Mightiest Soldier

He was the strongest sword in the battlefield, a storm of blood, he went to the city and then returned. Both men and women saw him discoloring. He was the most powerful man both in the battlefield or in the busy city.


11. The woman in the Audi

To Huang Xinle, this is completely calamities, she just got the driving licence on the road, not dare to open the speed up, but slowly and carefully open.


Who knows, incredibly be people from behind rear-ended, a bump She then panic, hand also don't know how to control, finally crashed into the ditch.


Car front face deformation, her thigh was the steering wheel jammed, bone as if broken, glass also broken, hurt her belly, cone heart pain drained her all over the strength, she really regret to learn to drive. Looking at a figure outside the window to see, she endured pain shouted: "Save me."



Su-mad of course to save her, this matter is he out of the bottom of the story, the woman just got implicated, to this, Su Crazy also some regret and remorse.


He wants to tidy up the Zhou Kun, many is the method, the result has used one most uncontrollable method.


If it hadn't taken too much time to do it with Yeqingqiu in the afternoon, he could have thought of a simpler and less likely way to hurt others.


Su Crazy pulled off the door, found completely card dead, but this difficult not to pour Su mad, hand a little hard, the door will bang a sound, directly he took down.


Looking at the woman's situation, Sue frowned.


The steering wheel is very tight, the woman in the skirt, already can see the gurgling blood shed, injury is not light. Su Crazy thought about how to save her, sidewalk: "What's your name?"


” "Eldest brother, you still save me first."


The woman with Whimpered said. "Oh, rest assured that you can not die, there are no towels or anything?" Cover your thighs, it's a little out of the way.


"Sue laughed and said.


Huang Xinle Soon cry, this is what person, this time also tube her dew light. "Tell me what your name is."


"Su-mad continued.


"My name Huang Xinle ..." Huang Xinle helpless, only said. "My name is Su-mad."


” "You are still fast ... Ah!



Just then, Huang Xinle felt a sting.


Then he saw the steering wheel stuck in her thigh, which had been unloaded by the Sioux, because she had been distracted by the Sioux, and the pain was not particularly intense.


Huang Xinle finally know why the Su-mad why keep talking to her. "Well, I'll take you to the hospital."


Su Crazy will Huang Xinle in the waist, quickly back to their car side. Put her in the back seat, Su-mad directly opened the hem of her clothes, with a towel pressed on the belly of the wound, said: "You pressed the point, soon to the hospital."



"Eldest brother, when you lift my clothes, is not to tell me to discuss, I still virgin ah ..." Huang Xinle depressed said, although Su-mad is in the rescue her, but can not do so ah. "If you want to bleed to death, I'll talk to you slowly."


' said Sue, while driving.


Huang Xinle depressed up, but a bursts of pain came, she soon had no mind to complain, when the car to the hospital, Huang Xinle already a face pale, blood loss too soon faint.


Su Crazy dare not delay, quickly embrace her to first aid.


While waiting outside the emergency room, his cell phone rang. "Brother, where are you?" Come back for dinner.


"said Sue Faint. "You and dad eat First, I am in the hospital." ”

"Ah, you hurt?" What's going on? In which hospital, I'll be right there!


Sue faint instantly eagerly up. Su Crazy Heart A Warm, way: "I am not injured, I am a farewell to the hospital, you rest assured that I will go back immediately."



Sue hung up the phone and He Dacheng's phone came in again. "Zhou Kun is dying."


He just said a word, then hung up the phone.


Su crazy face neither lit up, nor pity, Zhou Kun dare to hit his sister's idea, will be ready to be avenged, he died directly is good life, otherwise Su-mad must let his life and death dilemma.


Huang Xinle lost blood, deal with the wound, then was pushed to the ward, Su Crazy originally remorse, want to take care of her, but her family but a burst into.


See Huang Xinle Someone take care of, Su Crazy also didn't gather up.


The sky is also late, faint still waiting for him to eat, Su-mad will be ready to go home, and so tomorrow have time to see Huang Xinle.


Back home, Sue faint wearing slippers directly flutter up, meticulous view of the Su-mad situation. "I said I'm all right."


Sue felt her little head, laughing and saying. Sue faint down heart, and then fiercely sucked the nose, the vicious way: "There is a woman's fragrance!"


” "Uh ... Just sent a woman to the hospital.


” "A woman?"


” "Yes," he said.


” "That's not right, you have two women smell!"


” “......! Is that a dog's nose?


Sue flipped her eyes. Huh In the evening in the parking lot I smell, Qian Qian elder sister present I did not expose you, now you honestly confessed, afternoon with which woman fooling around!


Sue faint after sue crazy butt behind, keep saying. "Play away."


” Think of the afternoon and Yeqingqiu madness, Su crazy face on a swing, hold Su faint head, pushed her into the room.

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