Melee warrior

Qin Yuan, the super soldier, returned to the metropolis and revealed the mystery of the year. Once the famous soldier of the world, let all people be impressed!


14. Making Friends with Lu Tianfeng

Lu Tianfeng’s attitude is very polite. Just like treating a VIP. Few people can receive this treatment throughout the city.

Ye Yunman and Zhao Guoqiang were shocked. Zhao Guoqiang only knows that Qin Yuan and Ye Yunman have a relationship, but Lu Tianfeng turned out to be Ye Yunman who dared to move. He is very polite to Qin Yuan.

"When I can say freely, this time I rely on you, Wuyuan owes you." Qin Yuan said, thinking of Lu Xueqing's sexy and sexy last night, Qin Yuan's eyes flashed a strange look.

"What is this, Qin Ge, we are brothers!" Lu Tianfeng waved his hand and said that his face did not care about his appearance, but his heart opened a flower happily, waiting for Qin Yuan to say so.

Qin Yuan couldn't help but smile. We all know that he does not object to Lu Tianfeng and his brethren. He has such a strong brother that he has not suffered.

"Since Lu Da Ge said this, I accepted it. I have to come to your house in my free time." Qin Yuan said that he has seen many important underworlds. He believes that Lu Tianfeng is definitely a true hero. Ranked in the top three of all heroes.

"Haha, Qin's brother is really a refreshing person, okay, then I am waiting for you at home. My business card has my phone number. When you are free, you call me. My brother is personally Send me. Pick you up. "Lu Tianfeng smiled very happy, Qin Yuan's "Lu Brothers" made him very happy.

"At the time, you also had to trouble Lu." Qin Yuan accompanied him and said that Lu Tianfeng really helped him a lot today. Some things can be solved without violence. Of course, the best thing is that he is just an ordinary person. Accept the legal judgment.

"No trouble, no trouble, but my brother has something to do. Let us take a step. When we come to Japan, we will have a good conversation." Lu Tianfeng finished speaking and turned to Ye Yun behind Qin Yun. Dude, continue. "Miss Ye, I am sorry for this day. This has caused you trouble. I promise not to have it again."

Lu Tianfeng is really a celebrity. Judging from the behavior of Qin Yuan and Ye Yunman, he speculated that the relationship between the two is very profound. Of course, he needs to apologize to Ye Yunman and apologize. He is closer to Qin Yuan. Can't fail at this critical moment.

"Lu brother is impolite, misunderstanding has been lifted." Ye Yunman said that her brother is very natural, not that she wants to climb Lu Tianfeng, but also because of Gion. Big brother

"Well, look at the faces of your two brothers. I have a few tables of food at home. This is good. This is very good." Lu Tianfeng smiled and walked out of the gold bars, he had been unhappy for a long time.

At this time, Qin Yuan’s eyes were full of smiles. Lu Tianfeng is smarter than he thinks, and he is more daring. He is a valuable person.

After Lu Tianfeng left, Ye Yunman signaled Zhao Guoqiang and others to leave. The huge gold bars are only Qin Yuan and Ye Yunman.

Ye Yunman twisted his sexy body, came to the bar, cleverly took out a few bottles of wine, refined and elegant sports, pleasing to the eye, seeing Qin Yuan is a slap.

"You have nothing to say?" Ye Yunman said very casually, focusing on bartending.

Qin Yuan smiled softly and sat in front of Ye Yunman. Even if he knew that it was inappropriate, his eyes always moved unconsciously around Ye Yunman.

"What do you want to know?" Qin Yuan reached into the bar with his face slightly leaning against his palm. He appreciated Ye Yunman's behavior.

"No matter what you say, I will listen." Ye Yunman said that this is indifferent. Bartending is a craft, but it has become the art of Ye Yunman. The action was gorgeous and the crystal glasses came back between her fingers. Jump like a butterfly jump.

As a result, Qin Yuan honestly told what happened last night, but he stressed that Lu Tianfeng wanted to recruit him. As for Lu Xueqing’s rescue, this is a sentence.

After listening to Qin Yuan’s words, Ye Yunman stopped acting and looked very angry. "I just said that Lu Tianfeng said that Xue Qing’s girl thought what you were talking about."

Qin Yuan smiled painfully, and did not dare to love Ye Yunman to notice Lu Tianfeng.

"I really don't know. We met last night. Maybe because I saved her and wanted to thank me!" Qin Yuan tried to make his voice look unremarkable.

Ye Yunman is skeptical and says that women are sensitive animals, but she knows nothing about Qin Yuan’s expression.

Due to the identity of Qin Yuan, he did not like to drink alcohol, but when he tasted the wine named "Flaming Flame" made by Ye Yunman himself, he found that he likes to drink, he actually likes to drink. There is a feeling that you can't describe it in words. Remind him of the passion to fight the enemy on the battlefield. The fire burned in his heart. 


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