Melee warrior

Qin Yuan, the super soldier, returned to the metropolis and revealed the mystery of the year. Once the famous soldier of the world, let all people be impressed!


9. The young aunt's provocative

The food on the table is very simple, are some homely dishes, can look at Qin Yu eyes, as if to see a five-star hotel chef do feast. "After your grandmother left, no one cooked for me, forcing myself to learn."


Ye Yunman seems to see Qin Yu's mind, immediately said, in fact, she lied, since Qin Yu left, she began to learn to cook rice cooking, thinking about waiting for Qin Yu back to give him a surprise, just didn't think this is six years. Qin Yu can't wait to reach out and pinch a piece of beef into his mouth, his face suddenly revealed a very satisfied appearance said: "The craft is really good, than those so-called chef is much better."


” Ye Yunman hurriedly a pat Qin Yu that continue to catch the hand of vegetables, Coquetry said: "How big people, still so not wash, go to wash your hands quickly."



Qin Yu Hey a smile, fart to run into the kitchen to wash their hands, Ye Yunman face immediately happy opened the flowers, a pair of happy sweet little woman appearance, others to her more flattery, also less than Qin Yu simple praise.


When the meal, Ye Yunman from the wine cabinet took out a bottle of red wine, her side carefully tasting the red wine while watching Qin Yu swallowed, delicate face has already thrown two rosy, Zuiyan blurred.


Wine is not intoxicating, people from drunk!


After eating enough, Qin Yu satisfied to touch a slightly raised belly, this is his six years to eat the most satisfying meal, at this time Ye Yunman unknowingly have drunk two large glass of red wine, smooth and white skin under the role of alcohol revealed a faint pink color. "Aunt, don't drink."


Qin Yu just to eat, the reaction came when Ye Yunman was about to get drunk. "Don't, aunt Happy today, because the little bastard came back."


"said, Ye Yunman will drink all the remaining wine in the glass, the sexy meager lips residue drops of wine."


Qin Yu helpless, had to stand up to want to take away the bottle of red wine, familiar with Ye Yunman reaction faster, grabbed his hand forcibly pulled over. Well



Qin Yu's head instantly a blank, because Ye Yunman suddenly reach him tightly hold, Qin Yu jerked A breath, mixed with the smell of alcohol inhalation of the lungs, let Qin Yu a kind of confusion God fan crazy. "Aunt Miss you very much, always want."


Ye Yunman immersed in the language, like Sue Heart has endless injustice. Qin Yu with only a hint of reason to push the body of Ye Yunman, his proud willpower at the moment in Ye Yunman before incredibly become vulnerable.


"Aunt, you are drunk, I help you to rest."


Qin Yu Distressed said, and then grabbed Ye Yunman's arms gently pushed, holding her soft cotton weak body. "I am not drunk, give me the wine, come, we continue to drink."


"Ye Yunman at this time already some delirious, a pair of peach blossom winks intoxicated blurred, in Qin Yu bosom struggles vigorously."


Qin Yu helpless, had to stoop to Ye Yunman hold up, toward her bedroom walk, struggled for a while, Ye Yunman seems to have no strength, let Qin Yu hold her in a big cotton bed.


The bedroom is full of Ye Yunman body that unique body incense, Qin Yu Heart is a ripple, put down Ye Yunman, Qin Yu is leaving, after just see Ye Yunman body suit don't know when stained with red wine, penetrate a large wine traces.


Qin Yu in situ hesitated for a moment, a bite to go to the side of the wardrobe, turned out a pink pajamas, and then went to the bed to pick up the sleeping Ye Yunman, her wet piece of clothes off.


Soon, Ye Yunman's seductive body unfolds in front of Qin Yu, flat lower abdomen like a natural jade Pu, mellow smooth, slim and lose flesh bone, faint glowing luster, the most lethal is, pink pierced bra wrapped two of the big White Rabbit, exposing a large piece of snow and tender flesh, with even the sound of a flutter of breath.


Qin Yu immediately thirsty, can clearly hear their riot heartbeat, a trace of heat from Ye Yunman nose exhaled, just sprayed on the neck of Qin Yu, let him feel a swept flutter.


Close his eyes, Qin Yu open big Mouth jerked breath, will inwardly that demon desire forcibly pressed down, and then envelope will put pajamas into the Ye Yunman body, slowly put down her quilt, fly general rush out of the bedroom.


Qin Yu could not imagine what would happen if he continued to stay there. "Grandma, this is more than with the old guys fight a little more tired ah!"


Qin Yu sat down on the wall outside the door, rubbing his forehead in a cold sweat.


If not Qin Yu's willpower is beyond mortal, I am afraid that the present is a pair of thrilling scenes.


Sitting on the ground for one hours, put all the pictures before the head, Qin Yu to the bathroom to take a cold shower, completely poured out the only trace of desire, and then walked into a room, simply tidy up a few then lie in bed. For several days, Rao is Qin Yu's body is very strong, the spirit is also some support, a close eyes on the drowsy sleep died, he has been a long time not so comfortable to sleep.


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