Mightiest Soldier

He was the strongest sword in the battlefield, a storm of blood, he went to the city and then returned. Both men and women saw him discoloring. He was the most powerful man both in the battlefield or in the busy city.


8. This is help.

Since met, Su-mad nature can not let Yeqingqiu be yellow hair spoiled.

He and Yeqingqiu although the acquaintance, not very familiar, but how she is a beautiful woman, such a good cabbage, can not be pig to arch.

Most importantly, He Dacheng said Yeqingqiu was not drunk at all, but was drugged. "You distract the waiter's attention, I'll go in and have a look."

"Su-He Dacheng to the Tao." Good

He Dacheng, go up and talk to the waiter.

Su Crazy take this opportunity, a dodged into the box.

When he went in, he found that the young man was not there, and the door of the toilet closed, and there came a rustling sound.

And Yeqing autumn, at this time is limp on the long sofa, tightly frowned, as if very uncomfortable.

She wore tight jeans, slender thighs as straight as chopsticks, while the two legs are still rubbing each other, a flushed face. "Yeqing Autumn, Yeqingqiu.

Sue went over, patted her innocent face and called twice.

Yeqingqiu a sound, but even the eyes did not open, the whole person has completely lost power.

Toilet came flush toilet voice, Su crazy temporarily regardless of yeqing autumn, dodged go to the bathroom door, when yellow hair open the door, unequal to see outside the situation, he was a hand knife cut on the neck, dizzy dead in the bathroom.

Sue slammed off the bathroom door before returning to Yeqingqiu's side.

Called Yeqing Autumn several times, she is still no response, Su-mad will frown, the table is just a glass of water, su crazy also tube not so much, slowly pour in Yeqingqiu's face. "Ah!

Ah, I feel so bad ... "cold water wet cheeks, Yeqingqiu finally sober up a little, the whole body twisted to shout." "Yeqing Autumn, I am a Su-mad, how do you feel?" Do you want me to take you to the hospital?

"There is no good way for Su-mad to have an aphrodisiac," he said. "Su-mad?" What are you doing here? Do I have a dream? What about Jiang Tianyi's brute?

Yeqingqiu whispered, the eyes finally open a seam, but full of repressed lust.

Su crazy know can't wait, pull open box door, in the puzzled waiter line of sight, will He Dacheng called in. "Big Cheng, is there any way to relieve her symptoms?"

He Dacheng for several years, mixed in such a place every day, to these devious things than su crazy know more.

He Dacheng looked at the state of Yeqingqiu, shook his head. "That's only for the hospital."

"Sue Crazy Way. He Dacheng again shook his head: "Send a hospital also useless, this woman is seven Yang San, is a kind of very maliciousness strong aphrodisiac, only seven Yang help can be formulated, the hospital also cannot save, again will her body toxins along the lower body to exclude, she will be greatly injured."

” "Seven Yang Gang?" Out of the nakedness?

” "The seven Yang Gang is a relatively large underground force of Jianghai, control the Yang Hai area, Huangpu District underground world, Zhou Kun father Zhou Ruiming All to give seven Yang help face, inside that kid, should be seven Yang Dragon Head River Evil Month, one of the seven Yang help less master. And to lift the seven yang scattered toxins, can only through the intercourse, let the poisoned person gush tide, the toxin naturally can come out.

"He Dacheng said. What

Sue was stunned. He Dacheng shrugs: "This task, it seems only you to complete." ”

"Let me have intercourse with her?" Help her detox?

"said the Su-mad, without a word. "I can do it for you if you don't want to."

He Dacheng smiled, handed to Su-mad a man all know eyes. "Go, don't fool around, she's my friend."

"said Sue, frowning.

Both did not find, they are in consultation, Yeqingqiu is sober, when she heard He Dacheng words, the body immediately a shiver, double face become crimson.

There is a fiery power in the body burning, digestion of all her power, gurgling water constantly from the lower body outflow, so that she was all sick, the mind is gradually blurred. "Seven Yang scattered toxins will destroy her cerebral cortex, don't quickly save her, I am afraid even if saved, she can only be an idiot."

"He Dacheng said to Su-mad. "I do, what is this, this is not indulge?"

"said the Su-mad depressed.

He is not Hui, also not to Yeqingqiu not echocardiography, Yeqingqiu is definitely a beautiful woman, and is a pure beauty, she is Fu Hua University junior Three students, is a su faint of the elder sister, Su Crazy feel in such circumstances occupy her, also too not calculate a matter.

As he told Zhang Zo, if he wanted to go to a woman, he would have to take the initiative to his bed.

Now on the yeqing autumn, she is not at all voluntary, not harm her?

This girl a look is the place! "It's not indulge, it's help!"

"He Dacheng said calmly.

To tell the truth, he looked at Yeqingqiu also echocardiography, but Yeqingqiu is a friend of Su-mad, give him courage also dare not to move, only cheap sue crazy.

Yeqingqiu already babbling groan up, fumble between, the belt incredibly was she untied. He Dacheng hurriedly back body to go, way: "I help you janitor, you slowly give her detoxification, if ...

Cough, I mean, if you can't get her to spray, you can call me ... " Roller

"Su-crazy scold."

The He Dacheng, like him, is not a serious thing.

Su crazy look at Yeqing Blue embarrassed up, save her, not in line with their own character, don't save it, she may be ruined, if he does not know yeqing autumn, absolutely don't mind let He Dacheng to do this thing, but he knew, to her kinda have good feelings. "Can I do with cucumbers?"

"said the Su-crazy whisper.

Think of here, Su Crazy really ran to the door to ask He Dacheng a sentence, but ushered in He Dacheng stunned and suspicious expression, Su crazy know, He Dacheng is suspected he that thing.

Su crazy a blush, hurriedly closed the door, watching the yeqing in the effect of autumn, he swallowed swallow saliva. "Forget it, save a life to build a seven-level pagoda, an exception to the exception."

Su-mad comforted herself, and began to disarm herself.

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