Melee warrior

Qin Yuan, the super soldier, returned to the metropolis and revealed the mystery of the year. Once the famous soldier of the world, let all people be impressed!


7. Ye Yunman

Qin Yu's grandfather had a son and two women on his knee, Qin Yu's mother is his grandfather's own daughter, and aunt Ye Yunman was adopted from outside, she was only five years older than Qin Yu, since Qin Yu's mother accidentally died, Ye Yunman for Qin Yu, also mother also sister, accompanied him grew up, until he left the army.

Unexpectedly, six years later meet, incredibly in such an occasion and Aunt Ye Yunman meet. "Do you want to make a chastity arch," said the son of a prostitute? Whoever your boss is, get him out of here quickly.

The young man sneered and put on a lofty posture.

Ye Yunman angry, but someone more angry than her!

In Qin Yu Heart, Ye Yunman absolutely is his heart of the reverse scales, once had a man in the halfway molested Ye Yunman, was Qin Yu living waste His limbs, that year, he was only 12 years old. "You find Death!"

"The sound is so cold and straight through everyone's mind.

Qin Yu jump, temporary empty one foot kick mercilessly in still not respond to the young man's face, suddenly he whole person throws fly to mid-air, several teeth mixed with blood spraying out.


The heavy body hit on the stage, the young man wants to shout, can find his mouth is speechless, the left face skeleton has obviously sunken down.

Qin Yu in the ascendant, the body easily jumped on stage, is ready to continue to abuse hit the young man, the two voices simultaneously rang. "Obuchi!

” Stop

Soon, a hard-featured dame, grim man with a group of people from the backstage rushed out, strong will surround the stage. "Who dares to be wild in Lao Tze's territory, too long to die?"

The fellow looked darkly at the Qin Yu on the stage, and the chill of the air spread. "Brother Qiang, Save my young master, he is the son of Sun Yaozu."

A bully who had followed the young man suddenly came forward and said hastily.

is called strong elder brother's body Yizheng, when sees lying on the ground that young man's left face, suddenly pours a breath of the coolness, the facial expression immediately becomes more ugly. Who's Sun Yaozu?

Xiacheng first real estate business, holding a billion of assets, is a black-and-white two-take-all big shot, now his son was beaten to do so, I am afraid the whole Xiacheng will be shocked.

When strong brother ready to give the word, just see stand in Qin Yu side of the Ye Yunman, pupil can not restrain contraction, the body also can't help a long-winded. "Sister Yunman, what are you doing here?"

Strong elder brother Change before gloomy face, bend waist, respectfully to Ye Yunman said.

Ye Yunman At this moment will all focus on Qin Yu body, originally coquettish to the extreme face becomes very soft, smart eyes suffused with sparkling tears. "Aunt, I am back!"

Qin Yu grinned, as a child looked at the Ye Yunman, no matter how many times he experienced life and death temper, no matter how many people's hands stained with the blood, in front of Ye Yunman, Qin Yu is always the child never grow up. "Little bastard, you are finally willing to come back."

"Ye Yunman the slightest scruple image, Pao and laugh, rushed up to Qin Yu mercilessly rub into the bosom.

Feel Ye Yunman that soft fragrance of the body tightly attached to him, Qin Yu immediately some embarrassment, six years, aunt's body more mature, especially the choppy Shuangfeng, let Qin Yu a strong sense of suffocation.

Long, two people want $, Ye Yunman seems still not willing to, looking at Qin Yu eyes with a touch of resentment of color. "Yunman, how does he deal with it?"

"Brother Qiang pointed to the ground twitching young man said, he always wanted to not understand this 20 young people how can call Ye Yunman as an aunt." Ye Yunman A wiping on the tears, eyes immediately flashed a hint of indifference, said: "Send a person carried back to the Sun, said it is I Ye Yunman dozen, he Sun Yaozu want revenge, I always welcome."

Finish, regardless of all the puzzled and curious eyes, pull the hand of Qin Yu to the bar to rush. "Brother Johnny, what now?"

A young man came forward and asked.

Brother Keung immediately shake hands a slap patted the past, immediately let young tinnitus brain glare. "Nonsense, just did not hear Yunman words ah, take him back to the Sun home, will Yunman words without leakage of the past."

As soon as he walked out of the bar, Ye Yunman took Qin Yu to sit on a red sports car not far away, accompanied by the roar of the engine sound, two people disappeared in the bright street at the end of China. "Little Bastard, when did you get back?"

"Sports car, Ye Yunman single-handedly propped on the door, a hand on the steering wheel, while the face is always facing the Qin Yu, flowing out from the heart of the happy smile."

The sports car drive very slowly, the breeze blows the Buddha Ye Yunman that some scattered hair, exudes the intoxicating fragrance, Qin Yu's nose unconsciously twitch several, he has long not smelled this familiar temptation flavor. A pair of slender white legs sway freely, I do not know is intentionally or unintentionally, slowly stretched to Qin Yu side, because Ye Yunman wear is a mini skirt, from the angle of Qin Yu, just can see the side of the thigh exposed a white, all over the body revealed a deadly temptation.

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