Mightiest Soldier

He was the strongest sword in the battlefield, a storm of blood, he went to the city and then returned. Both men and women saw him discoloring. He was the most powerful man both in the battlefield or in the busy city.


3. The captain of the security guard

Sue frowned and stopped the movement. He did not care to kill Zhou Kun directly, but in the face of his father and sister, this is clearly inappropriate. On the battlefield, he was a dark storm that killed the enemy. He would never hesitate to kill who he wanted to kill. In the Yan long training camp, he was a demon instructor who made the students tremble. He wanted to beat who to beat. No one dared to resist. But to go back to society, that's not going to work. As the father said, this is a society of legality. Although a few privileged people can override the right over the law, he obviously can not do it now. But, to let Su crazy to let go of Zhou Kun, but he is not willing, this week is not ordinary people, let go of him, sooner or later, he will return, he is in good time, if he is not, what should father and sister do? The frenzy hesitated for a moment, and he took a hand to take the scare face of Zhou Kun. "It's best not to provoke me. And next time, you will regret coming to the world." After that, Su went to three bodyguards and lifted them up one by one. At the last time, Sue was on the back of the eyes of everyone, brighten up a silver medal and put him a note with his phone number. The bodyguard saw the medal first, and then glared round his eyes. He looked at Su mania miraculous. Su Meng nodded slightly, and he nodded slightly. Zhou Kun, who was so scared, did not find these movements at all. He went out with the help of three bodyguards, leaving only Su Su's family in the ward. "Little crazy, though you learn from the army, you must not use it as evil, or your father will not die." Su Xuebin had been a teacher for three years, but he began to educate Su Meng. Su Meng once felt very sick, but now he feels very warm, which is much better than the sound of guns on the battlefield. "What's the use of it." But Su Youyou murmured, without her foreign enemy, she began to feel angry with Su, and the whole ward was filled with her strong grievances. Su Meng grinned and said, "you can't beat a brother." "It's not funny at all!" Su said quietly, but though she still wanted to continue to pretend to be angry, she was slowly forgiving Su Meng. When Sue came back, Su's inner heart suppressed the intense joy, but she thought that she had lost her seven years. She felt particularly grieved, a head of resentment. Under the impact of joy and injustice, she suddenly felt a sour nose and almost shed tears. The frenzy walked up and gently pushed her into her arms, and she could not bear it any longer. She wept, and the little fist beat her on the shoulder of the frenzy, and the brother's brother called. Ten minutes later, Sue was quiet and quiet, holding tightly Su's arm, as if he were afraid to run away again. Su Xuebin's illness was not serious. He was only caught in the chill. In the evening, Su Xuebin was discharged from hospital. The family returned home on the BMW X6. For Su's quiet car, Su Meng was really scared. The value of the car was over one million. Su Youyu is not eighteen years old, one of the best Fuhua universities in Jianghai City, two years ago, she has started a company with several sisters, and it has developed very well. "Brother, since you are back, please go to the company to help me. I have no time to manage the company when I go to university." Su was sitting in the living room sofa with Su's crazy arm, suddenly he said. "I'm going to run a company." Sue shook his head. He returned from the army, but he returned to the army with a secret mission. Although he had no hard demand and made him free to play, he had to go first to the poplar Public Security Bureau to report it and start from a small police. "What do the police have to do? Zhou Kun's father is the director of the Yang Hai branch. If you go, he will not be put to death by wearing shoes." Sue said, shriveled and shriveled. Su is crazy, so clever? In this case, the police really could not do it. Otherwise, he would probably be unable to resist. "Brother, would you like to be the captain of the security guard?" There are always some brothers, like flies, staring at my sisters, you go to teach them, if you are strong enough, I have a few sisters to be brought back to be a sister-in-law, I support you! You're too old to be a family. " Sue said, with his head on his side. "In your small company, captain of security?" Su Meng didn't bother with the stubble, instead, she said with a smile. Su's face was annoyed and filmed Su's madness: "don't look down upon your sister. Don't frighten your old man after you go to the company." Su laughed, enjoying the warmth. "Well, then I'll work for you and be a security guard." Su Meng did not say what to start from the grass roots, it was installed X, strength here, he can not give anyone a soldier, this security captain is not his. Su nodded and nodded his head on Su Su's shoulders. Baz kissed him on the face. Now she thought it would be nice to see her brother coming back, as if he were back seven years ago. There are only two rooms in the family, and the cold of his father is not quite good enough for fear of infection. Su Meng can only sleep alone on the sofa in the living room. If he was seven years ago, he would be able to squeeze with the Soviet Union, but now Sue grew up, and the development was well developed, and it would not be appropriate to squeeze a bed. Su you do not know, she and Su crazy actually is not a brother and sister, but Su Xuebin picked up, the secret, Su crazy and Su Xuebin are ready to hide her life. Su Xuebin when she was a girl, Su Meng when she was a sister, this is enough, there is no blood relationship, but not important. On the second day of the morning, Su Meng was pulled up by Sue, and she was dressed in a chair for a good while. Then she went to the company with her. According to Su's quiet theory, Su Meng went to the company to soothe her sister-in-law, so she had to dress up to be handsome. It's best to let her sisters love him at first sight.
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