Mightiest Soldier

He was the strongest sword in the battlefield, a storm of blood, he went to the city and then returned. Both men and women saw him discoloring. He was the most powerful man both in the battlefield or in the busy city.


15. Flirt Zhang Zo

Sue was called to the office by Zhang Zo. "What's up, gorgeous?"

Su-Smiling said, as if nothing had happened.

Do not know why, Zhang Zo every time to see Su crazy smiling, can not help but want to angry, very want to beat this frivolous, always with red fruit eyes look at her man. "You still laugh, Chu Yat-sen's father Shanyang Mausoleum, is a very powerful person, he not only backed by deputy mayor, but also with some people have collusion, Chu Yi Xian and the seven Yang gang brother, you beware of their revenge."

” "Nothing, the soldiers will block Prito."

"Su-mad did not care too much, after a few days he went to pack seven Yang Gang, offended to offend it." "Well, you be careful anyway."

” "Are you concerned about me?"

"The way the Sioux joked. Zhang Zo Liu Mei a vertical, way: "I am for small quiet told you, who will worry about you this rough goods!"

” "Oh, then you find me what matter, won't you tell me these?"

Sue laughs. Zhang Zo pondered a moment, way: "I am ready to leave the company's security, by you to reorganize, you so can fight, should have fierce comrades?" Call them all, you don't have to worry about the treatment.

Sue Crazy blankly, this is he prepared to talk with Zhang Zo, didn't think Zhang Zo initiative came forward. He has no reason to refuse, said: "No problem, but for the time being, please do not quit, after a few days I find someone to say, but I said first, since let me reorganize, the security department you can no longer meddle, I have all the right, even if I often not in the company, you can not control me, as long as the company does not have problems, I have absolute freedom.

Su-mad took the opportunity to put forward conditions.

Zhang Zo only hesitated, then agreed to come down. "Oh, beauty, I helped you drive away the flies, you do not say a thank you?" It's hard to hit a seven.

Su is not serious again, flirt with Zhang Zo. Zhang Zo grunted: "That's your job."

” "I offended a construction company Mister's son, a deputy mayor, a gangster, you say this is work?" Would you look for someone who can do the job for you?

Sue said with a cocked leg.

Zhang Zo to listen to him so good, it feels as if true, Su-mad to pay quite a lot of it. She said: "What kind of reward do you want and give you a raise?"

” "That's okay, you just kiss me."

"Sue laughs." "You are looking for death!" Believe it or not, I told you about your form!

"Zhang Zo," said angrily. "Faint is my sister, you and my sister to sue what use AH?" She's not going to yell at me, can she?

"said the Su-mad, not caring. Huh Do not think I do not know your brother and sister, faint certainly encourage you to soak us? Zhang Zo suddenly said, against the same look at the Sioux crazy.

"Er ..." said Sue with a round stare.

Zhang Zo A look at his expression, know sorta, in the heart stomach fei su faint a burst. "Small secluded personality I understand very, belly black girl, incredibly encourage you to bubble us, hum, you still forget it, we are impossible."

” "What may not be possible, faint indeed let me come to that ... Pick up, but not bubble you, but the general, she said Lou always beautiful and capable, is the best choice for wife, as for you, faint didn't mention, probably she felt, you don't deserve me.

Su's eyes turned and said quickly. "I'm not good enough for you!" "Zhang Zo up the volume," I am worse than the elder sister, elder sister's chest have me big? Do you have my butt? Hum, little secluded absolutely can't say that, you rumor!

” "What's the use of breasts?" What's the use of the butt? Can you fill it up? I still think Lou is better than you, I see AH, to find a wife to find her like that, you, or forget.

Su looked at Zhang Zo and pretended not to be satisfied with shaking his head. "You, you, you!"

Zhang Zo's fingers trembled with anger.

Sue Crazy Legs, watching her angry look funny, in fact, she is still very cute, every day to tease her, the whole people are spirit. "Little secluded!

"Zhang Zo gnashing of Teeth said, ready to go back to teach her, she incredibly only let Sue crazy to bubble elder sister, said that they don't deserve Su-mad!" "Don't blame faint, actually I also think you are not suitable, you are too stingy."

Su-mad continues to stimulate Zhang Zo. "You are stingy, your family are stingy!"

"Zhang Zo was completely angry. "Aren't you stingy?" Not stingy even a reward is reluctant to? No, it's just a kiss, and it won't drop a piece of meat.

” "Kiss on the Kiss, I am afraid of you!"

Zhang Zo Gas was confused, rushed to cushion the feet on the Su-mad face Buzz A mouthful, kiss finish still stare at him. "You later say I stingy, I am not finished with you!"

Sue stunned, just want to say what, the mobile phone but rang up. "Brother, I finished class, come and take me home."

Sue's faint voice came from inside. "OK, you wait for me." Su Crazy said, was about to hang up the phone, Zhang Zo but flying down his arms, directly to the phone to rob the past. She shouted to the phone: "Girl, you're dead!" Wash your butt and I'll teach you a lesson!

Roar, she dropped the phone to sue crazy, dumped the ponytail, dashing away. When Sue Crazy received Sue faint, then found her face some small resentment, on the car sidewalk: "Brother, you are not Qian Qian elder sister to XX?" Why did she have such a big fire?

Su-ha chuckled and told the story before. Sue Faint hammer him a moment, du mouth way: You actually betray me, and, I have said Qian Qian elder sister not worthy of you, you also cheated Qian Qian elder sister's first kiss, you are too bad!

” "I'll tease her, who knows she really kissed."

” "It doesn't matter, she kisses you, you have to be responsible for her."

” "She kissed me, not me kiss her, what responsibility?" And what is the age of this, a kiss will be responsible?

Sue flipped her eyes. "Of course, I'll call her sister-in-law tomorrow anyway."

In the evening, Su-mad still and Sue faint squeeze a bed, although nothing will happen, but in the morning when the Hubble, or let Sue crazy a burst of embarrassment.

Fortunately, he got up early, Sue faint did not see.

Just ate early, Su Crazy then received He Dacheng phone, He Dacheng has solved the Zhou Kun yonder thing, can come to take refuge in him.

With the arrival of three people, the plan for the Sioux is ready to commence. And his first surgery, is seven Yang gang!

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