." "Little mad, don't hurt people." Su Xuebin and Su have been in a long time, and they all know that Su was crazy to go to the army, and he certainly learned the ability to come back, but he did not think that the frenzy of the Soviet Union had come to such a degree. The three bodyguards, who were stronger than the Su Su, did not fall down with a little rebellion. And the action of frenzy dismantling the gun was too skillful and handsome, and Su was at the tip of the eye. He found that the frenzy did not leave all the parts, but secretly hid three needle shaped parts. Even if the three bodyguards assembled the pistols, they could not shoot at all.
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