Melee warrior

Qin Yuan, the super soldier, returned to the metropolis and revealed the mystery of the year. Once the famous soldier of the world, let all people be impressed!


21. Powerful Yeyunman

Suddenly, the buttocks were attacked. Ye Yunman flicked and turned to find Qin Yuan. He stared at him and gave him a look. Fortunately, no one has seen this scene. Otherwise, he will be very shy.

Qin Yuan took back his hand and the body immediately smiled and smiled a few steps.

At this point, the young people have come to them, Ye Yunman's shy face quickly disappeared. The voice is very cold, saying: "My relationship with you seems to be close to this. You still call me Ye Yunman!"

Don't say that Ye Yunman is the first time Qin Yuan has seen the man's arrogant expression. His unscrupulous gaze can not help but make people feel cold.

The sound is not loud, but it still causes the loss of many people around. They naturally met two major shareholders of the Chess Emperor Group, especially men and Ye Yunman. His name is Lin Biao, but he is a shareholder of the Emperor Group. In addition, he is still the first legal heir to the Charlene family. He is very young and looks very handsome. No matter where he goes, he is full of light, and his future is infinite.

Lin Biao does not participate in the activities organized by the company. This time surprised many people.

When I heard Ye Yunman's words, Lin Biao did not seem to mind at all. His face is still an arrogant smile. He said: "Ye Yunman's sister, in front of the public, please let me keep some dignity. We used to be colleagues. If I have something wrong, please forgive me."

Having said that, Lin Biao also took out a glass of champagne from the waiter and walked out of his body.

"Yes!" Ye Yunman heard coldly and immediately wanted to pull Qin Yuan away. The man's skin is thick enough to be intolerable.

At this time, Lin Xicai discovered that Ye Yunman had been standing next to a man. Look at Ye Yunman's unintentional pulling action. His flashing lights flashed a chill.


"This friend seems a bit strange, Yunman, don't you tell me about this?" Lin Biao took two steps to Ye Yunman, looking at Qin Yuan with his eyes, laughing.

At this time, more and more people gathered here, but more of them were placed on Qin Yuan. Almost everyone is thinking. Who is Qin Yuan?

"This is my friend. There is no need to introduce it to you." Then, Ye Yunman took the arm of Qin Yuan directly. Her movement has shown everything.

This is my man!

Sure enough, seeing Lin Biao Qin Yuan Ye Man rolled his arm, immediately revealed in the eyes of the observer that this is not awkward, but he really wants to kill.

Qin Yuan felt chilling. As a special soldier who has experienced countless life and death battles, Qin Yuan is extremely sensitive to killing. Lin Biao has a lot of hostility. Doesn't he want to live?

"Hello, my name is Lin Biao. I am a colleague of Yunmeng. Welcome to my company's reception." Then Lin Biao extended his slender right hand, and the killing in his eyes was quickly hidden.

It must be said that Lin Xi is very kind and always has a friendly smile on his face. When he was young, he was a shareholder of a large group. In addition to having a tough backstage, his personal abilities and Ayutthaya cannot be underestimated. .

"Qi Qi". Qin Yuan said in an understatement that he did not introduce himself, his hand has been drooping, and he did not intentionally shake his hand with Lin Biao.

For a person who indicated intentional suicide, Qin Yuan was not interested in shaking hands with him. Don't care if he is the son of the boss.

Lin Biao’s right hand stayed in the air, and the murder intention in his eyes was hit again. However, he is still covered by silence. He shrugged and took a hand and said to Qin Yuan: "We should meet for the first time. No misunderstanding?"


Lin Xi’s cultivation is very good, but this does not mean that others can tolerate the impoliteness of the Qin Yuan.

“Where the gangsters come from, there is not much courtesy. Why is this high-level cocktail party?” said a woman with heavy makeup and disdain.

"That is Lin Bo, don't talk to these people. Shaking hands with him will stain your hands." A Jolin Tsai girl said angrily.

Everyone is condemning them. In the eyes of these women, Lin Xiping is a perfect man. He does not want to be close to him or establish a relationship with him. Qin Yuan did this in order to insult their illusions.

"I don't know him very much. Why should I shake hands with him? He is your boss, not my boss." From Ye Yunman's dislike of Lin Xilu, Qin Yuan is still an indifferent and calm mind. Qin Yuan did not intend to give him face.

Moreover, Lin Biao looked at Ye Yunman's eyes very unhappy!

People's faces suddenly become very gloomy. They can't imagine such a high-level cocktail that will make these people appear.

Ye Yunman frowned. She just took Qin Yuan to avoid harassing men, but he did not expect to push Qin Yuan to the cusp of the storm.

"Everyone is not friendly. This friend is right. We just met, we are not familiar with. Where are you working. The summer city circle is very small, maybe we will become friends in the future." Lin Biao slightly smiled. The reason why he said that the small circle of a small town does not mean that it is really small. The entire city is rare because of the people who can enter his circle.

Qin Yuan is a clever person who can naturally guess the meaning of Lin Xi’s words. He did not immediately conceal it: "I have only been a soldier for several years. As for being friends with you, I don't think it is necessary."

When these words just fell, everyone glanced at them and the people around them suddenly laughed.

"Cut, you are a small person, just a soldier. You are not worthy to wear shoes for the boss!" Before that, the girl was ridiculous, the voice was very loud, and the music in the hall stopped.

"What are you talking about? You dare say it again!"

Ye Yunman is very angry. She stood without saying a word. This does not mean that she does not exist. When she sees someone else, she can ignore the eyes of others, but she definitely does not allow others to insult Qin Yuan. This is her bottom line.


Ye Yunman's momentum is very aggressive, his eyes staring at the girl. If this is normal, the girl will never dare to attack Ye Yunman, but when she sees Lin Biao, she grinds her teeth and raises a pair of proud double peaks. She said to Ye Yunman: "He is a soldier and it is not worth wearing shoes for Linda."


The sound was loud and loud, and everyone was shocked when the hall rang. No one wants Ye Yunman to defeat the girl's face for a powerful soldier, because many people know that this girl is called Wang Qian. One of Lin Biao's women.

"This slap in the face tells you that not everyone is qualified to make irresponsible remarks." Ye Yunman looked at Wang Qian coldly, Wang Qian's left face was red and swollen, and the beautiful face became very unharmonious. . .

"Wow -" Wang Qian can't help it anymore. Wow, she is just a girl in her early twenties. She can bear such a strong slap in front of Ye Yunman.

Qin Yuan smiled, but he has not seen it for six years. Ye Yunman's character is very tough. Using all the power of the body, this is a slap in the face.

At this time, Lin Biao's face finally changed. Everyone knows that Wang Qian is his woman. Ye Yunman gave Wang Qian a slap in the face, but in fact he hit his face.

"Ye Yunman, pay attention to your identity. You are the honorary director of the company. Words and deeds represent the company's face. The company's employees are open." Lin Biao said with a black face, called Ye Yunman's name, apparently he was angry .

Ye Yunman raised his eyebrows and turned to Lin Biao. His expressionless expression is: "How do you want the company to put pressure on me? Tell you, I don't eat this. If she is still crying, say it again, I will tear her mouth away."

After listening to Ye Yunman's words, Wang Qian immediately stopped crying and looked at Ye Yunman in horror. If she dares to say a word again, she has no doubt that Ye Yunman will really do this.

"The company has regulations on the fight. If the situation is serious, they will be fired. You immediately apologize to Wang Qian. The matter will be resolved." Lin Xiwei did not back down. If he tolerates Ye Yunman today, it will be even worse in the future.

"If I say no?" Ye Yunman said coldly, it is absolutely impossible to ask her to apologize to Wang Qian.

At this time, everyone is more curious about the identity of Qin Yuan. Ye Yunman is worthy of offending Lin Biao for him. Obviously this is not a wise move.

Even Qin Yuan did not expect that Wang Qian’s remarks would attract Ye Yunman’s reaction so much. His surprise is not only moving. He is a little girl who has protected him since he was very young. Even if Grandpa accuses him, she will be the first person to stand up and defend him.

Lin Biao’s eyes flashed a bit cold and said: "You better know this kind of consequences. Don't think that An Gongzi's support for you is great. You should know that I won't provoke him. He won't provoke me." He doesn't Dare to touch me. This is the lower city, not Yanjing! “

The tone is full of threats, and today he is exactly the same as Ye Yunman.

"My Ye Yunman never relies on people. The so-called An Gongzi in your mouth has nothing to do with me." Ye Yunman accidentally saw Qin Guang and Qin Guang. She said this to Lin Biao, but also said to Qin Yuan that she did not want to have any misunderstanding in Qin Yuan’s heart.

Lin Biao sneered and scorned: "Ye Yi Man, if it is not because of An Er, can you have it today? When a prostitute wants to be innocent, this is a big joke!"


The sound is very loud and there is a sigh of relief around. Although the people here have not yet touched Lin Xi’s circle, they have heard some rumors about Ye Yunman. Now he heard Lin Biao say this, everyone looked at Ye Yunman. When the eyes suddenly changed, I finally understood why Ye Yunman was single for so many years. He turned out to be a prostitute.

Ye Yunman’s face suddenly became very ugly. She does not care about her fame, but she is more concerned about the thoughts of Qin Yuan. God knows what the Qin Yuan will hear from Lin Biao.

"Who are you talking to?" A soaring voice rang in the hall.


Everyone's eyes are again placed on Qin Yuan's body. The indescribably cold atmosphere makes everyone feel cold. In particular, Qin Yuan’s eyes are like a sharp ice blade.  

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