Mightiest Soldier

He was the strongest sword in the battlefield, a storm of blood, he went to the city and then returned. Both men and women saw him discoloring. He was the most powerful man both in the battlefield or in the busy city.


4. Sister-in-law candidate

"Elder brother, I tell you, company is I with three elder sister Common, elder sister Lu Chengxiu Most have ability, the company is her in management, if you marry her, life will not worry." Two elder sister Dong Run Smoke The most beautiful, the person is also very gentle, the skin is very thin, I always like to tease her to play, and is a talented girl, without her there is no company, you want to marry her I lift both feet agree. Three elder sister Zhang Zo most sexy attractive, is the mouth is very mean, I am afraid of her, you will be careful of her then.

Sue faint side driving BMW X6, while excited to the sisters are sold, desperately egged on Sue crazy to chase them.

Su mad a face insipid smile, this kind of thing to say fate, Sue faint is to her several sisters Kua Heaven, su Crazy if see not, that also no use. "Come on, brother, you still can't see them, I'm afraid they don't see you."

Sue Faint turned a supercilious look. "You don't have to worry about, in terms of brother, can not find a daughter-in-law?" You're not going to ignore me, are you?

"Sue laughed and said. "No matter you, when I marry, you play the mud yourself, hum."

"Sue Faint proudly said.

Said the listener intentionally, think of Su Faint also grew up, soon to talk about boyfriend, get married, Su Crazy Heart then gave birth to a boredom.

He lost seven years with Sue faint time, the result came back, she has grown up, will soon marry someone else, such feeling, really let sue crazy happy not up. "Isn't it, brother?" Are you still depressed? Are you reluctant to leave me? Don't worry, I can still accompany you for several years.

Su faint observation is very astonishing, said with a smile. "Bollocks!

Su-mad pressed her little head and hastened through the subject.

BMW slowly moving forward, Su-mad feel something wrong, this direction, it seems to be to the Dragon Sea.

Sue Faint company, open in Longhai District?

From this point of view, we can see the Dragon Sea area that almost broke through the skyline of the clouds.

Jianghai City half rich, are concentrated in the Longhai district, where the rich people's paradise, is a world of debauchery, those who stand at the top of the building, casually stamp stomp can cause Jianghai earthquake. Whether it is the underworld, White Road, the Dragon Sea area for the flag, to the Longhai district as the goal.

The flow of wealth on the obvious of the Dragon Sea area can easily shatter the economy of a medium-sized country.

There, is the largest economic gathering place in China.

His sister Su faint, incredibly the company opened to the Dragon Sea area to go? "Well, who underestimated me yesterday?"

Su Faint proudly said, although the company is relying on eldest sister Lu Chengxiu ability Development, but she also had a lot of ideas.

She had already been a small rich woman, if the father is reluctant to leave his hometown, must wait for Sue mad back, she had to the father to the bigger house.

When the BMW parked in a building up to 88 floors, called the Overlook building under the skyscraper, the Su-mad does not deny that he was really shocked to live. "Don't tell me the whole building is in your company.

"said the Su-mad, without a word.

Sue faint chuckle smile, also don't speak.

Sue Crazy, Tho to wring her face, as a child, he is so punish Sue faint. Sue faint hurriedly patted his hand, red face way: "Have the company employee, give your sister to save a bit of face." This is the vision of the building, the company's future goals, for the time being we only occupy one of the two floors.

Sue faint finish, reveal a pair of quick praise me, quickly praised my expression.

Su-mad shocked, but very happy, with this condition, he completed the task seems to be a lot easier, at least a lot less accumulation of time. "The manager of Sue early. ”

"You're early."

Dressed in a starched suit, OL installed in the workplace elite from the side, Non-stop and Sue faint greeting, sue faint polite nod response.

This kind of scene, the Su crazy earthquake is not light, oneself this younger sister, completely let him be impressed. "Brother, the building has security headquarters, our company's security department mixed in with the security headquarters to carry out work, and so I put your report up, you can carry out work, I will introduce you to the next elder sister bar."

Sue faint with Su crazy into the special elevator, directly up to 66 floors. This layer of staff, to sue faint more enthusiastic, there is a taste of flattery.

For Sue faint side of the Su-mad, their eyes also with curiosity and envy. "How do I feel, the snot girl, now with a queen fan?"

Su is very tease sue faint. Sue Faint very proud, way: "Know well, you have missed my process of metamorphosis, can not miss my future life."

” Well

Su crazy body startled, hard nodded.

In the innermost of the 66th floor, there is a huge office, Sue faint with su crazy walk in, see a 54-year-old woman, is immersed in a stack of papers brooding.

Her short hair shoulders, wearing a pair of black frame glasses, the whole person with a fresh and elegant temperament, tight-lipped lips revealed serious, exquisite oval, no cosmetic modification.

Her fingers pinched on played's face, as if into thinking. Sister

Sue faint softly called the sound. Lu Chengxiu Head also not lift, fast way: "Faint you come ah, just, you personally take this document to Yang Delu Bar, tell him, do not do the follow-up work well, do not have to do, we find someone else!" Bastard, dragged day after day!

Sue faint to sue vomit spit tongue, indicate elder sister is so. "Elder sister, I brought my brother, he is from the army, the security captain is not fired?" I want to get my brother on top.

Sue Faint took the document, said quickly. Lu Chengxiu looked up to see Su mad one Eye, way: "I have no opinion, oneself person is more at ease, the former security captain is too waste, what people all put in, when we here is public toilet?" That's a jerk, but you have to tell your third sister that she's in charge of this.

"Elder sister, you directly agreed to not just do ..." said Sue, a spoiled brat. Lu Chengxiu smiled: "You this girl, the company is a system, I can not violate." You don't fear Qian qian that girl, she dares to bully you to tell me, I pack her! Your brother is not also in, let your brother clean her also happen, really not, just according to her big buttocks dozen, she is honest.

” "Well, I'll go to the file, go back to find Qian Qian sister, brother you wait for me here."

Sue faint vomit the tongue, say finish then quickly ran out. "Sit down," said the man.

Lu Chengxiu and Sue nodded, motioned him to sit down and so on.

Su-mad just sat down, a woman walked in, Sue Crazy look at her, the first sight is not face, but her butt. This butt, it is too enchanting, too pretty, a look under the heart of the Su-Xiehuo raised a share of the.

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