Melee warrior

Qin Yuan, the super soldier, returned to the metropolis and revealed the mystery of the year. Once the famous soldier of the world, let all people be impressed!


3. The hero saves the beauty

FJ Province Xia City, a deputy provincial city, southeast coast a port city, is also an international port scenic tourist city, Qin Yu's hometown is in this city.

After a few days of rushing around, Qin Yu finally from the Southwest border mountain back to Xiacheng, this walk is six years, Xiacheng change let him some unexpected, once familiar with the place has already been reinforced cement, high-rise instead, modern city let perennial wandering in the boundless wild desert, barren mountain Jungle Qin Yu some not adapt.

Out of the station, is already at night eight o'clock, with a vaguely memory in mind, Qin Yu walk in familiar and unfamiliar streets, the thought of soon can see his relatives, Qin Yu foot pace immediately accelerated a lot. "For six years heard, I'm afraid they think I'm not in the world, right?"

"Closer to home, the more volatile the Qin Yu mood, like a child in the wrong, want to go home, but dare not go home." "Don't come over, do you know who I am?" Who dares to move me, careful I let my father destroy your family!

Suddenly, a crisp and rapid sound into the Qin Yu ear, for many years of high-intensity training, Qin Yu's ears have been sensitive to the level of ordinary people can not understand, only by sound, he can determine the specific position of that person, or even accurate to a few meters.

Finely uneven footsteps are coming, all is toward the direction of the voice, Qin Yu frown, according to memory, his grandfather's home from here should be less than kilometer, he is desperate to rush, but women cry for help more and more rapid. Swish

Qin Yu's body flashed like a phantom in the dim street, and though he was no longer a soldier, he could not do nothing.

In a corner of the street, two white van will be blocked at the intersection, seven or eight wearing a vest, exposing a large crowd of tattoos surrounded by 哄闹.

Qin Yu slowed footsteps, quietly walked behind them, the sight suddenly appeared a tall figure.

At first glance, this is a rare beautiful beauty, goose egg-shaped tender face, eyes if the pearl, if the nose is hanging, the light makeup, the head of exquisite hairstyle at the moment some scattered, a beautiful brand clothes in the Dim street Lamp More Show her lusty gorgeous temperament.

Towering snow-white chest trembling, a pair of straight slender legs suffused with shiny, at the moment in the eyes of these gangs, this woman is a budding of the Jiao Rui, stimulating their innermost feelings of the original desire. "Who dares to be careless, be careful my knife does not have long eyes."

"The Girl hands hold a spring knife, watch warily front of the bully, her expression although very calm, but her shaking hands but betrayed her." "Yo Ah, there are knives, so afraid of good fear!"

A red-headed little bully rubbed his hands and smiled. "Good white girl, it must be very cool to do, brothers, we have a delicious dinner tonight."

Another small mixed doubles eye shines, the girl with unbridled stare. "My father is Rutin, he is coming this way, you want to touch me a hair, I promise you will die very ugly!"

"The girl raised her face proudly said, she believed in Xiacheng, whether it is black and white two, Rutin these three words no one knows nobody."

Sure enough, one hears "Rutin" These three words, several small bully's body is a slight shrink, this is their instinctive reaction. "Brothers, don't be fooled by her words, your father if Rutin, I still Rutin his father!"

A fat, chubby bully shouted. "Yes, Rutin's daughter how to come to such a lonely street, girl, you still obediently listen to us, we cool, you also less suffer a bit of sin, otherwise, hey!"

The girl's face suddenly changed, revealing the color of anxiety, to her frail body, how to escape in the hands of these few gangsters. "I said several, if there is a need to spend some money to find a woman is, why do the crime?"

Qin Yu's figure slowly came from the dark. "Friend, save me, I can give you a lot of money."

"The girl sees Qin Yu, like to catch a life-saving grass hurriedly shout way." Shut "The red hair young person cold sound shouts:" The boy, is the TV series to see many, wants a hero to save the beauty? I advise you better not to have been here, young ye I am happy today, do not dispute with you, roll!

The others, too, stared at the Qin Yu with a poor face. "I am also very happy today, give you a chance, roll!"

Qin Yu stopped, his face looked indifferent to a few young people around, these hairs are not long qi of the small bully is not seen in his eyes. "Yo Ah, also quite drag, on the Yuan street who do not know my stone brother's name, let her also can, and so our brother after a few cool finish immediately put people, see your boy's body is very strong, or stay to help me push the buttocks?" "The self-proclaimed" stone elder brother "red hair sexual evil a smile, said also looked back wretched to see the girl, the eyes in the greedy desire.

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