Mightiest Soldier

He was the strongest sword in the battlefield, a storm of blood, he went to the city and then returned. Both men and women saw him discoloring. He was the most powerful man both in the battlefield or in the busy city.


6. Fight 10 Men

Security Department downstairs on a floor, Su crazy walk in Zhang Zo Three steps, will she move between, quite the hip shake of the scene all income fundus.

Su-mad is a man, a normal man, for such a voluptuous woman, his body's resistance is not high.

He could control every muscle in his body, but the sponge of the penis couldn't control it.

Although support a small tent, but Su crazy also ashamed, so spine straight forward, when Zhang Zo walked into the elevator turned, just see this change.

She spit in the heart, the back of the tunnel to teach the Soviet faint, will this revenge.

Brother debt, the natural!

I can't get you out of your sister?

For the ability of Su crazy, Zhang Zo is fully agreed, if not Sue pathography her, she will accept Su-mad directly.

But now she swallowed no breath, so only add the actual combat assessment, and put forward a dozen 10, in order to embarrass the Su-mad.

Of course, even if the Sioux lost the last, she would let Sue become the security captain, the final challenge, purely her revenge. "It seems that your lower body is more active than your upper body.

"Zhang Zo ridiculed the Sioux. Su crazy lol, Zhang Zo can be so generous, he is more can not be timid, way: "He is a sense of the small partner's breath."

” Rogue

The elevator door opened, Zhang Zo shook his long hair and stepped out.

Company staff has hundreds of people, including the security Department has 12 people, when Zhang Zo with Su-mad into the security department, will her purpose to explain, Su Crazy then feel the 12 of fierce eyes swept him. "Manager Zhang, you say a dozen 10, is a single singled out, or together?"

A brawny, muscular guy asked.

"Er ..." Zhang Zo hesitated, although want to embarrass Su-mad, but the Su-mad if hurt, she also can't with Sue faint confessed, and dozen 10, that is certainly impossible.

She said, "just one for each," "Don't be so troublesome, let's go together."

Su-mad said casually behind her. Zhang Zo stare round eyes, this person is with his own Mao, right?

He has already given him face, ready to let him a horse, the result he still with himself?

Yes, you said it yourself! Zhang Zo Dark Annoyed, way: "Then together on!" You are my money to hire security, if this is lost, pay all down one level!

” "How can lose, human flesh sandbags just, one dozen 10?" Do you think you are a Chen or a leaf?

The security guards did not care at all, relaxed smile. "Oh, dozen 10 is so the matter."

"said the Su-mad, laughing.

These security guards, compared with Zhou Kun's three bodyguards, are much worse than their own, without weapons, they are not a threat to themselves.

A dozen 10, this is not a myth, the army can do many people, sea and Air Corps, special forces, SWAT elite, have almost such strength.

Each year, the army picks up some of these elites to join a training camp called the Dragon, and picks up the top five from the Dragon training camp.

These five people, can be called Quasi soldier King, if can come out from a hail of bullets, set up illustrious exploits, pressure over other competitors, known as the Soldier King.

Quasi-soldier king level below, Su crazy all not in the eye.

Because, he is phlogistic Dragon training camp, the youngest instructor, his students, there are several is the soldier King!

In front of these more than 10 bodyguards, namely in the military training for several years, even did not go to the battlefield, any of his inflammatory dragon students can easily beat them, Sue crazy with them one-on-one, is a waste of time. "Oh, boy, you're a drag."

"Su crazy arrogant appearance, let a few security guard is very uncomfortable." "I can kill you alone!" Arrogant what?

Su-mad is really wronged, he just honest, not a little arrogant, looking at a few angry, ready to hit his head security, he shrugged.

"Come on, let me remind you, I will be your leader in the future, or not in front of me, I like the subordinates who have real skills."

Su-Yi said lightly, a word will easily put all the security of the anger hook up.

Want to take the lead and crush them?

Soldier Brothers can't stand the bird!

As long as the Soviet crazy trample on the foot, will he down, see he has no face to do ' leadership '!

A security guard is on fire.

Su-mad went to an empty place and motioned to the guards to do it.

These people have long wanted to beat Sue Crazy, and nothing to pay attention to, 12 people at the same time forward, the Su crazy surrounded in the middle.

The more out of those two, no one would like to quit.

Zhang Zo wanted to make a sound stop, but the SU crazy not Italy, she would live in the mouth, anyway, she wanted to, 10 and 12, as if there is not much difference.

For the arrogance of Su-mad, she is seen, this want to embarrass the Su-mad, the result of the SU crazy completely not Italy, but also arrogant contempt of security, a few words will they angered.

This is good, let her see the true skills of Su-crazy.

Su-mad motioned to them to hand, 12 people will body sank, divided into three waves, of which four step forward, each one blunt straight fists, attack to the Su-mad road.

Su crazy lightly smiled, before further evade the attack, an instant grabbed the front enemy's wrist, the foot of a hook and then a kick, the man will fall sideways flew out.

He rolled to Zhang Zo's feet and Zhang Zo a shiver of fear.

At this time, the left and right of the two fists also arrived, Su crazy face unchanged, the body fierce sinking, as the iron pillar of the general legs of a sweep, one of them directly overturned in the ground.

Another person jumped up to escape, but still unequal to fall, then see the face of Su-mad in front of his rapid amplification, others in the air can not borrow force, can only one blow to sue Crazy head.

Sue Crazy raise fist with him head-on, body motionless, the man but straight flew out, hit a sandbag fell down, cover his fingers and howl.

Sue Crazy Non-stop, jump up a high bounce leg, behind the enemy also screamed and flew out.

At this time, the second wave of attacks on the four people, and joined hands to attack over. "Well, well, that's enough."

Zhang Zo hurriedly stop, clap small chest to shout, feel the heart thump beating.

Too scary, in a blink of an effort fell four, Su-mad but unharmed, let him fight, the security Department will not have to work, all go to the hospital for treatment.

Su-mad strength, she has fully seen, this man, is a pervert ah! People are sick, the value of force is also abnormal!

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