Melee warrior

Qin Yuan, the super soldier, returned to the metropolis and revealed the mystery of the year. Once the famous soldier of the world, let all people be impressed!


6. The woman of the demon charm

Qin Yu Three steps and two steps, and soon came to the place where he had lived for more than 10 years, but the sight of the scene made him a little stunned.

Familiar with the building has long ceased to exist, replaced by a glittering luxury bar, dozens of cars lined up in the street outside the door, the scene is very spectacular, all kinds of people have poured into the bar, the thick sound of the walls still can't stop inside that tore heart crack heart of metal music sound. "I didn't think you'd be here anymore."

Qin Yu standing in front of the Golden Bar, some vacant said.

Glanced at the neon-lit golden bar, Qin Yu hesitated for a moment, or walked in with a footstep.

The bar is a mixed-bag place, and it's best to pry in here. However, Qin Yu also knows that many of the world's powerful intelligence organizations, their usual means is to set up a branch in the entertainment area.

A door, Qin Yu roughly glanced at the bar, the business is very hot, barely see the vacant seat, deafening music rang, the hall in the middle of the open space, men and women are frantically twisting their body, to vent their free self.

Soon, Qin Yu's eyes were drawn to the big stage in the middle of the dance floor, where the lights were the most gorgeous of all the bars, and on the stage, there was a woman dancing in the salsa. A woman with a thick Yan Yi, dressed in a fire-red mini-dress skirt, messy hair will cover most of her face, a pair of white jade legs on the stage with the fury of the music, to wriggle her sexy temptation of the body, her dress is very tight, her huge Shuangfeng and rounded buttocks tightly wrapped,

Sketch out a perfect arc.

The devil's graceful figure swings wildly, like a phoenix in flames and a neon light on the dance floor, which blooms a deadly breath of lusty fantasy.

Now around the dance floor gathered a large group of young men, all exposed to the state of obsession, the woman's every move, all traction their innermost feelings of the original desire.

Surprised at the woman's demon charm, Qin Yu suddenly frowned, because he on the stage of the woman a kind of inexplicable sense of familiarity.

With the end of the last note, the woman that coquettish action stopped short, biting her lips, eyes through the hair proudly looking ahead, chest with heavy breathing sound Yichi, full of endless temptation.


The bar immediately blew open the pot, applause sounded like thunder, all the emotions at this moment was ignited to the extreme. "Jump again, jump once more!"

All of a sudden, the bar was shaking and almost everyone was shouting and echoing.

Woman light hair, fine beads of sweat sway a ground, apparently she just already consumed a lot of physical strength, in the face of all the enthusiasm, the woman is still a pair of calm face.

A microphone was taken from the staff, and the woman motioned to everyone to be quiet, and then the sound sounded like sounds of nature. "Sorry everyone, I am not a professional dancer, I hope you enjoy the Golden bar."

After that, the woman bowed slightly forward.

The people do not buy at all, 哄闹 sound again sounded, even more crazy. "What you are, everyone let you continue to jump is to look at you, here is 100,000 pieces, tonight I put you bag."

Suddenly, the top of the sound came an arrogant voice, followed by a big stack of money from the bottom of the pile, 0 scattered at the foot of women, the scene instantly quiet down.

One shot is 100,000 bucks, and when it's really spendthrift, it's enough to make the average family comfortable for a couple of years, even some second-rate actresses, not worth the price. "Friend, come out to play on the map a happy lively, why make everybody not happy, the money you take back!"

"The woman's attitude was never too cold," said the young man, who was holding the microphone under the stage. "Too little, then 200,000, if you can not do the Lord, then let your boss out, I do not believe that money can not bag you."

"Young toes Gao Qi Ang said, again from the side of the suitcase to take out more than 10 Chinese coins, all thrown to the stage."

At this time the bar immediately silent, the Golden Bar is a high-grade bar, the contacts are some rich, but they have never seen carrying a large box of Chinese coins to show off the people. The woman's face finally changed, the first hand will be scattered in the face of the cheeks on both sides of the hair back, revealing her beautiful face, bright eyes suddenly a cold, said: "Dare you say again?"

A powerful gas field suddenly spread from the woman's body, her voice cold to the extreme, almost everyone feel the heart of the creepy.

Qin Yu's head exploded, and when he saw the woman's face, she finally knew why she had a strange sense of familiarity. Because this woman is not others, is he six years have not seen aunt.

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