Mightiest Soldier

He was the strongest sword in the battlefield, a storm of blood, he went to the city and then returned. Both men and women saw him discoloring. He was the most powerful man both in the battlefield or in the busy city.


13. Look down on

"elder brother, the woman of your body smells very heavy ah."


In the dark, Sue's faint voice came suddenly. "You smell it wrong."


” "Brother, do you have a girlfriend?"



Su-mad simply did not speak. "Brother, don't you think I'm a few sisters good?" Find a girlfriend to find them, you have not seen my second sister, see the affirmation of the mind, she and the painting came out of the same, I have not seen more beautiful people. And my eldest sister, Absolute woman, married her life is not worried about food and clothing. My third sister is a knife mouth tofu heart, in fact, she is very good, I see the elder brother can cure her well, you say you have so many good cabbage, I also go out to dig turnip?


” "Do not sleep, I teach you ah."


Sue's hand touched Sue's faint face, ready to pinch her little face. "Pinch it, no one's seen it anyway."


Su faint not Italy, stretched out hand over the back of the back of Su mad, with fingernail lightly row. "Brother, in the army for seven years, did you ever miss me?"


” "Think, think every day.


” "Hee, well, sleep.


Su Faint finally satisfied, the mouth hangs smile to sleep in the past.


The next morning, Su crazy by Sue faint hot body to wake up, she like a eight claw fish like to entangle him, pajamas Open, revealing inside lovely bra.


Sue shook her head, carefully packed her pajamas before she climbed up.


Father's illness is not completely good, but still very early to school, Su-crazy and Sue faint simple eat an early, then also temporarily separated.


The car left the Su-mad, Sue faint take the bus to school.


Sue Crazy to the company, directly to find Zhang Zo report, this woman yesterday after the loss, today seems to learn good, no longer find the trouble of Su-mad, simple things to explain well, regardless of him.


The security Department usually has nothing to do, Su-mad has wanted to rebuild the company's defense system, but found that there is no use of people, security Department of the people in his opinion is not professional, guarding the guard is OK, really want to do a lot worse.


Su-mad is ready to wait for He Dacheng to do the work.


Will work after distribution, SU crazy idle down, he thought to go to the hospital to see Huang Xinle, then found a reason, slipped out of the company, bought some fruit to the hospital.


In the previous ward, Su-mad did not find Huang Xinle, asked the nurse, only to know that Huang Xinle transferred to the intensive care unit.


Su-mad also didn't care, found a place and knocked at the door. "You Are?"


A jewel-aged woman opened the door and asked Doubtfully. "Aunt Hello, I come to see Huang Xinle."


” "Then you come in."


” "Mom, who is it?"


"Huang Xinle's voice came from inside. When she saw her, she was stunned: "It is you, how did you go yesterday?" I haven't had a chance to thank you yet. Mom, it's him who saved me.



The yellow mother nodded, some guard looked at the Su crazy.


Huang Xinle is very happy, her spirit is good, and Su-mad have a stubble of the chat. Huang's vigilance more and more heavy, came to the way: "Xin son, you should rest, I come to greet su crazy."


” "Mom, I'm not sleepy."


” "Go to sleep!"


Huang sternly said, to sue Crazy say hello, let Sue crazy with her out.


The Sioux went to the corridor with Huang.


Huang seriously looked at the Su-mad, with the taste of the examination, Su-mad looks very spirit, but a is a stall goods, apparently ordinary people's children, really is not into her eyes. She said: "Little Sue, yesterday, thank you for saving Xin son."


” "Auntie, that's what I should do."


"Sue Crazy Way. "Really good boy, this way, aunt no other things to thank you, this money you take, buy two body good clothes."


Huang from the bag to take out a cheque book, swish write up. Su-Crazy can see clearly, she wrote is 50,000.

How can the Money Su-Huang Xinle, he came to visit the whole is because of his heart feel sorry, not to seek return. "Auntie, I don't want this money."


” Huang frowned, the tunnel he was too little?


He saved people and came back the next day, not just to get a return?


Does he have other ideas?


Huang instant and think more, still think that Su Crazy is want to take this opportunity, will her daughter to give money two, such words, 50,000 yuan really not enough to see.


A man of great scheming.


Huang, the heart has some not happy.


She wrote it again in the checkbook, but this time she wrote 200,000.


Sue's face was cold, know Huang him as an ulterior motive, ah, 200,000 for Su-mad, still really not calculate the money, his Swiss bank accounts have how much money, even he is not very clear, at least billion dollars, are in the Somalia ' earn '.


In addition, his sister is a small rich woman, not necessarily lower than Huang. Huang See Su Crazy don't speak, continue to way: "Our family warm-hearted son simple, her future road I have arranged, she will marry seven Yangjiang son Jianglong, you are no chance, the 200,000 you take, and then don't come to see her again, I will not let her with a power without the potential of the people of friends.



Huang no longer cover, face cold down, ang neck High air ang. "Is that what you mean, or is it sweet?"


"Sue didn't pick up the check," she said calmly. "I am his mother, I mean what she means!"


"Huang Mother overbearing said. "Oh, to be a mother can disregard the feelings of children?"


Sue said with a sneer. Bastard Do you really think that save Xin son, can meddle in our housework? Now I forbid you to associate with my daughter, you go, our family warm-hearted son is a ladylike, what Toad can think!


"said the yellow mother angrily.


Sue Pathography smiled, he to Huang Xinle really did not think, more is in remorse. Huang words ridiculous extreme, su crazy really want to take Swiss bank Diamond card out, mercilessly smoking her face ...

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