Mightiest Soldier

He was the strongest sword in the battlefield, a storm of blood, he went to the city and then returned. Both men and women saw him discoloring. He was the most powerful man both in the battlefield or in the busy city.


7. Hang out with me.

Zhang Zo nodded, and Su-mad became the security captain.

A group of security guards were not satisfied, but after seeing the power of the Soviets, their anger was completely extinguished.

Feelings this person is not arrogant, but is really eligible for a pick 10!

Dude, you're making fun of us. Ah, you have this strength, more is the rich to rob you to do a personal bodyguard, the treatment is 10 times times stronger than here, why come here?

A crowd of bodyguards identified.

Zhang Zo also do not know how he returned to the office, the trance.

Su-Crazy is Sue faint brother, is his own person, have so strong strength, security captain is more suitable.

This is nothing, Zhang Zo is not for this matter, she was suddenly found, she was full of the figure is a Su-mad, he defeated the security of the screen.

For this man, Zhang Zo is angry tooth itch, but also have to admit, Su Crazy when the appearance of combat, and the rash is completely different, he is like the foot of the wind general, elegant and incomparable.

Zhang Zo began to stomach Fei, Sue faint have so powerful a brother, why not tell her earlier, harm her this time with the Su crazy confrontation, completely in the leeward.

She was in a trance and did not find that the Sioux had followed her back to the office. "Manager Zhang, do you want a tissue?"

Su crazy see this woman in a daze, drew a paper towel to pass to her front. Zhang Zo back to God, blankly way: "What do I want a paper towel?"

” "I see you are drooling out, do not know who is thinking of a man, rub it."

Said Sue calmly, putting paper towels into her hands and strutting about on the couch. Zhang Zo face a red, hurriedly wiped down, found that there is no, Nu way: "You just drooling, and, you follow me up to do?"

” "You haven't arranged a job for me yet."

"said the Su-mad faint. Zhang Zo blankly, pull out a form from the desk, way: "You first fill in the information, need to give you to do pass, work card, you will not officially work tomorrow."

Su-mad didn't say anything, fill it up directly.

Just then, Sue faint and hurried to the door and ran in. "Smelly girl, what to do in a hurry."

Zhang Zo Hem said. "Three elder sister."

Sue Faint hey a smile, see su Crazy is filling in the information, immediately relieved tone.

She sent the file back, found that the SU crazy has been Zhang Zo away, worried that Zhang Zo will quarrel with brother, this just hurried to run.

Now it seems like a calm. "Third sister, my brother passed it?"

Sue faint to ask carefully. "Well, it has been eliminated."

"Zhang Zo said. "Ah!

” "Don't listen to her, brother how can be eliminated, this woman is very stingy, faint you don't with her bad."

Sue looked up and smiled. "Who are you to say stingy!"

"Zhang Zo teeth way, obviously is this man stingy, he incredibly still Sanda."

And what she hates most is being said to be stingy. "Fill it out, I'll go first, faint, I'll pick you up later."

Su-mad did not speak to her, said to sue faint.

Sue Faint nod. Zhang Zo jumped over to stop in the middle of two people: "Do not you to answer, I will send small secluded back." And, you know, who's stingy?

” "Aren't you stingy?"

” "Not stingy with you!"

” "Then you show me your breasts."

” You

” "Don't let the chest see, also say not stingy?" I'm generous, do you want to see my breasts?

Su crazy lol, touched Sue faint head, directly left the office.

Su mad to go, Zhang Zo then crazy screaming babies up.

Sue Faint originally want to escape, but was Zhang Zo a hug, straining her small head, as if the Su faint as a su crazy general.

When Su-mad had just left the building, the phone rang. "Is it Sir Su-mad?"

"On the phone came a male speaker, Su-Zhou Kun is one of the three bodyguards, yesterday he gave each other left the number, this will be sure to call over."

And the other party called him as the officer, and his identity, he light to each other to see the silver medal, is phlogistic Dragon training camp instructor Mark, special military all know.

The instructor of the Dragon See Soldier big level, don't say ordinary soldiers saw him to call the chief, even if the chief of the military region, also want to first salute. "I am a Su-mad."

"Su-mad should be there." "Sue, I have news for you," said the captain.

” "Where are you, we say to our face."

” "I am in the Leopard Bar, the third floor 101 box."

” "Wait for me."

Sue hung up the phone and stopped a taxi to go to the bar.

Outside the box, Su-mad did not push the door directly into, but three light a heavy knock on the box door.

The box door opened quickly, and the man with the hot marks on his face went in, and the door closed, and he snapped a salute to sue.

"Spike, special Forces, veteran He Dacheng, have met Sir."

” Su crazy back to a military salute, way: "Not too formal, now we are discharged, call me Sue crazy."

” "This ... All right.

"He Dacheng the body to relax. "What's the situation?" What do Zhou Kun want with me?

Su-he asked in the straight.

He will be the identity of bright to He Dacheng see, is to prevent Zhou Kun against him, He Dacheng is Zhou Kun bodyguard, what action must not deceive him. "Zhou Kun dare not to deal with you, I told him, all his bodyguards together is not your opponent, so he flinched, ready to deal with your sister, on the night of action."

"He Dacheng said quickly. "Specifically," he said.

"said the Su-mad calmly. "Zhou Kun found a drug will die gangsters, ready to play with your sister to touch porcelain, let your sister killed each other, then the police will bring your sister back to Yang Hai branch, the director is Zhou Kun Lao Tze, Zhou Kun ready to in the police station to your sister drug, forcibly possession of her."

"He Dacheng the Zhou Kun's plan," he said. Huh

"Su crazy coldly hum a sound, Zhou Kun good poison of the meter, if know nothing, I am afraid really of recruit." Now that I know it, Su-He Dacheng is not too concerned about it, turning to the way: "Do you have any interest in following me?"

He Dacheng is a real soldier, on the battlefield, and in the community for a few years, long with human spermatogonial son like, Su-mad if there is his help, a lot of things to do much better.

He Dacheng smell speech hesitated up, he naturally willing to follow sue crazy dry, on the Soviet mad is phlogistic Dragon Instructor's identity, he has no reason to refuse. He joined the army, the biggest regret is not able to enter the inflammation of the Dragon training camp, or now at least is a colonel, why do this bitter force bodyguard?

Why do you give Zhou Kun such scum as a dog dioica? All because, Zhou Kun's secretary Lao Tze gave him a can not refuse the price, and this money is his paralyzed father's life saving money, if quit work and Sue Crazy dry, su crazy can give him how much wages?

What about his father's illness? "Isn't there a difficulty?"

Sue asked.

"No ..." "You don't have to brace yourself, you have trouble with me, it's because of your father," he said.

"said the Su-mad calmly.

He Dacheng surprised to see the Su-mad, Su-crazy incredibly already investigated him!

However, He Dacheng did not have much aversion, the more such, the more that the Su-mad is really want to recruit him, not mind the idea of a move.

Perhaps, Su-mad even after he enlisted the performance of the investigation is clear, to the status of the Sioux to investigate these are too simple.

He Dacheng did not believe that Su-mad would be discharged, because the state would never let him out of the position, not to mention that he was so young. The only possibility is that Sue is pretending to be discharged with a mission!

Inflammation Dragon Training Camp The youngest instructors, incredibly initiative to recruit themselves, very likely to cooperate with him to complete the task, this is his glory! Su-Crazy continued: "I let you do, there will be some dark world things, I will arrange your father to the military hospital to old age, where more secure."

"Sir, I have no problem, but my two brothers ..." He Dacheng to a standard salute, the heart has made a decision. "Call My name, my identity to keep secret, as for your two brothers, of course, together."

"Sue laughed and said," he returned to the city, and finally had the first squad.

He Dacheng also very happy, two people chatted for a while, discuss how to deal with Zhou Kun, just leave the box together.

Just opened the door, Su-mad saw a yellow-hair youth, is carrying a drunken woman to the next box to walk.

This woman su crazy know, call yeqing autumn, and he sat on the same train back to Jianghai, is Fu Hua University students, train two people chat is still speculative, each other left the phone number. "Cheap woman, you can escape from my Jiang Tianyi mountain?" I'm going to screw you today!

The voice of the young man whispered into the ears of Su-mad. Jiang Tianyi recruited the waiter, way: "Show me a little door, don't let anyone disturb me." When he had finished, he Yeqingqiu into the box with a complete loss of power.

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