Melee warrior

Qin Yuan, the super soldier, returned to the metropolis and revealed the mystery of the year. Once the famous soldier of the world, let all people be impressed!


4. Ming Jin Wu Zhe

Qin Yu's stature is indeed very tall strong, but this does not represent to them to have the threat, seven to one, the victory and defeat have no suspense. "Just go home tonight, originally didn't want to stir up trouble, it seems you do not seem to cooperate ah!"


"Qin Yu reluctantly shook his head, as eight people team don't doubt the first person, don't say seven small bully, is 70 is also in vain," fierce beast "This code is not random up. "Paralysis, give face don't face, you still leng to do, go up to waste him, don't get killed on the line."


"The Red hair youth eyes one cold said." "Boy, Long eyes later."


"Chubby youth hands clasp, make crackling bone sound, and then jerked to Qin Yu."


Who knows Qin Yu action faster than he, quiet street suddenly blew a gust of wind, Qin Yu body, a hand mercilessly pinched chubby young man's stout neck, and then one hand will he raised. "If it was a day ago, your neck was broken."


"Qin Yu looked at the fat round of the red face, Cold said, then the right hand jerked a hard, his heavy body threw into the wall, sent a dull impact sound, immediately not awake personnel.


Before the dismissal, Qin Yu hands but hold the power, as long as not endanger the national security order, he even killed people do not have to report.


All of them show the color of shock, the fat at least 80 kilograms, incredibly was Qin Yu so easy to mention, his hand strength in the end how scary ah? "Come on, it's a hard crop, man!


"The young redhead first composure come over, hurriedly ran to the van, carried out a pile of watermelon knives."


Soon, the remaining six people each hand holding a cold shiny watermelon knife, but they look at the Qin Yu eyes, are slightly afraid. "Leng to do, to my father chop!"


The red-hair young man roared loudly, the first rushed up.


The other a few bully teeth, also hideous face around. "You really have the guts to move a knife in front of me."


Qin Yu looked at the kill up six of the gang, the corners of the mouth, exposing a cruel smile.


Six watermelon knife cut down at the same time, Qin Yu, the body slightly down, the right foot jerked forward to eject out, while both hands fast dancing, fast to can only see countless residual shadow. Bang! Bang!


Bang! "Ah!



Six of a bully's body at the same time back to fly out, send out painful wail sound, Qin Yu slowly stand straight body, at this time the hands of more than six sharp watermelon knife.


Electro-optic Flint, Qin Yu on the settlement of six of small gangs, but also grabbed their hands of the murder weapon, see the girl side stunned, hands covered with the mouth to send a shocking voice. "Your body is more vulnerable than I thought.


Qin Yu threw the knife to the ground, and made a piercing sound, just that foot, he knew a few people may have to lie in the hospital for several months.


This is not strange Qin Yu, all the year round is fighting with the master, he out of every punch, strength has exceeded the limit of human, now face ordinary people, he has been trying to control the strength, but did not think it is easy to kick their ribs.




Suddenly, a violent wind stirred, Qin Yu suddenly back, eyes a cold, a figure instantly to his culling.


This is a practice, not just a few small gangs can compare, and absolutely killed a lot of people, his murderous very heavy.


Qin Yu The present judgment, but his body was still standing, motionless.


After six years in the army he has seen countless experts, now can make him feel threatened, and really find out how much. Sou!




Bearer is a bald man, saw him a leap to Qin Yu before, hands immediately to the claws, in front of Qin Yu fast waving, with the whistling of the broken air, his claw work, has been able to send out snap, according to the martial arts, he is a Ming Jin martial person.


Qin Yu single Hand negative stand, the right hand one block, the future of all the offensive, for ordinary people, Ming Jin may be very strong, but for Qin Yu, turn the hand between him can be killed.


The bald man saw Qin Yu so easy to block his offensive, look a little surprised, and then suddenly a few steps back. Drink



Suddenly, the bald man spit a wisp of material flow from his mouth, and then he was surrounded by faint airflow fluctuations, like an invisible Admiralty will cover him. "Admiralty Hood?"


” "It's a pity I haven't practiced home yet.


"Qin Yu light a smile, he had seen the Admiralty cover to reach the guru of the peak, the terror of the defensive force is he broke up also some difficulty. "Hum, do not know the so-called!"


"The bald fellow coldly hum a sound, the claw that has been ready for a long time to wave wildly, straight take Qin Yu Men."


Qin Yu striding forward, still only a right hand out.


Blow it out!




The wind is fierce, the fist is soaring!


It's a click! A crisp crack sound up, bald fellow stuffy hum a sound, blood many mouth and out, the whole person pedal backward backward, look at the Qin Yu face not confidence.

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