Melee warrior

Qin Yuan, the super soldier, returned to the metropolis and revealed the mystery of the year. Once the famous soldier of the world, let all people be impressed!


16. Your shame

"You robbed, still want to escape?" The middle-aged man grabbed Qin Yuan and said evilly.

Qin Yuan thought he had got it wrong. He is the one who helped him find his wallet. How did he become a robber?

"You have a problem, who is a robber?" Qin Yuan said coldly.

In fact, the middle-aged man did not really see the robbers, because the shadow movement was too fast, so when he responded, he ran ten meters away.

"The wallet is in your hands, isn't you stealing?" The middle-aged man maliciously seized Qin Yuan's hand and refused to let go.

"boring, the wallet is what I found, you don't believe it, there is no way, let go!" Qin Yuan is really a little angry, good things are treated as bad people, what is this world?

"I don't care, you may be a group with the bad guys, you have to go to the police station with me. I have seen more people like you." The middle-aged man claimed that Qin Yuan was a robbery, he would not let him go away.

Looking at the ugly face in front of him, Qin Yuan really wants to fight.


Just then, the alarm suddenly sounded. A police car quickly stopped next to the garden. Because the middle-aged man yelled at the robbery, there was a passerby warning. He did not expect the speed to be so fast.

"What happened? Who was robbed?"

It was not a sexy and beautiful policewoman who came down from the police car, but a strong male policeman. It is about 30 years old, short hair, very spirited.

"Police brother, you just came here. This is robbery. Grab him." The rich middle-aged man said in a hurry.

Han still has no expression, his tone is very cold, and said: "People arrested by the police should pay attention to the evidence and cannot rely on your one-sided words."

The middle-aged man was not happy when I heard him question him. He immediately shouted: "I am Cai Guangxin, the chairman of Xiaolong Group. Your boss is my friend. I said that he is a robber, you just need to catch him. This problem is solved."

Dahan’s eyes are very cold. He said: "Even if the boss is here, I must follow this procedure. What do you have to say?" In the last sentence, he said to Qin Yuan.

Qin Yuan’s arm was shocked and directly shocked Cai Guangxin’s hand. He said, "I don't rob. His wallet is taken from the man's hand."

For the Dahan police officer, Qin Yuan still likes it, at least he is not afraid of Cai Guangxin's identity.

"Nonsense, he must be an accomplice, or how the wallet stole the man to escape?" Cai Guangxin said loudly.

"This meal can be eaten indiscriminately, but this can't be nonsense. Do you think I still lack money in this dress?" Qin Yuan said scornfully.

After getting dressed this morning, my clothes were not pulled down. Don't look at the style of clothes is simple and clear, as long as you understand the brand, the value of clothes is hundreds of thousands.

"Cut, the cheap clothes on the street dare to pretend to be big brands. I think you have never seen a real brand-name clothing, a poor ghost!" Cai Guangxin said coldly.

Dahan’s face suddenly looked awkward. Look around now and see if there are any cameras or passers-by to see things happen.

Suddenly, the girl in plain clothes came over. This girl is about fifteen or six years old. Her face is very delicate and stylish. Two pony tails hung on the shoulders.

She seemed a bit shy, her head was slightly lower, and then she made a silver voice saying, "I saw the police uncle. Big brother is a good man. He defeated the bad guy."

"Jokes, street lights are so dark, how can you see clearly, are you their accomplices?" Cai Guangxin sneered.

When the middle-aged man was heard, the little girl took a few steps in horror. However, she reluctantly said, "I don't know if I am small. I clearly see it clearly."

"You are shameless!" Qin Yuan was really angry this time, his fists clenched tightly, and the murder was exposed!

He can tolerate Cai Guangxin to tarnish him, but he can't tolerate his dirty and innocent little girl.

It seems to be aware of the intention of killing people in Qin Yuan’s eyes, and Han’s expression is slightly different. He never felt such a serious murder.

"I also saw this little brother. He is a brave good citizen." A hyena and aunt walked over and said.

"Yes, I see it very clearly. He took the wallet from the man." Another passerby stood up and said.

For a while, a group of passers-by rushed over to prove that Qin Yuan was not a robbery. In fact, most of them didn't see it, and some didn't even know what was going on. Imagine that the middle-aged people are too bad.

"" Cai Guangxin is very angry.

"Well, because this is a misunderstanding, that's it. You two, if you record information, you can leave." Dahan said, referring to Qin Yuan and the middle-aged Han.  

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