Mightiest Soldier

He was the strongest sword in the battlefield, a storm of blood, he went to the city and then returned. Both men and women saw him discoloring. He was the most powerful man both in the battlefield or in the busy city.


1. Unload the armour and return to the homeland

Seven years later, he returned to his native land, and Su Meng could not find his familiar home.

Once the squalid shanty towns had disappeared, a small tall building was rising, and the familiar surroundings were all gone.

Su Meng was standing downstairs with his army bag, his eyebrows tightly twisted together.

The place he stood at his feet was his home, but now it is a parking lot full of luxury cars.

A young girl came up and opened the door of a BMW X6.

Su Meng hurriedly stepped forward and asked, "do you know Su Xuebin, please?"

Su Xuebin is his father, a pedantic old teacher, when Sue was sixteen years old, he was badly scolded by Su Xuebin because of his failure to go to the market.

Back at this time, the hometown has changed greatly.

"Do you look for Su Xuebin?" Asked the maiden in doubt.

She looks seventeen and eight years old, very beautiful, wine red long hair with purple short sleeves, neckline with beautiful clavicle, light blue Mini shorts are white thighs, very young sexy, a pair of red cloth shoes are simple and generous, with a string of crystal red bracelet on the wrist.

For some reason, Su Meng always felt that she was familiar with something.

When she saw her father, Su ran hurriedly and said, "I am Su Xuebin's son. I haven't been home for many years. Can you tell me where he lives?"

"Are you his son?!" The girl glared at his eyes.

Then, the girl's face showed anger and cold voice: "here is no Su Xuebin, you go!"

After that, she had already entered the car, smashed into the car door, and looked at Su's madness and went away.

Su frowned, wondering what was going on. He didn't seem to offend the girl.

After that, Su Meng asked several people and finally found Su Xuebin's residence. He rang the doorbell with excitement, but no one opened the door for a long time.

"Young man, are you looking for Miss Su? Miss Su is in hospital, in the first people's hospital. At this time, a big mother walked past and said.

"Stay in the hospital!"

Su was crazy, and after he thanked his aunt, he ran to the first people's Hospital insane.

When he found his father's ward, Su Meng couldn't care about the others and rushed directly into the door and rushed in.

After entering the ward, Sue was crazy and just met the BMW girl. At this time, she was also in the ward. She had a spoon with a porcelain bowl. She was feeding a chicken soup gently to an old man.

The old man, who was his father Su Xuebin, looked much older than seven years ago, and his hair was streaks.

"Who let you in, go out!"

The girl saw Su Meng, suddenly a small face cold, angry angrily said.

"Girl, don't talk to people like that." Su Xuebin clapped her arm and said weakly. When he looked at Su Meng, he did not recognize it immediately. He asked, "what are you, young man?"

The connection between blood and blood made Su Xuebin feel very familiar with the person he did not know.

"Didn't you hear me?" Go out! " The maiden is anxious and rushing directly to push the Su out.

The frenzy of the frenzy was a gust of distraction, and then suddenly, his eyes were beating with excitement, suddenly opening his arm and holding the maiden in his arms as if she wanted to rub her into the body.

"Bastard, let go of me!" The girl was sued by a su bear, and suddenly felt suffocated. He tried desperately to push the Su crazy, but it had no effect at all.

"Quiet, it's me!" Su was full of joy, shouting at the shoulders of the girl.

"I don't know you, you go quickly, never come back!" The young girl is still struggling fiercely, but her hands are like iron hoops, which makes her struggles useless.

"What do you do, let go of my girl!" Su Xuebin was anxious. He was weak and he wanted to get up.

"Dad, I'm a frenzy!" Su Meng's eyes were wet. He let go of his sister Sue. He fell on his knees and banged three sounded heads on the sick bed.

Living alone and wandering, the frenzy finally knew that the home was his only Bay, and this white - haired old man was the most caring and loving person.

"You are, little mad..." Su Xuebin suddenly settled down. His eyes were quickly covered with tears. He looked at his son who had not seen him for seven years. His throat was choked and he could not say a word.

"Dad, the son is unfilial and is back now." Su Meng has not been able to control the sullen Su's loneliness for a while. This girl has been coaxing for a while. Now he only needs his father to forgive him.

Su Xuebin wiped the corner of his eyes and wiped away the tears. His mouth trembled and said, "all right, all right, come back, you grow tall and grow strong..."

The father and son had no revenge for seven nights, but they were enough to clear up all the contradictions.

Su was so angry that he stamped his feet and said, "Dad recognizes you, doesn't mean I will recognize you!"

"I'm sorry, brother. I'll always be there for you and dad. Forgive me." Su went crazy to sue in front of her, and kept sue in her arms again.

Even if the Soviet Union had changed completely, the frenzy had no strange feeling to her. It was a wench, a shit and a lot of urine. Every place on her body was familiar with the frenzy.

"No excuse!" Let go of me, you bastard! " Su was so angry that she could not push the frenzy of the Soviet Union. She simply bitten on the frenzy of Sue's shoulder, as if to give out a few years of injustice.

Su Xuebin also looked at a pair of children with tears and smiles.

"Yo? What about the big play? Su you, you cheap woman in front of Laozi installed pure, in the face of your father, and men get up? "

At this time, the door of the ward was suddenly pushed aside. A young man with short stature came in with three black clothes and strong men.

The frenzy of sue felt the sifting body of Su shudder.

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