Mightiest Soldier

He was the strongest sword in the battlefield, a storm of blood, he went to the city and then returned. Both men and women saw him discoloring. He was the most powerful man both in the battlefield or in the busy city.


17. First Love Queen

Ouziyan, Su-mad hair small, two people grew up in shanty towns, learning to junior high School has always been the relationship between the table, the relationship between special iron.

Wearing the same style of clothes, shaving the same two-cornered hair, even shoelaces, are the same bow.

The most important thing is that the two people at the same time like the Queen, but did not become a rival, but became a brick fight with the ' comrades '. Both are poor family children, for the beauty queen every day with a group of Gaofu, rich second generation of wits, hit, beaten, hit, beaten ...

So repeatedly, this relationship absolutely iron can no longer iron.

Su-mad in the exam before playing a mistake, not admitted to the city, and Ouziyan have relations.

That he and Ouziyan can't stand the provocation of the man, to the school after the mountain battle it out, but in ambush, escape on the way, Su crazy with the head for Ouziyan block a sap, cause he a whole week is a daze, the final exam just failed.

He went to the army because he didn't want to lose again.

Although seven years did not see Ouziyan, but how can su crazy forget him, hear his cheap voice, su crazy mouth will unconsciously climbed the smile.

As if back to the young frivolous, for the queen of the time to sprinkle blood. "Crazy brother, why not speak?" Did you get wet when you heard me? hahaha, you've been walking for seven years, I haven't had any more.

"Ouziyan's voice continued to be heard. "Oh, how did you know I was back?"

Su-mad adjusted the mood, smiled and said. "Haha, said coincidentally, we have three classes this evening classmate party, I was holding a try attitude, dozen faint sister's phone, want to ask her you back No." Who knows this faint didn't scold me, but told me you came back, give me your phone. I said crazy brother, your sister is really the bigger the stronger Ah, I have not less to ask her over the years you come back, every time he scolded poured, last year he also chased my home scold me, while cursing one side of the splinters, my dad thought I did to faint what it, I am a ruthless smoke.

” "Oh, you this boy don't bully faint."

” "I dare not ah, she does not bully me on the good!" Yes, crazy brother, are you coming to the party tonight? Do you remember those 2B dude? Haha, they all come, we continue to shoot two bricks? Before the entrance examination you have blocked a sap for me, this time I take for you to return, MLGBD, the young ye now does not fear them.

"Ouziyan words domineering incomparable, feel he should now have a good, the whole person has emboldened." "OK, you say the address, then I will go."

Although it is a junior high school classmate party, but Su-crazy is really very nostalgic, he went to the window, from the 65-storey to look out to the prosperous Jianghai.

The children who had only looked up at the shanty towns were now standing in the building of the Longhai district.

Although, he is only a security captain. "Hey, crazy brother, do you remember Liush?"

Ouziyan suddenly came to the cheap and cheap laughter.

Liush is at that time the school queen, is also su crazy and Ouziyan at the same time like the girls, is the class monitor, the whole school boy goddess, whether the poor boy or the dude, all have ideas for her. Su Crazy heard Ouziyan, in the heart of a bad feeling, way: "You this cheap, not while I was not in the time, take Liush down?"

” "Crazy brother, you think I am what person!" We have agreed to compete, when you are not in the time, I will not.

” "I don't think you can handle her, do you?"

Sue laughed wildly, Liush proud, Su-mad but had seen, also do not know so many years past has not changed.

Ouziyan want to take care of her, hard!

"Hey, let crazy brother see out, tonight's party, Liush will also come, this is a chance ah, we can ride together horse Pentium ..."

Su crazy and Ouziyan nonsense a few words, just smiled and hung up the phone, recall seven years ago things.

Think of the night can see Liush, Su Crazy also can't help some urgent, seriously say, Liush is a su crazy First love, even Ouziyan don't know, Liush had done his girlfriend.

Although, only one weeks ...

Her, do you remember yourself?

Su Crazy in the security department to sit down, give Huang Peven left some homework, let him study, then open Sue faint BMW left the company, into a shopping mall.

The evening party at the Century Flower Sea Hotel, a five-star luxury hotel, wearing sports clothes even the door can not go, you have to pull two pieces to get enough clothes to do.

Seeing the place of the party, Su-mad knew that the party must have been organized by the Group of young people, trying to embarrass their poor boys.

But Su crazy don't care, this trick, far less than a brick has power, sue Crazy bought clothes, went to a site to pick up a brick, ready to find the feeling of junior high school.

Although now he reached his feet can be overturned dozens of, but the feeling of brick, still make him very miss.

Time quickly went to night, Su-che parked the car hundreds of meters away from the hotel parking lot, the bricks hidden under the suit, walking to the century flower sea.

Just went to the door, Su-mad saw a handsome young man, dashing to him, look at the contour of the face, not Ouziyan who. "Hahaha, crazy brother, you finally come, you tan ah, now I am not handsome." "Seven years to see, Ouziyan but directly recognized the Su-mad, ran to give him a big bear hug."

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