Melee warrior

Qin Yuan, the super soldier, returned to the metropolis and revealed the mystery of the year. Once the famous soldier of the world, let all people be impressed!


1. Man's tears

"Bastard, do you know what the consequences are?" On the seat, the old man looked angry and angry, and his voice was like thunder. A pair of hate iron could not form steel. His shoulders were covered with three shining Venus.

"I know, expelled from the army and sentenced to life imprisonment."

Opposite the old general, stood a young man in camouflage uniform. His face was expressionless and his body was still upright. It was as thick as a mountain peak.

"Do you know that you do it?" Is it worth killing your military career for a drug trafficker? " The old general's voice was trembling.

Young people are silent!

Is it worth it?

He is a special soldier in the state of China, and a special soldier among the special soldiers. He has no number of troops. He is an absolute secret force. There are only eight people in the whole army. Each of them has a field of talent that the ordinary people can't reach. All the tasks are the most dangerous. Among the ten thousand lions, they are among the top military personnel in Pyramid, and even the whole world.

"I have no choice!" After a long time, the young man opened his mouth, and his eyes were as strong as ever.

He did not have a choice. The big drug lords in the southwest border had escaped from the state of China. If he did not shoot, it would be endless, because it was the largest drug lord in the southwest border and the Golden Triangle region, and the drugs he hands were enough to make the whole world crazy.

The old general looked at him complicatedly, then picked up the document on the table, and said, "this is the document on the top, Qin yuan, the symbol of the beast, by the military court, to expel the military records and to erase all the archives in the army."

When the old general said, he was unable to sit back and sit back. Qin yuan was a special soldier trained by him. His role, sometimes even more powerful than a 10000 army, didn't expect to end up so much.

Expulsion from the army is the greatest shame of a soldier's life.

Qin yuan's eyes are red. For a soldier of such iron and blood, who has gone through numerous wars and baptism, he can sweat and shed blood, but he will never shed tears.

This is the first time he has shed tears in the army for six years.

Qin yuan's eyes are red. For a soldier of such iron and blood, who has gone through numerous wars and baptism, he can sweat and shed blood, but he will never shed tears.

This is the first time he has shed tears in the army for six years.

"Head, Qin yuan disgraced you!" Qin Yuan said with a hoarse voice, and then bowed to the old general ninety degrees.

Shooting across national boundaries is an infringement of the sovereignty of his country. An inadvertent even causes an international dispute. As a soldier, even though Qin yuan has gained more merit and more personal ability, he still has to be severely punished in the face of the general discipline of iron.

If it is an ordinary soldier, the army is expelled at most, but Qin yuan is different. He is the army of the most mysterious special forces of the state of China. The secret he controls, the power he owns, will have an inestimable threat and destructive force if he leaves the army.

Qin yuan tears, not because he was dismissed from the army, but because he knew, in order to protect him from being imprisoned in the military prison, the old general made great sacrifices and efforts.

"You have given me so many faces and lost one time. Remember, you are my old soldier. If you go astray in the future, no matter how powerful you use, Lao Tzu will blow you up." The voice of the old general began to hoarse, but his eyes were as sharp as the blade and tightly focused on Qin yuan.

"Yes, the head!"

"Fuck off, hurry up and go! How far is it?" The old soldier waved his hand, turned the chair back to Qin yuan, and tears fell down from his old face.

Qin yuan's heart was like a knife and twisted, depressed his emotions, and made a standard military salute to the veteran soldier. This is probably the last time he saw the old general.

"Take care of the head!"

When words fell, Qin yuan walked slowly out of the door with heavy steps.


The tombstones stood on the top of the hill, and there were thirty or forty of them.

The soldiers buried here were all soldiers who died in the task, their tombstones were inscribed on the epitaph, with only a humble name, desolate and sad!

"My brothers, I am going to leave Qin yuan, this is the last time I come to see you." Qin yuan straightened his body and salute the tombstones.

From close to the distance, Qin yuan's eyes swept every tombstone and carve their names firmly in their hearts. Perhaps this was the only thing he could take away from here. Among them, there were brothers and men who had fought shoulder to shoulder by Qin yuan, and the former soldiers he had not met.

"The fate of this life is exhausted. I will be brothers with you, and kill the enemy together."

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Qin yuan kneels down on his knees, knocking three loud ringing heads on the floor. His voice vibrates the earth, and the Buddha awakens memories of iron and blood.

After a long time, Qin yuan just started slowly. "It's time to leave."

As soon as he turned around, a snow-white figure stood quietly behind Qin yuan. In the cold wind, white clothes flutted, like the snow lotus flower in the ice mountain, Gao Jie, cold and proud.

"You're back!" Qin yuan reluctantly squeezed a bitter smile and said.

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