Mightiest Soldier

He was the strongest sword in the battlefield, a storm of blood, he went to the city and then returned. Both men and women saw him discoloring. He was the most powerful man both in the battlefield or in the busy city.


19. Liush Goddess

The girl came in, and it was easy for everyone to catch sight of.


Including Su-mad, at this time have no mind to tube Huangzheng to his sarcasm, the eyes set to look at the girls.


She is naturally liush, compared with seven years ago, she became more beautiful, but also a mature, or as aloof, like a lake with a beautiful neck of the swan.


Ugly duckling can become a white swan, but never become a phoenix.


And Liush, is Phoenix.


Her long, wine-red hair was careless and rebellious, the expression on the face of ice-cold, slender Liu Mei was she painted on the pale purple, a mystery, dark eye shadow, covered with long eyelashes star MoU, Shuo distant light, but deep hidden difficult to detect sadness, with cold deep cover.


That high narrow nose, delicate in also with arrogant indifference, crystal Yurun lip, show a bit of perseverance and perseverance, a small diamond black strap short skirt with a small cowboy shawl, no gorgeous, only leisurely.


Looking at the eyes of Liush, Su-crazy heart can not help shaking down, as if they can not move out of sight.


Because Liush, now also in tightly stare at him, the eye has too many meanings.


At this time Huangzheng also not interested with Ouziyan, Sue Crazy, iodine face to Liush ran.


Just ran a step, his body suddenly fell forward, as if it was tripped the feet, the hands of the red wine, but also directly fell out.


Su Crazy and Ouziyan at the same time back feet, a casual expression, a knowing smile.


Seven years have not seen, they still so tacit understanding, even the idea is the same.


Liush in the distance saw the whole process, immediately Cindy managed a smile, the whole flower Hall of all kinds of valuable flowers and plants, at this time as if all lost color, only left Liush smile. "Crazy elder brother, Liush incredibly smiled!"


"Ouziyan stunned said.


Su Crazy also some accidents, liush although not a frost beauty, but she smiled, really very few, let alone now this from the inside out smile. "If you make a brick for Huangzheng now, she'll be happier," she said.


"said the Su-mad, whispering.


He said, then see Ouziyan to his bosom, ready to feel the brick to yellow levy. Su crazy hurriedly stopped Ouziyan, way: "Joke of it, go, we used to say hello to her."



Finish, still not wait for them to move, then see Liush incredibly toward two people come over, a face of the brilliant smile has not stopped, eyes tightly stare at Su crazy. "Su-mad, long time no see."


Liush went to the Su-mad, beautiful eyes still look at him, there is happy, there is excitement, there is an unclear way of feeling. "Long time no see, have you been OK?"


Su Crazy also smiled and said, the eye has no other students, only Liush left.


Two people eyes, diffuse out of a strange feeling. Ouziyan look at one side, has begun to messy, when Su-mad and liush so familiar with?


He is not the same as himself, did not say a few words with Liush, but secretly love her?


He prides himself on the top three, and even more than Su-mad father Su Xuebin know about Su-mad, but he really do not know, Su-mad when with Liush hook up.


These two people's eyes, gee, the blind know that two people have problems. "That, you talk, I find summer and Autumn Lotus go."


Ouziyan very Smart said, give Su crazy squeezed eyes, motioned he must seize the opportunity.


Huangzheng This time also climbed up, he saw Liush and Su crazy intimate eyes, face suddenly changed, hurriedly feel the phone to Liu Ye, shu Hualong dozen a phone, eye tightly stare at two people. "Su-mad, let's go over there and talk about it."


Liush pointed to the sofa in the corner and smiled, and there was a landscape tree, which just obscured the view of the hall. Good ”

"Liush, Liu Shao and Shu Little soon arrived."


At this moment, Huangzheng suddenly stopped to come over, quickly said.


In his thought, Su-crazy such a poor boy, simply did not qualify to get along with Liush alone, in Liu Ye, Shu Hua long before the arrival, he must stop all men close to Liush. Liush picked eyebrows, the eyes of the cold, said: "They arrived, and I have what relationship?"


” "Liush, Liu Shao organized the party for you, you should understand his heart." A toad like Su-mad should not be here at all, he stood beside you to profane you, see he this suit, is to spend 50 yuan on the rug to buy?


"The Huangzheng blows up the Su-mad.


His words, attracted the attention of many students, although also feel Huangzheng words, but also did not say anything, not everyone is like Ouziyan with Su crazy very familiar, seven years did not see, most of the students have forgotten the SU.


And only those who have been slapped by the Soviet-made bricks, remember Su-mad.


Liush smell speech, the face flashed anger, she saw Su mad one eye, find su crazy a face insipid, no want to angry meaning, this just relieved. Liush See Huangzheng's face became very cold, way: "Then I also directly tell you, I came to the party, not because of the invitation of Liu Ye, but in order to meet Su-crazy here, now I find Sue Crazy, the party will not participate, and then don't invite me again, goodbye."



Finish saying, liush like arrogant Princess General, walked to hold Su crazy arm, turned to the Flowers Hall walk outside, surprised a group of students stunned.


Liush incredibly reprimand Huangzheng, the arm of Su Crazy.


She came to the party just to meet the Sioux at the party?


The result, absolutely beyond the imagination of all people, but also surprised Huangzheng can not say a word.


No wonder a few times before the party, Liush is only a face, look at the roster on the go, the feelings that is because the SU crazy did not come to the reason.


Such recognition, subversion of their impression of Liush, the original Liush is not the goddess of human fireworks, she will also fall to the dust ah. But let her fall to the people, why would be a poor boy su crazy?

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