Mightiest Soldier

He was the strongest sword in the battlefield, a storm of blood, he went to the city and then returned. Both men and women saw him discoloring. He was the most powerful man both in the battlefield or in the busy city.


14. God-God, Su-mad

Huang despise himself, but want to curry favor with seven Yangjiang home, Huang Xinle married to the past. If they destroyed the seven Yang Gang, replaced the river home, yellow mother how to from the place?


This is more enjoyable than using a diamond card, Sue laughs, and no longer argues with Huang's mother.


Even if there is no yellow mother, Su Crazy also ready to seven Yangjiang home, one for Yeqingqiu revenge, and he also really need to form an underground force.


and yellow mother after the huff, Sue Crazy dozen A phone to He Dacheng, let him hurriedly put Zhou Kun over there, and then come to help him.


He Dacheng Three is his only team, to replace the seven Yang Gang, still need their help.


Listen to He Dacheng meaning, Zhou Kun finally saved a life, but fell into a coma, perhaps a lifetime can only be a vegetable.


Zhou Kun Secretary Lao Tze is very angry, is investigating this matter, because he knew Zhou Kun the beginning is want to deal with Sue faint, so very natural suspicion to sue faint.


Sue had a wild imagination about it and slowly drove back to the company.


Just into the company, Sue was Zhang Zo blocked, she angrily stare eyes, staring at him, as if hair are smoking. "Good morning, beauty."


Sue called out, and wanted to walk by her side. "Early?! Su-mad, you stop!


The Zhang Zo roared with a roar.


Su's body shakes, thought oneself where to offend her again, how she with an abandoned xiaoxifu like. "Where Have you gone!"


"Zhang Zo airway.


This person on the first day of work, incredibly play disappear, Morning took a head to now appear, really put here when his home, want to come to go? "Not where to go, to recruit a few people just."


Su Crazy Way, finally know why Zhang Zo angry, but he also has reason, completely don't fear her. Hiring The Zhang Zo startled a moment.

"I am the Chief constable, recruit a few master to do subordinates right there?" The security Department people's ability is inferior, I recruit three special forces, tomorrow probably can come.


” "Aren't you going to be lazy, but hiring?"


"Zhang Zo still doubt it. "Am I an honest man who needs to lie to you?"


Sue laughed and said no more about her. Zhang Zo hurriedly catch up with him, way: "I give you the right to recruit, but next time must report to me first, hum!"


” "Good, I know."



Zhang Zo This just let go of su crazy.


Su Crazy in the company patrol up, before he just looked at casually, now is careful to observe every detail, and so He Dacheng arrival, he can proceed to decorate defense.


Other companies, perhaps not too much of the security work, feel is a deterrent, if someone to trouble, security can be stopped in time.


But the Sioux is not the same, his occupational disease, so that he even only in a small company, will be the enemy to the most powerful killer.


He wants to make the company impregnable, even if the arrival of a gold killer, can be a small number of security to repel, protect the safety of all employees.


And so patrol two times, Su Crazy Heart then have the plan, back to the security department on the papyrus painting up. "Captain, something happened!"


Just then, a security guard ran in to panic said. "What's the matter?"


Sue looked up and said. "The Water cloud construction Chu Yi Xian, he is the company blacklist person, the boss has the stipulation, cannot let him enter the company in any case." But he brought a few very powerful bodyguards, better to break in, our people can't stop.


” "Go on, follow me up."


The Sioux did not hesitate to rush directly upstairs.


The company does have a blacklist of Playboy, some people who have ideas for Lu Chengxiu, Zhang Zo and even Sue.


Su Crazy also saw that blacklist, Chu Yat-sen's Lao Tze is the water cloud construction Company's Mister, the net worth billions of, is the Jianghai famous real estate tycoon, the Chu Yi Xian is the supercilious of the rich second generation, but looks Zhang Zo, often comes to harass her. Zhang Zo don't like him, but can't resist his entanglement, then simply put him into the blacklist, ask the security department must not let him into the company, the eyes of the net.


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