Mightiest Soldier

He was the strongest sword in the battlefield, a storm of blood, he went to the city and then returned. Both men and women saw him discoloring. He was the most powerful man both in the battlefield or in the busy city.


12. Sleep in a bed

Sue Faint more think the more wrong, brother Heart if no ghost, how will take care of him?


But Su Crazy said nothing, she also has no way, fragrance from the afternoon to now have not dissipated, he must have been with women for a long time, but also very intimate kind!




Sue faint heart is not taste, they are ready to put some of the best sister to him, he incredibly also out of the mess, this smelly brother.


In the evening, Sue was lying on the sofa to sleep, sue faint and sullen sat on the sofa, the TV opened up. "I said faint, you still don't go to bed?" Tomorrow is not Monday, you have to go back to school?


' said the Sioux, as she emerged from the blanket. "You care for me."


One gold and one silver two ' little snakes ' are chasing each other at the bottom of the sea, fighting over a purple bead of mist.


The purple beads as if thinking general, evade the pursuit of two snakes, Su-mad just sank down, purple beads will be stimulated to come, directly from his mouth channeling.


Then the two snakes, as if they were angry, rushed over and snapped at Su-mad's arm.


Su-mad that moment, feel the blood is boiling, but like falling ice cave, he did not know where the impulse, seize two loach size of the small snake will directly bite the dead, the whole swallow down.


Then he fell into a coma and woke up to the army's infirmary.


Since then, his body has slowly changed, and never sleep is only one of the changes, the most important thing is that his body is getting stronger.


From the recruits, joined the special forces, selected in the year of the inflammation of the Dragon training camp, and from the training camp to stand out, sent to the Somalia battlefield, with the name of Black Storm back, become the youngest instructor training camp inflammation ...


He was a very ordinary man, with his present achievements, with purple beads and two little snakes.


Sue Faint is his most intimate person, this tell her can, but tell her estimate also don't understand, Su Crazy finally said nothing. Su crazy way: "elder brother is OK, do not feel cold."


” "elder brother, now October, any time will become cold, you still don't sleep sofa, go to the room to sleep."


Sue said with a faint fear. "Don't worry, brother is strong, even if it is below zero, you can spend the night in the wild."


” "No, you must sleep in the room!"


Su faint insists to say. "You go to sleep now, brother really is OK."


” No Brother, you are not to dislike me, as a child you hold me to sleep.


Sue Faint wronged said. "elder brother how can dislike you, just we all grow up."


Su-mad hastened to appease her. "Where has grown up!" , you walk for seven years, my memory still stay in seven years ago, these two days, I feel not true, always worried that you will leave at any time, I sit here, not angry with you, just afraid of the night, you suddenly go.


Sue Faint said, softly sobbing up. Su crazy sit up, will sue faint into the bosom, way: "elder brother not go this time, I swear."


” "But I was afraid, I was afraid to wake up in the morning, you disappeared again."


” "Then tie your brother up with the rope," he said.


” "Poof, just don't!" Brother, go to the room to sleep, we are brother and sister, I grow up again is your sister, or you sleep room, I sleep sofa.


” No


” "Then I don't care, you don't go, I also sleep on the sofa."



Said, Sue faint body to sue the bosom of a squeeze, directly lying on the sofa. "Brother, Hold me a little, don't let me fall down Oh."


Sue Faint giggle.


Su crazy hurriedly hold her, this girl is crazy, sofa is narrow, sleep him a person is very crowded, plus sue faint, this How can sleep, Sue faint half body are suspended in the air.


Sue Faint also no matter, will head nest in the bosom of Su Crazy, peace of mind closed eyes. "Well, go to the room to sleep, really take you have no way, have been nearly 18, the result is the same as eight years old."


Su said helplessly, holding her back to the room. "Giggle, eight years old eight years old, eight years old when how happy ah."


Sue said with a faint smile.


Sue was lying on the bed, and Sue was resting his head on his arm and sleeping with his eyes closed. Su crazy try not to let themselves think, after all, this is his sister, although not pro, but he has been her sister to marry.


This girl likes to stick to herself since childhood, now probably want to find the feeling of the past, after a few days will be good.



Sue faint to hang the dissatisfaction all on the face.


Sue is a little depressed, but Yeqingqiu, he will never tell his sister. "I don't care about you, I work the first day tomorrow, you gotta let me rest?"


"said Su-mad. "You rest your, I did not touch you."


Sue faint in Anger said. "How do I sleep when you're on TV?"


” "I'll turn it off, then."



TV is off, but Sue faint or sitting on the edge of the sofa, make su crazy even turn a body is difficult, depressed not, know that this girl and put gas, Su Crazy will no matter she, peace of mind, she can not sit one night?


I do not know how long, Su-crazy feel a small hand into the blanket, in his chest pinch. Su crazy hand quickly pressed the trouble-making hands, open his eyes helpless way: faint, hurry up to sleep, don't naughty.


” "Hem, the elder brother does not have to say to me now, I am not happy."


Sue faint angry way. "You are not a child, we have grown up, of course, have their own secrets ah."


Su-mad soothed her. "I don't care, you never lied to me before."



Su Crazy in the heart of the tunnel, before I was small, also will not do this kind of thing ah, faint also grew up, oneself with the woman did that kind of thing, can not share experience with her? "Don't make a fuss, go to sleep, don't go I'm angry."


” "Go on, Go!"


Su faint also have no way, again mercilessly pinch a bit. Then, his face suddenly showed surprise: "elder brother, you sleep so long, body why still so cold ah?" It's like ice.



Sue was so mad at the words that it was his secret.


Seven years ago when he joined the army, in an armed swimming training, his legs suddenly cramp sank into the seabed, he thought he was dying, but sank into the sea, he actually saw a strange picture.

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