Melee warrior

Qin Yuan, the super soldier, returned to the metropolis and revealed the mystery of the year. Once the famous soldier of the world, let all people be impressed!


19. We Dating

There is still a lot of space in the hall. Qin Yuan stood in the center. The body's breathing suddenly changed. Changquan suddenly made a snoring sound, which is not only the fragile voice of Lu Tianfeng’s bodyguard Lu Yong. After the panic attack, the air in the entire hall seemed to be swinging.

The fist slammed and the shadow could not enter. The action of Qin Yuan was carried out for the sake of smashing. This movement is very smooth and extremely devastating for every impact and impact.

This is a military boxing, but it is not a military boxing for the general army to learn. This is a set of military boxing improved through the Qin Dynasty. There are a total of eight strokes and twenty-four strokes. That year spent Qin. It took a full six months to take it out. The purpose of the reform is simple, making it more suitable for killing.

Today, this improved military boxing boxing is classified as top secret. The entire Chinese army is qualified to know that it does not exceed 20 people, and even less able to learn. In addition to Gion, there are eight teams. Only three people have learned how to imagine how hard it is.

After playing a military boxing fist, Qin Yuan’s forehead produced exquisite sweat. This is not one of the reasons why it is so difficult to learn.

Then, Qin Yuan took off his clothes, revealing a strong and powerful upper body, almost close to the muscle curve of the perfect line. This makes the whole person of Qin Yuan look like a cheetah in the tropical wilderness, full of visual shock.

If Ye Yunman is here, he will scream, because Qin Yuan's body is full of large and small scars, and there are no less than five bullet holes. The most surprising thing is the latter. The knife at his waist is like a poisonous snake, it is terrible.

Promotion is a common training program. Qin Yuan’s usual training is not the number of goals required to complete, but the number of hours. The highest record of Qin Yuan is nine consecutive hours. break in.

At this time, Qin Yuanzhang was on the ground and screamed a few times. He made more than ten push-ups in the blink of an eye, and the speed is getting faster and faster. It cannot be calculated with the naked eye, without equipment, and they rely only on these most primitive training methods. .

The exercise lasted for five minutes before stopping. Qin Yuan once again participated in three boxing exercises, but this is not a military boxing. This is like Chinese martial arts lost in China. Every time, Qin Yuan is almost excessive. Physical exertion far exceeds military boxing.

In a few sweatings, Qin Yuan not only did not have fatigue, but also more refreshed, his metamorphosis of restoring power made all the people who saw it amazing, the beast is really a beast!

Qin Yuan took a shower. It is 7pm now. Ye Yunman finally came back from the outside. His face seemed a little tired, but he saw the spirit of Qin Yuanli.

"Oh, you are so active, they have showered, so handsome!" Ye Yunman looked at her tiredly and looked at Qin Yuan.

Qin Yuan wore a black evening gown and a bow tie on a white shirt. He proudly shouted at the beautiful short hair: "If you don't dress beautifully, how can you be with me?"

After Ye Yunman’s stimulation last night, Qin Yuan’s mentality seems to have changed a lot, and his speech is no longer so restrained.

"The mouth is very sweet, look at the reward." Ye Yunman cringed, cheering toward Qin Yuan, raised his foot, nodded gently, and then flew into the bedroom normally.

Hate, attack again!

Qin Yuan reached out and touched the place where Ye Yunman kissed. giggle. These two people did not kiss. The first time they remembered the night before, they kissed for a while, and Qin Yuan’s heart was full of joy.

After bathing and dressing, I spent a clock before and after, Ye Yunman walked out of the bedroom. Some impatient Qin Yuanyi saw Ye Yunman, his eyes suddenly broke out.

At this time, Ye Yunman, you can describe it in a beautiful sentence. A purple evening dress wrapped around her prominent body, just covered with Yufeng's chest, revealing sexy shoulders, white, clean and slender. His neck is wearing a delicate blue gem, dazzling, but does not distract the owner's attention, his black, black hair is slightly inflated, but with dignity and style.

"How, looks good?" Ye Yunman extended his hands and rotated 360 degrees. The smooth texture of the tuxedo flows like flowing water, beautiful and moving.

Qin Yuan bowed his head and nodded. "This is just a pretty fairy. Just the fairy has lost. Little aunt, you are very beautiful."

When I heard the praise of Qin Yuan, Ye Yunman’s face was completely blooming. These days are the happiest time of her six years. Everything comes from Qin Yuan.

"This little bastard is also very handsome, let us go, let us date!" Ye Yunman smiled and smiled, naturally supporting Qin Yuan's arm, Qin Yuan did not refuse, close to smelling Ye Yunman's unique body Aroma, feel more comfortable.  

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