Melee warrior

Qin Yuan, the super soldier, returned to the metropolis and revealed the mystery of the year. Once the famous soldier of the world, let all people be impressed!


10. Looks like it's getting a lot bigger.

A night without a dream.


Qin Yu comfortably stretched a stretch, a night's rest, will he these days all tiredness are dispelled, comfortable to hit a yawn, he slowly opened his eyes.


This open eyes, Qin Yu feel his eye all line of sight is a Ruhuasiyu face block live, besides Ye Yunman can have who? Early


Qin Yu rubbed some hazy eyes and said. "Hee, little bastard, you're finally awake, but you're still so cute when you sleep."


Ye Yunman Smiley-hee said.


At this time she still wears last night Qin Yu help her to change on the pink pajamas, but trousers instead of a just cover the hip hot pants, squatting in the bedside show snow-white slender legs.


Qin Yu A burst of silent, with cute to describe a man seems not very good, right? "Why did you wake up so early?"


"Qin Yu open soft cotton quilt said, suddenly feel lower body chill, heart immediately yell a bad, unfortunately already late."


Last night because no pajamas to wear, Qin Yu simply do not wear clothes directly to sleep, unexpectedly put such important things to forget, and just a wake up, small Qin Yu is the most hyperactive state, valiantly Bayang upright. "Ah, why are you sleeping without clothes?"


Ye Yunman Small finger pointed to small Qin Yu shouted, small mouth into "oh" font, face abruptly climbed two hot flushes, then spread to the neck.




Qin Yu to the sudden and the potential of the quilt cover, he now want to find a hole in the burrow, this time can be lost big. "That, because there is no pajamas to wear, and my clothes are all dirty, so ... Auntie, will you go out first?


"Qin Yu is about to cry, really have karma, last night just took over Ye Yunman cheap, today, all returned to her."


"Cut, has not seen before, but it seems to have become a lot of ..." Ye Yunman self-knowledge, covering his mouth to spread his feet out of the door running, in the final analysis she is a woman without personnel, ever seen such giants.


Qin Yu repeatedly wry smile, as a child Ye Yunman do often help him bathe, even sometimes two people also wash together, but he was just a child, even tease Ye Yunman that mysterious Gully zone is also with pure fun thoughts, now think about it was really evil.


Just as Qin Yu immersed in the memory, a suit of clothes flew from outside the door to the bed, while Ye Yunman's voice passed over. "Hurry up and get dressed for breakfast, the clothes were bought a few years ago.



Looking at the new set of clothes, incredibly still have a four-corner underwear, Qin Yu Heart is a burst of moving, did not expect a few years ago Ye Yunman help himself to buy clothes still stay until now.


No longer think, Qin Yu climbed up to dress neatly, clothes obviously small a large, only when eight of underwear wear, but it looks not awkward, but it is a fashion trend. Looking at the clothes out of the Qin Yu, Ye Yunman Obviously one Leng, immediately revealed the lovely smiling face said: "Little bastard really handsome!"



Qin Yu touched the nose embarrassed a smile, until now he has not from the embarrassment to ease over. Breakfast is simple, a love fried egg, a ham sausage, and a glass of warm milk, but still can see Ye Yunman spent a lot of thought preparation.


Head to eat breakfast, Qin Yu A word did not say, as for last night's things, Ye Yunman not mention, Qin Yu also happy pretending nothing happened, help aunt change clothes, Qin Yu think they are dreaming.


After eating breakfast, Ye Yunman directly pull Qin Yu out, said is to buy clothes for him, Qin Yu think really have to buy some clothes change, he before bring back two sets of clothes, or two years ago the troops issued.


Before Qin Yu heard that women are born to like shopping, but did not think he still underestimated the Ye Yunman "combat power", a whole morning, Qin Yu with Ye Yunman walked no less than five large shopping malls, dozens of clothing stores, and finally satisfied to help Qin Yu bought a big push clothes.


Yes, it is a large pile, small underwear socks, big to suit dress, add up enough to open a clothing store.


Originally Qin Yu want to pay for their own, can find that he stayed in the army for six years, the poor subsidy is not enough to buy a brand-name suit.


Qin Yu don't know how Ye Yunman suddenly became so rich, do not say her that duplex villa, is now open that sports car, no millions of absolutely can't buy, today to buy his clothes also spent millions, according to Ye Yunman's words, give my little bastard buy clothes, of course, to buy the best. "Shout, come back only then found good tired, but very happy, than I buy clothes also happy."


"Ye Yunman cheerfully smiled, regardless of the image, directly lying in the lobby of the sofa on the big mouth panting, beautiful clothes wrapped out a perfect arc, Qin Yu eyes are not controlled by the past. His young aunt, is really a seductive goblin.


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