Melee warrior

Qin Yuan, the super soldier, returned to the metropolis and revealed the mystery of the year. Once the famous soldier of the world, let all people be impressed!


8. Little Bastard.

Qin Yu forcibly will look away, again how to say this woman is his aunt, indecent assault, then look straight ahead said: "Just come back tonight, right, where do you live now?" Grandpa and grandma, what about them?


” "They and Xiaoyu moved away from Xia Cheng to yanjing two years ago, I did not follow the departure, has lived in the summer city."


Said Ye Yunman softly. "How are you going to move to yanjing?"


Qin Yu curiously asked, in his memory, the grandfather family from his sensible beginning to live in summer city. Ye Yunman Smile said: "It is not because the light rain to go to university there, and you brother-in-law he also moved to Yanjing, so simply all move over."


” "So I didn't think Xiaoyu had gone to college, but why did you stay in Xiacheng?"


Qin Yu looked at Ye Yunman's charming face and asked.


I do not know why, whenever looking at the Ye Yunman, Qin Yu's heartbeat will always inexplicably accelerated, thinking of the previous various, an irrepressible restless agitation. "Not to wait for you this heartless, go out for six years do not know to call the peace, you do not know me and your grandfather they are worried about you?"


Ye Yunman Some grievances said, the eyes with tears, let the heart of pity. Sorry


Qin Yu at the moment don't know what to say, can only sorry, since ancient times can not both, from his brutal training began, all his whereabouts are the highest level of confidentiality, allow no slightest leakage.


But Qin Yu Heart is also a move, Ye Yunman incredibly for himself and left alone in Xiacheng, I am afraid she appeared in that golden bar is also deliberate? "What a fool, say sorry, come back now just fine, won't go again?"


Ye Yunman Shining Moyu-like eyes, carefully asked, she was afraid Qin Yu once again leave, six years, her life how many six years can wait? Qin Yu shook his head, firmly said: "Do not go, never go!"


” "Good, go, aunt take you home, back to my home."


"Ye Yunman smile, revealing two charming little dimples, like an innocent little girl."


See such Ye Yunman, Qin Yu Heart is melting, he first hate himself how can so bear to leave six years heard.


Through the bustling urban streets, Ye Yunman with Qin Yu into a luxurious Villa manor, docked in the door of the fifth villa. Villa Decoration is luxurious, is a two-storey duplex villa, the input fingerprint password, Ye Yunman pull Qin Yu like a cheerful bird rushed into the villa.

How's it going, my family's good?


"Ye Yunman is like a little girl showing off her most proud toy to Qin Yu, kicking her heels and rotating her barefoot in the hall."


Qin Yu slightly wry smile, his aunt's character is still unchanged, crazy up is a naïve little girl, although she is now a woman of nearly 30. "Beautiful is beautiful, but this is too big bar, there are other people live here?"


Qin Yu subconsciously asked, grandpa a family all moved to Yanjing, who and Ye Yunman live such a large villa? Ye Yunman's eyes flashed a sly glow, pursed his sexy lips and said: "Why, do you still want someone else to live here?"



Qin Yu, to Ye Yunman conditions, I am afraid to have already made a boyfriend or even married it, no wonder before said to take him home, the thought of Here, Qin Yu heart feel inexplicable loss. Qin Yu expression Ye Yunman see in the eye, immediately cover belly giggle up, "Little bastard, you don't think the younger sister has a man?"



All dressed up, smiling like flowers, see Qin Yu is a dazzling fan. "Didn't you say this is your home?"


Qin Yu to ask, the nose suddenly some sour. "Yes, this is my home, but who said a person's home is not home, you just won't be jealous?"


Ye Yunman came forward and hugged Qin Yu's arm and asked with a smiling face. "No!" he said.


"Qin Yu to death also does not admit. "Really not?" But I see you seem to be very frustrated.


"Ye Yunman said.


Be Ye Yunman so look, Qin Yu always feel very embarrassed, once he can with Ye Yunman laugh and scold, no scruples, but at that time he was just a child, now two people grow up, also mature, virtually a diaphragm bound two people, so that Qin Yu dare not exceed half a cent. "There's nothing to eat, I haven't eaten tonight."


Qin Yu hurriedly transfer the topic to say, again be Ye Yunman This ask down, he really don't know how to answer. "Hum, little bastard, wait, I cook for you in person."


"Ye Yunman coquetry a sound, very dissatisfied Qin Yu suddenly transfer the topic, in his arm forcibly twisted a bit, this just twisted small waist toward the bedroom, changed a suit then into the kitchen.


Qin Yu Look at Ye Yunman that graceful graceful figure, touch the nose silly a smile, long absence feeling let him feel unprecedented warmth. Cooking for the Ye Yunman This single woman, it is not a difficult thing, soon from the kitchen to hold a few stacks of vegetable, let Qin Yu slightly surprised, his memory of the small aunt can not cook rice, then he also made fun of her later will not marry out.

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