Mightiest Soldier

He was the strongest sword in the battlefield, a storm of blood, he went to the city and then returned. Both men and women saw him discoloring. He was the most powerful man both in the battlefield or in the busy city.


10. A serial crash.

Su crazy driving to the home in the direction of the message, the sound of a succession rang.


The text message is He Dacheng, at this time he sits in Zhou Kun's car, hangs far from the Su crazy behind.


Have He Dacheng do insider, Su Crazy already understand Zhou Kun plan, simply set a set, can let Zhou Kun himself into.


The front is Zhou Kun arrangement of touch porcelain point, Su-mad will focus on the control of the car.


BMW X6 under his control is flat and stable, when walking to a corner, the roadside suddenly rushed out of a lanky youth, electric flint light inserted into his car.


If the driving skill is slightly poor, I am afraid to panic God at this time, either bump into people or crash on their own.


But Su-mad early prepared, in the youth rush out of the moment, he has been playing the steering wheel, almost rubbing the youth's clothing to drive past, and then he did not stop, continue to drive forward. "Damn, punk, you can't even get killed."


Zhou Kun saw the situation in front of the case, swearing a sentence.


He looked for this person, is a cancer addicts, not a few days to live, Zhou Kun gave him 200,000, let him take the initiative to touch porcelain, best can be sue faint hit death.


Then, he can take Sue faint back to the police station, there, he has some way to clean up the SU faint.


As a result, the man didn't succeed.


Zhou Kun Fire big, this thought bag plan, also don't know how to continue. "Boss, keep chasing it?"


"He Dacheng said. "Do you have any good idea?"


Zhou Kun asked, he still trusts the bodyguards. "Boss, just a woman, we go straight up, forcibly removed is."


” "Isn't it too risky?"


The Zhou Kun hesitated. "Boss, later you in the car don't go out, we go to catch her, and then blindfolded her eyes to make you happy, she has no evidence that you did."


He Dacheng continued to make an idea.


Zhou Kun Frown, think this method is good, even if the last incident, but only He Dacheng three people's problem, not involved him. Zhou Kun Way: "Then catch up to intercept her!" Damn it, I'll take you out of the country.



He Dacheng nodded, speeding up to Sue's mad chase.


When they came to a slope, they saw the BMW X6, parked on the edge of the slope. "What's going on?" How did she stop the car?


"Zhou Kun said in a puzzled voice. "Boss, there seems to be no one in the car, let's go down and check, you stay in the car."


He Dacheng parked his car on the ramp and said to Zhou Kun. "Well, be careful, you'd better catch her directly."


"Zhou Kun said.


He Dacheng nodded, with two brothers one eye, opened the door together and went out, toward the BMW X6 close.


At this time Su-mad is in BMW, he will chair down, lit a cigarette puff, when He Dacheng three people walk to the window, he also smiled with three people nodded.


Three people also smiled and nodded. "Let's get started."


"said Su-mad.


He Dacheng nodded, felt a remote control, gently pressed a bit.


Zhou Kun A person in the back seat, from the rear window view He Dacheng Three people, he thought of the He Dacheng immediately will be able to get Su faint caught, let him cool once, the heart will be hot up. This woman is too not smart, think in Longhai District opened a small company, oneself take her no way?


Think it's good to have a brother who can fight?


In the end, not to groan in his crotch!


Zhou Kun and laughed.


Just then, he suddenly heard a slight thud, and then he felt the car moving. "What's going on?"


Zhou Kun blankly a moment.


His car was parked on the ramp, He Dacheng with a stall when he got off, but now he's out of gear and the car is speeding down.


Zhou Kun, though alarmed, had no fuss, and he would drive, and jump from the back seat to the front to step on the brakes.


But the brakes on the end, the car is not a trace to stop the meaning, still continue to accelerate.


The brakes are off!


Zhou Kun Panic, feel the current speed is not too fast, he was ready to jump away from the car, but he yanked the door, the door incredibly motionless, as if being welded dead general, even the windows can not shake down. "Damn it!



Zhou Kun a complete panic.


Su-Zhou Kun had sat up at this time, watching the car speeding down the ramp, his mouth hung with a sneer.


This Zhou Kun, damn it!


Killing him directly will lead to trouble, so Sue gave He Dacheng an idea, let him give He Dacheng the car hands, and then lead him to come here.


Now it seems that everything is being carried out as planned.


Zhou Kun Car A little angle, quickly inserted into other lanes, the speed has soared to 70 yards or so, directed at the front of an Audi's butt, mercilessly hit up.


Hit the Audi, Zhou Kun's car came across, played a spin, incredibly to the reverse lane.


At this time, a heavy truck just in front of the oncoming, heavy card is about to accelerate the ramp up, at this point where also stopped, the two cars relative movement, mercilessly hit together.




Zhou Kun's car was directly hit and flew out, in the air will have fallen apart half, fell down, but also caused a chain of accidents, the entire road, everywhere is the brake sound, several cars are accidentally hit together.


Su crazy startled, this situation is he did not think of, see Zhou Kun situation, this next I am afraid not dead also residual.


Zhou Kun dead, Su-mad doesn't care, he only worries about other people being implicated.


He Dacheng Three people have run past, Su Fantasy thought, also get off to run to the opposite, although the rear-end collision a lot, but look is not serious, in addition to Zhou Kun car is almost dismembered, other cars are small rub touch just.


Only the beginning of the black Audi, was rear-ended as if it was a panic God, incredibly into the roadside in the small ditch.


The whole road was paralyzed, and countless people were cursing.


Su ran to Audi and looked into the car.


There is only one person in the car, is a woman in a pink dress, she looks only about 20 years old, as if it was injured, painful forehead out of a big bean beads of sweat.


Su Crazy looked at it, found that the front face of the car has been completely distorted, the steering wheel will her whole card in the inside, the door also twisted up, simply can not open.


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