Melee warrior

Qin Yuan, the super soldier, returned to the metropolis and revealed the mystery of the year. Once the famous soldier of the world, let all people be impressed!


17. Sexy encounters

Qin Yuan breathed a sigh of relief and wanted to say another thing, Cai Guangxin, did not say anything, but he still had to think about it. Otherwise, he really wants to enter the police station.

Just recording personal information, Cai Guangxin looked at Qin Yuan with his big eyes, as if Qin Yuan owed him tens of millions of dollars.

For such people, Qin Yuan directly ignored it. After filling in the information on the book, he handed it to the police.

After receiving the record book, I saw that Qin Yuan’s professional column read “No work”. The police suddenly became confused. He always felt that Qin Yuan had a feeling that made him familiar.

"Hello, I am the peak!" Gao Feng actively reached out and said to Qin Yuan. When he first met Qin Yuan, his instincts told him that Qin Yuan was definitely not a robber.

"My name is Qin Yuan. If I didn't guess wrong, you used to be a soldier!" Qin Yuan reached out and said to the peak.

The high wind looked very embarrassing and he responded immediately. He finally remembered why Qin Yuan had a familiar atmosphere. This is a special atmosphere for the soldiers.

"The retired army has been two years. The Gion brothers are also a soldier. Has he just retired?" asked with a hearty smile.

"Exiled." There was a kind of bleakness in Qin Yuan’s eyes, but it quickly dissipated. He said, "I have a chance to go out and have two drinks. Something is happening now. I am leaving."

After Qin Yuan finished speaking, he left, leaving a peak, and he was puzzled.

Qin Yuan was very anxious because he found that the little girl who helped him had left. He still has no chance to say thank you.

Qin Yuan was very disappointed. He did not find a little girl. I hope to see her next time, thank her face to face.

Back to Ye Yunman's villa is already 9 o'clock in the evening, Qin Yuan did not expect Ye Yunman at home.

"You are back, go wash your hands, I made dinner." Ye Yunman wrapped in an apron, just took a dish out of the kitchen. When he saw Qin Yuan, his face showed a smile.

Qin Yuanyi. Just before entering the door, he was still entangled in how to fill his stomach. Unexpectedly, Ye Yunman has finished cooking and waiting for him to come back.

"Oh, are you not busy? Why are you coming back so soon?" Qin Yuan said, he took off his shoes. He estimated that Ye Yunman will return soon after 12 o'clock because the bar is mainly open at night. Must be very busy.

"For others, I won't come back. No matter who cooks for you, this little bastard." Ye Yunman laughed at the dish.

Listening to such warmth, Qin Yuan moved his heart. His little sister always inadvertently made him feel obsessed.

"What are you doing? Go wash your hands and wait until the dishes are cold," Ye Yunman urged.

"Oh!" Qin Yuan smiled and ran into the kitchen to wash her hands with bare feet.

When they came out, Ye Yunman took off his apron and put on a loose casual outfit. He sat at the table waiting for Qin Yuan.

At the dining table, watching the food with aroma and taste, Qin Yuan’s appetite suddenly rose. It’s not that he deliberately respects Ye Yunman, but her craft is really great.

"Slowly eat, no one is robbing with you." Looking at Qin Yuan desperately destroying, Ye Yunman said softly, but his face was full of happiness.

Qin Yuan looked up and tried not to call Ye Yunman when he was eating. His eyes suddenly aimed at an unusual place, and he almost squirted the rice out of his mouth.


Ye Yunman wore a translucent gauze skirt. The delicate white skin is radiant and smooth. Although the clothes are loose, they still support the arc of two arcs. The two cherry red blush on the chest are approaching.

Ye Yunman actually didn't wear underwear!

Qin Yuan’s head suddenly bombed and his head was very hot. He said, “Oh, why don’t you wear underwear?”

In a word, Qin Yuan immediately regretted it. Why are you saying this? Should I not see it?

Ye Yunman did not expect Qin Yuan to say so boldly, his cheeks suddenly red, and he said, "How about, I don't have to wear underwear at home."

She also deliberately pulled down her clothes. The attractive shape of the two peaches is undoubtedly obvious. Qin Yuan felt that the nosebleeds were pouring out.

"This is not good, but now I am still here!" Qin Yuansheng swallowed, he was anxious to divert attention, but his eyes did not listen, the temptation was too big.

"Oh, you saw it when you were young? Don't you be so serious?" Ye Yunman said that although she tried to hide her face, she was still red, just like a peach had just been opened.

"When I was young, I didn't know anything about it. Then I said that when there is such a big thing -" Qin Yuan whispered, hehe.

Ye Man is five years older than him, plus his early physical development. At the age of fifteen, he has begun to take shape. He waits for Qin Yuan to yell at the bath every year. When he shows him the heart of a pervert, he often catches Ye Yun. Man’s two little white rabbits play and tease, which is a good choice.

At that time, Ye Yunman’s thoughts were pure. When power was a child’s game, Qin Yuan was allowed to mix with her.  


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