Mightiest Soldier

He was the strongest sword in the battlefield, a storm of blood, he went to the city and then returned. Both men and women saw him discoloring. He was the most powerful man both in the battlefield or in the busy city.


16. Train your own talent.

"Su-mad, you recruit the master?"

Sue Crazy came to the company, just sit in the security department, Zhang Zo shook his hips came in, directly said.

Su crazy swept her one eye, found that she is wearing a short skirt today, with purple waistcoat, fine high-heeled shoes, will have been quite rounded hips, foil more full, simply hook the dead.

Not only the Sioux, but other security guards were anxious to bulge their eyeballs.

The company's four bosses, a beautiful game, but the most can arouse the desire of people, is definitely Zhang Zo, she is the goddess of the company male employees. Su Crazy Eyes not shed from Zhang Zo buttocks move open, random way: "What urgent, I arrange them to do other things first, after two days to come."

He Dacheng Three people, he was arranged to go to the Yang Sea, in order to deal with the seven Yang help prepare, temporarily no time to come over.

Of course, this is also in order not to arouse the suspicion of Zhou Kun director Shoreming, Zhou Kun became a vegetable, his secretary Shoreming very angry, do not believe that just traffic accident, suspicion is calculated, but Zhou Kun do not wake up, he did not know the specific situation, do not know Zhou Kun offended who.

Zhou Ruiming asked the He Dacheng three people a few words, but did not get any useful information, then will not hesitate to three people fired, commanded the trust of his men continue to investigate.

If this time He Dacheng three people come over, I am afraid will Zhou Ruiming suspicion of the eye, transferred to his side, serious investigation, I am afraid really can get su crazy out. Zhang Zo heard the Su-mad explanation, the eye oblique a bit, way: "You won't be con me?" I tell you, if you dare con me, you're dead.

” "I con who dare not con you ah, you are beautiful and wisdom of the boss, I also rely on you to eat."

Su-Crazy said casually, writing on the hand to paint, continue to modify the defense system scheme. "You know just fine!" And, yesterday, you can't tell anyone!

Zhang Zo suddenly whispered, with a threatening look at Su-mad.

Yesterday, she was a few words of Su-crazy excited to lose the reason, the first kiss to the Su-mad, in the calm down after she regretted, only pity the spilt milk, can only now make up for it.

Only hope that a few sisters do not know, or must tease her not. "What happened yesterday?"

Su Crazy intentionally said, looked up the funny look at Zhang Zo, touched the cheek with the palm. Zhang Zo glared at him one eye, way: Don't give me stupid, I tell you, kiss cheek not count kiss, my first kiss still still in!

” "I didn't say it was a kiss, but you told me not to tell anyone, I'm afraid I can't, because faint already know, who let you so excited yesterday said to teach her again, she asked me the reason, I said."

” You Hum!

"Zhang Zo stared. "Also, faint said you kissed me, must be responsible for me, this is our family tradition, my father wants to ask your father to meet a face, discuss our marriage."

"Su-mad very shameless and the SU faint to betray." "In charge, you big head ghost!" Did you just crawl out of the grave? A kiss is responsible, cut, you pit me, who letter Ah ...

Who love to believe who letter, anyway, I do not believe ... "Zhang Zo side said, one side Flurried ran out, Qiao face frighten look pale, mouth also talk about crazy or something.

Sue laughed, no longer tube her, every day to tease Zhang Zo, the spirit of refreshing. "Captain, what are you drawing?"

Zhang Zo walked soon, a security guard then came over, stood in Su crazy behind the su Crazy painting plan.

He looked only about 20 years old, and, unlike his security guard, his body looked thin and shy.

Su-mad remembers that the Chu Yat-sen came to the trouble when he was the first one to rush up, although soon to be knocked down, but he did not bite the teeth without a sound. "Captain, my name is Huang Peven, you call me a small text is good."

Huang Peven smiled shyly. Sue smiled and asked him to sit down and said, "What's the matter?"

Huang Peven hesitated, bit the teeth after the way: "Captain, heard you recruit a few master, is not to dismiss me, I ..." Huang Peven to the most hesitant.


Sue Crazy pick Eyebrow, see Huang Peven Masse, said: "You listen to who said to dismiss you?"

"Captain, you Don't tell me, the other people are saying this, I do not have a diploma, is not very able to play, certainly the first to be dismissed, but I really very hard, very need this job ..."

Then, Huang Peven to sue Crazy poured out a lot of, originally Huang Peven is mountain children, home is very poor, he was admitted to Jianghai University, home barely enough to collect his tuition, but who think, tuition is stolen on the train.

Huang Peven know that the home does not have the ability to give him enough for a tuition, feel ashamed to go back to see his family, then deceive their families, their own work, ready to mix out personal kind.

It was a coincidence that he was able to join the company, and Sue was so faint to see that he was so miserable that he stuffed him in.

But Sue faint now very few tube company, security is by Zhang Zo arrangement, the company to dismiss him, still very likely. Su crazy hear Huang Peven words then silence up, looked at a nervous Huang Peven, smiled: "Small wen, you rest assured, I give you a every well-paid, the company will not dismiss you."

” "Really?" she said.

"Huang Peven said with delight. Sue nodded and said, "but don't you ever think about going back to college?"

From the difficult environment in the mountains, the test to Jianghai University, which is enough to show that Huang Peven is a smart child, the effort is also hard to imagine the ordinary people. "Or ... Forget it, I'll always be in the company!

"said Huang Peven softly. Sue shook his head: "Don't be afraid, have any idea to say out, I said don't dismiss you don't dismiss you, if you want to go to school, I can take charge of your tuition."

” "Captain ... You're as good as a sister.

Huang Peven said excitedly.

Su crazy grin, for him, pay Huang Peven tuition is very simple, he was also shanty of poor children, understand the kind of poor life, if can help, help Huang Peven or.

"Captain, thank you, but still forget, in fact, I want to learn Kung fu with you, and you draw this defense plan, I can also understand a little, in order to do this security, I went to self-study, but most of the places are not understand, if the captain can teach me, I must completely heart to learn ...

Su Crazy eyes, thought up, no matter how Huang Peven present ability, at least his attitude is correct enough, as long as the training, perhaps can really independently.

In this way, he will be able to liberate the He Dacheng three people, let them put all the mind to deal with the seven Yang, he is afraid of the company's security can not understand his idea, just decided to let He Dacheng three people to help, if Huang Peven can grow up, it is much easier. "Well, I'll teach you."

Su-mad directly agreed to come down.

The talented person that oneself trains, certainly is more loyal than the money solicits, although the short time does not have much use, but in the long run, this is must do.

Huang Peven really very studious, like a sponge absorbing the Su-crazy to teach him things, the more the more excited, and he is also very smart, often able to extrapolate, coupled with a number of basic relationships, learn more than the Soviet crazy think of the faster.

Unconsciously, time went to noon, at this time, the Su-mad phone suddenly rang up, but is a strange number.

Sue Mad sent Huang Peven to eat first, put on the phone. "is crazy brother?" Is that crazy brother? I'm little-o-o! Ouziyan Ah! hahaha, crazy brother, I want to die you! You're finally back! The excited voice came from the microphone, almost shocked deaf su crazy eardrum.

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