Mightiest Soldier

He was the strongest sword in the battlefield, a storm of blood, he went to the city and then returned. Both men and women saw him discoloring. He was the most powerful man both in the battlefield or in the busy city.


18. The Ugly Duckling Swan

These two people did not come to the classmate party, but to shoot bricks.

When Ouziyan and Su-mad each touched a brick, they could not help but smile knowing.

Each one a brick, as if the heart of the general, today if not find a bad guy to shoot out, two people are forced is not comfortable.

Of course, Su-mad more important is want to see Liush, Junior High School has disastrous, hope now not long residual is good, even if there is half of the beauty of middle school, it is also absolutely evil-doer level. Why Sue Faint said her second sister Dong Run smoke Beautiful, like the painting walked out of the same, Su-mad but not a little agitated?

Just because he has a liush in his heart, is already the type of beauty to the peak. "Crazy brother, who are you going to shoot later?" What about the guy who shot Liu Ye? At the outset he stabbed us, now more arrogant, inherited his Laozi's career, fortune hundreds of millions of, every day to play the star, incredibly also to play Liush Goddess's idea, is to find death!

Ouziyan and Su-mad side to the party location, while quietly talking about who to shoot bricks. "Just shoot one how is enough, you still can fight?"

Sue laughed wildly, although with Ouziyan just reunion, but not a little strange feeling. Kidding Although you have been a soldier for several years, you may not be able to beat me now, I opened a fitness center in Dongjie, every day the practice of death, belong to the type of who beat who hit, the appropriate!

"Ouziyan," he said proudly.

Su crazy saw the eye Ouziyan firm slender body, nodded. "That group of 2B are emptied out of the body of the goods, I will be able to flip them, but no crazy brother in, no passion to shoot bricks, and they all with bodyguards, I also dare not rashly, this time must be a good!"

Is saying, two people have come to the gathering place, a luxurious bright hall, all kinds of precious flowers embellishment, aroma diffuse, a few beautiful waiters are busy inside, already have more than 10 or a suit, or carrying a luxurious bag of men and women in the inside chat.

Sue looked down and found that none of them knew each other.

After all, the time has passed seven years, the long remnant of the long remnant, the ugly duckling changed to the White Swan has also been transformed, but also to know the strange, Su-mad most familiar, that is Ouziyan just.

Besides, even Willow Creek, Su-mad never forget her appearance.

There was a register at the door of the hall, and Sue, who had filled out his name, was given a nameplate with his own name, hanging on his chest.

Three classes each year of these years held a party, so Ouziyan to the class students are very familiar with, went to the corner to sue crazy introduced up. "Crazy brother, see the girl with the white dress?" You'll never guess who she is!

Ouziyan pointed to a very quiet beautiful girl said. This girl a purple in the long hair, casually draped in the shoulder, oblique fringe right just from the eyelids across, long eyelashes blink, suffused with water eyes as if talking, small nose height moderate, pink small face.

A piece of oldsfst white dress, without any modification, but wear in the body but did not feel the ordinary.

To tell you the truth, Su-mad fully knows. He said: "She is summer and autumn Lotus?"

” "Holy cow, you know this!"

"Ouziyan jumped up and looked at the hell of Su-mad. Su mad wiped the nonexistent sweat, whispered: "She has a name on the nameplate on the chest, she has plastic surgery?"

Su crazy recall the once Buck tooth sister summer and Autumn Lotus, how can not and the beautiful abnormal beauty in front of coincide together. "What a whole ah!" She is I watched a little metamorphosis, the absolute ugly duckling fairy tale, every day to become beautiful! What do you think of her? Anyway, I chased Liush Goddess is no hope, ready to go after her, her father is the Secretary of the Land Bureau, our brothers should not compete again?

” "Oh, or forget, this time you alone."

” "Can't you forget the Liush goddess?"

” "You've seen it."

Sue laughed wildly, and listened to Ouziyan to introduce him to others.

This said, Su crazy only found three classes of students are good, ah, each has its own cause, good like Liu Ye, Shu Hualong and so on, because the inheritance of home industry reasons, the net worth of billion, poor ...

The poor did not come at all to find discomfort. "Yo, isn't this a little Euclidean?" What about your health club business? Do you want me to call a few buddies to cheer you up.

At this moment, a young man with a glass of wine, came up with his neck.

His name is Huangzheng, is the second in the class, family property to tens of millions of, like to follow in Liu Ye, Shu Hualong and other people behind the buttocks, also by their light make a lot of money.

He is the most unhappy is Ouziyan this, is obviously shanty-born poor children, but can have a career from scratch, each encounter will be sarcastic a few words.

And this kid, before also not less by Su mad and Ouziyan Dozen.

Of course, he also called people beat two people, the enmity between not because of growing up and eliminate. "Dare not trouble yellow little ah, I that is only small, hungry not dead, where compared to yellow, followed Liu Ye, Shu Hua long their back to pick excrement eat ... No, picking up meat is refreshing.

"Ouziyan Hehe said. "Oh, oh, less or so mouth cheap, I really want to give you a big sausage."

"Huangzheng also not angry, Hehe said, Heart road, such as Liu Shao, Shu less come, and then take good care of you." "Your little toothpick or forget it, was bitten by mosquitoes, people think they have three testicles."

"Ouziyan with him, this is his strength."

Huang Zhinglen grunted and looked to the Sioux.

Swept the eyes of the Su-mad nameplate, Huangzheng's face immediately changed, under the control of the foot back step. Then he found himself weak, deliberately loudly shouted: "Everybody look who came, Su crazy ah!" hahaha, the iron head of our class is back again, rare visitor ah.

His shouts, instantly attracted three classes of students, regardless of men and women, have turned their eyes to Su-mad.

As Huangzheng said, Su-mad is definitely a rare surprise, seven-year party, Su-mad is the only one who has not participated in a person. And in the Huangzheng of the moment, a beautiful to dazzling girl just walked into the hall, heard Huangzheng words, her eyes instantly a bright, surprised to see the Su crazy.

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