Mightiest Soldier

He was the strongest sword in the battlefield, a storm of blood, he went to the city and then returned. Both men and women saw him discoloring. He was the most powerful man both in the battlefield or in the busy city.


5. The beauty of the difficult

Qian Qian came, is to say you, this is small quiet brother, small secluded want him to do security captain, how do you think?

"Lu Chengxiu," said the mouth.

Su Crazy Suddenly, this person is Su faint three elder sister Zhang Zo. He stood up and stretched out his hand to the Zhang Zo, saying, "Hello, my name is Su-mad, I have heard a faint talk about you."

At this time, Su-mad had a chance to look at her face, a look, Su-Xiehuo under the pressure of the hard to rise up again.

With Su faint youth, Lu Chengxiu exquisite mature different, Zhang Zo face is very charming, temptation is full, that gorgeous red lip, let a person want to tightly contained, in the inside mercilessly stir some. Zhang Zo Hand and Su mad a touch both put, whispered muttered: "Faint how also learn cronyism?" This smelly girl, the buttocks itches again.

” She to sue Crazy way: "In my here, warn you, I said in front, if unqualified, even if you are faint of the close brother, I will not accept you."

Su Crazy nodded, so it seems that the company's success is not accidental, to see a few women's serious strength, they know they are not amateurs.

It is a little secluded, because of the relationship between age, a bit not like a leader.

Zhang Zo walked in front of her without a word, and went into her office with Su-mad.

She sat on the couch with her legs bent and looked earnestly at the Sioux, who looked as if Su-mad was not a brother to sue, because they didn't look alike. But this is not the point, she opened the way: "The company has the company's system, security is a big event, can not be careless, even if there is a small secluded relationship, I also have to assess you, you have to feel dissatisfied, now may leave."

” "No problem, you test it."

Su Crazy didn't care to say, the corner of the eye but glanced at the Zhang Zo smooth thigh, the Adam's Apple surging. "Well, first question, from Lou's office to me, there are a number of surveillance cameras on the road."

"This question is the observation and professional quality, as a security, observation is particularly important, where to go, should first observe the surrounding environment." "Three, one in front of Lou's office, one in the hallway and the third in front of your office."

Su-mad did not hesitate to answer.

Zhang Zo nodded, the face showed a trace of satisfaction, such a simple question, to come to apply for the only one special veterans answered.

Unfortunately, the man was finally bought up, almost let the company a big deal. "Well, the second question, in Lou's office, is there anything dangerous that can cause death?"

"This problem, the test is still observation."

Sue was stunned.

Zhang Zo also thought Su crazy can't answer out, shook his head.

"Sorry, you are not qualified, you can first serve as an ordinary ..." Zhang Zo said directly.

Su crazy hand to stop her, said: "I do not answer, but your problem is too amateur, let me do not know how to answer." In the eyes of the master, any object can cause people to death, have seen martial arts novels?

Fly to pick leaves can hurt people ...

Lou General Office has two pots of wood, wood planted under a few bamboo pieces fixed landscape tree, that bamboo piece, is obvious on the most easy to cause people and death of ' sharp weapon ' bar. Of course, or that sentence, anything can cause people to die, the next question, you still do not ask so amateur, if you test my observation, better let me tell the office have something good.

” Su crazy say finish, Zhang Zo Brow then fierce clip up, stare at Su crazy.

Su-Mad actually said she was amateur! But Su-Crazy said is the truth, she would like to refute, hum a channel: "You do not complacent too early, 10 candidates who have nine can answer out, you are far from qualified is very!"

Then, Zhang Zo as if with Su crazy than on the strength, try to find some tricky questions to ask, desperately want to test pour su crazy, but by Su crazy all dissolve.

Zhang Zo's heart, has gradually recognized the Su-mad, but she is not reconciled, she did not believe that the test not pour su crazy. "Next question, I'm sitting here, how can you assassinate me?"

” "The glass is bulletproof, but it can still be worn with a large-caliber rifle, and I can go upstairs in the opposite direction and bang your head straight, and your brains will spill over your desk." If I were you, I would not choose to sit here, but to the left to move a meter away, it is best to install a side of the heat-absorbing refraction glass, in fact, to assassinate your method too much, count not to come.

” Bragging

"Zhang Zo side said, while unconsciously moved to the left of the body, feeling a little uncomfortable, unconsciously imagine the brain spilled all over the desk screen.

Sue Shrugged, a letter of love and unbelief.

"Hum, next question ..."

The next is a continuous, but the Su-mad still see the recruit, answer is watertight. "My legs are beautiful?"

Zhang Zo suddenly asked. "Still good, is lack of exercise, fair enough, elasticity is insufficient."

Su-mad casually replied, also did not care whether the problem is not in the scope. "Hum, you really sedan bag day, stare at my leg to watch for so long, small tent is not tired?" What company dares to use you in this way? Day prevent night self-protection, in case you want to rape me, how can I resist?

"Zhang Zo see difficult not pour su crazy, simply not reasonable up."

She is not convinced, not to be in some way to get the SU crazy.

As soon as Sue gave her a slight bow, she would Jankin at once. Sue chuckled up and said, "Miss Zhang Zo, don't deny that you are attractive, but I want to do with you, will make you willing to go to my bed, rather than play rape that trick."

” "Will I willingly go to your bed?"

"Zhang Zo the air." "There's going to be a day.

"Su-crazy serious way." "I Zhang Zo would rather be a virgin for a lifetime than to be in your bed!"

Zhang Zo stood up and said loudly, staring at the Su-mad, as if he wanted to kill him with his eyes. "Are you still a virgin?"

Sue said, pretending to be surprised. You You can do it! You can! "Zhang Zo hair smoke, quick way:" Now the interview is over, the following actual combat assessment, to do the security captain, at least have a dozen 10 strength, our security is mostly veterans, you have to beat 10 security to sit on the position, now with me!

Zhang Zo the teeth, and went straight to the outside. Since the text can not get the Su-mad, then come to martial good, not to sue to give her a head, 10 dozen One, how all won.

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