Mightiest Soldier

He was the strongest sword in the battlefield, a storm of blood, he went to the city and then returned. Both men and women saw him discoloring. He was the most powerful man both in the battlefield or in the busy city.


20. Everything to me.

Su-mad some accident, he felt that today's liush something wrong, her heart as if repressed something.

What, like seven years ago?

Seven years ago, Liush really was a Su-mad girlfriend.

However, it was all disguised, and Liush asked Sue to pretend to be her boyfriend.

Liush was born in a red family, his grandfather is the founding fathers, exploits Illustrious, is in front of a number of opposing views of the Army big guy.

But as Liu's father retreated, getting older, the body bone weaker, willow home some instability, some political opponents, dissidents, can not wait to pull down willow home.

Liu's second generation although there are provincial and ministerial officials, but compared to the name of the Red family, this power is too weak, the Willow Don's asylum, Liu's house will decline.

When the family strength is weaker and smaller, cannot support the huge business, cannot withstand the enemy's attack how should do?

There is only one simple way--with other powerful families.

Liush as a direct third generation of the most beautiful woman, very natural was Liu family sacrifice, only 16-Year-old Liush, was forced by uncle and the capital of the popular family song family marriage.

This for a young girl, is simply a thunderbolt, at that time Liush simply can not accept, ran to the bed of Grandpa crying. Liush know Grandpa Life enlist, always shuoyibuer, as long as Grandpa said no marriage, she can escape a robbery.

And Liu old heaviest feelings, lifelong fidelity, to the feelings of the matter will not allow betrayal.

So, Liush cheat Liu Old said oneself already have a boyfriend, oneself will never betray boyfriend, to and song family marriage, oneself also want to like Grandpa, do a one-woman person.

These words really moved Liu, Liulo proposed to see her boyfriend, let her boyfriend bring over.

But Liush which have any boyfriend, is anxious to find who disguised, she met Sue Crazy.

For Su Mad, Liush also had the attention, knew he studies very well, is the class only can with oneself contend for first schoolmate.

In addition, Liush also know that Su-mad often fights, the object of the fight are her suitors.

Smart Liush, know that Su-mad is in secretly love her, do not know why, Liush finally decided to let Sue Mad to impersonate her boyfriend.

When she blushed to make a request, Su-crazy immediately agreed, and in order not to reveal flaws, two people ready to running-in for a while.

This running-in but out of the problem, two people incredibly running-in out of feelings.

When they know each other, they have the same preferences, the same ideas, the same worldview, and naturally attract each other. That one weeks, two people from false to true, direct stark reality, fell in love.

Only unfortunately, Liush quickly be Liu home recruit back, until the test before all did not come back.

Su Crazy finally didn't see Liush grandpa, but is Liush father and uncle appeared once, threatened, humiliated him a few words after leaving.

Then the mid-term exam ended, Su-Liush joined the army, never seen again, leaving only a little memory.

This time goodbye Liush, Su-mad to her feeling as if still stay in seven years ago, like lovers, but not lovers.

When liush his arm, Su-crazy feel that this feeling is very familiar, but very far away, for a while forgot to speak, and Liush side by step left the hall.

Liush with Su-mad arm away, and did not leave the hotel, but with Su-mad went to the penthouse in a presidential suite.

This is, want to open a room?!

Su Crazy stunned a bit, although two people have emotional basis, but after all, is reunion, direct open room not suitable?

But, Liush, is he going to refuse?

He is a man, a normal man, at this time, the body is not controlled excited up.

Liush Initial also some cramped, but soon calmed down, turned to see Su crazy stare at her eyes, cheeks instantly become crimson, bowed her head not to see the Su-mad. Su crazy Adam's apple stirred a moment, in the heart hesitate, the tunnel oneself want to go up to hold her?

Then you can roll the sheets, which is his long-cherished wish for nearly ten years. "Su-mad, how have you been these years?" I went to the army a few years ago to check your information, but did not find anything, since Grandpa died, our family has no control over the army.

Liush felt the state of Su-mad, and hastened to speak. Su crazy smell speech back to God, press down the body's impulse, way: "Very good."

” Liush can not find their own information, is because their information is absolutely confidential, Liu is still in the time, to check their own pour nothing, Liu went to, and then want to check their own is impossible, insufficient authority.

"So, do you have a girlfriend?"

Liush suddenly said, finish her cheeks and red, than what flowers are delicate and beautiful, low head also lifted up, nervous looking at the Su-mad. Sue Crazy Zhang Open mouth, is Willow Creek she wants to repeat herself? No

"Don't say he is true, even if there is no." Liush First XI, then floated over the face sadly, way: "Then you have to hurry, I ... I'm getting married.

” "Are you going to get married?"

Sue said aloud. "Is it sung again?" Like seven years ago, was it your family who forced you? You do not deny that I can see the resistance in your eyes, if you do not want, I can help you!

Sue said with a frown.

Liush grateful to see Su crazy one eye, shook his head way: "Not the same, last is the family forced me to marry, always can intercede for reason, this is an outsider, Grandpa died, Willow home is dying, I can't see Liu home decline ..." "Is this going to sacrifice your happiness?"

"Su-mad do not understand, even if Liu home is not, that is, lose some power, they can also live than ordinary people a hundredfold, why Liush to sacrifice themselves?" "Thank you, Su-mad, to see you before the wedding, I have been very happy, you do not have to persuade me, this matter has not changed, this is my life."

The Liush face is full of melancholy, the voice is getting smaller.

Everyone envied her birth in the red family, but how do they know, born in such a home, it is doomed to lose a lot of freedom, including the freedom of love.

She was looking for a Sioux, just to see the only ordinary man she had ever had a crush on.

Unfortunately, he is really too common, shanty-born, no right no potential no backstage, this time can not help her.

She suddenly remembered what her cousin had said to her.

Cousin told her, since have no ability to fight, will be the most beautiful to their favorite person, back to do a hymen repair surgery is good, the general people can not tell.

In any case, can not be cheap song home big Song Bin! His favorite person, only a Su-mad, the body of his own virginity to him, it is no regrets it?

Just when, for seven years ago that a short period of affection, pay back.

Liush looked at Su's bronze face, suddenly feeling a blush, she bit the lip, step by step to sue Crazy walk.

In Su's stunned expression, she gently hugged the Su-mad waist, the face affixed to his chest, feeling his heart gradually accelerated. Liush whispered: "You don't talk, everything listens to me, OK?" ”

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