Melee warrior

Qin Yuan, the super soldier, returned to the metropolis and revealed the mystery of the year. Once the famous soldier of the world, let all people be impressed!


12. large opening

"What happened? Qin yuan saw ye's reaction. The voice asked some questions. It was the first time he had seen such a man.

The bar has something to do. I must go at once. Yevonne managed to squeeze out a smile and said she was smart and seemed to have guessed something.

No one has dared to get into trouble since the bars were so far away. Sun's son was beaten there yesterday. Today, some people come to do bad things, I know who it is.

"I'll go with you." Without thinking about it, qin yuan said that he was not stupid and naturally knew he had something to do with yesterday.

Ye yunman nodded and then hurried to the bedroom to change his clothes. Without closing the door of the bedroom, qin yuan was ashamed to take a peek and went out first.

After ye yunman changes silvery professional outfit to come out, qin yuan's eye brightens again. His little sister can always give him a surprise. His hair was tied in hairpins and his slender legs wore brown high heels. The whole man exuded an air of indifference and competence.

Later, they drove to the golden bar. Knowing that it was nearly 100 metres from the gold bar, the road was blocked by a crowd of men in black. Ye yunman, with no other thought, drove furiously. The negroes quickly ran away.


The wheel jarred against the ground with a series of rasping noises. Ye yunman and qin yuan get off immediately.

"Sister cloud, you are here at last." Zhao guoqiang came out of the door, followed by a dozen young people.

"People? Yevonne looked around and saw that the entire golden bar was surrounded by black people, at least a few hundred people, but she wasn't scared.


Qin Yuan frowned slightly. He felt that the clothes of these black people seemed familiar.

"Inside, Yunman, do you want to call An?" Zhao Guoqiang asked cautiously.

"No." Ye Yunman gave Zhao Guoqiang a glimpse and seemed to be dissatisfied with his mention of "security."

Zhao Guoqiang stepped back and forth again and again, bowed his head and stopped talking.

Qin Yuan suddenly had some curiosity about the "safety guarantee" in Zhao Guoqiang's mouth. Finally, Ye Yunman’s personality changes have changed a lot compared to six years ago. The style of the Queen is undoubtedly obvious.

Subsequently, led by Ye Yunman, a group of people squeezed into the gold bars. Qin Yuan is also crowded in the crowd. His face was slightly cold. If someone dares to attack Ye Yunman, he will definitely not hesitate to kill him.

At this time, the gold bars are very quiet. There are only a dozen black people in the empty hall. On the central sofa, two middle-aged people smoked desperately.

Qin Yuan’s eyes are sharp, and one eye can see that one of the middle-aged people is an impressive Lu Tianfeng. They did not expect the two men to meet so quickly.

Ye Yunman walked into the hall and pulled up a chair and sat opposite the two. He looked at the two men coldly.

"Let's say, what do you want to do here?" Ye Yunman said emptyly.

Who doesn't know that in the summer city, the gold bars are Ye Yunman's. Two people are unscrupulous to do bad things, don't expect her to give her any good face.

"Phoenix is ​​really a Phoenix, the gas field is so strong, I think you should know who I am." Lu Tianfeng said with a double purpose. This is the first time he saw Ye Yunman's real person, even more than he thought. minute.

Ye Yunman said slightly: "The man who knows the southeastern triad must be the first real estate developer in the summer city, Sun Yaozu. I don't hide it. Your son is wounded by me. You want to solve this problem." ?"

Ye Yunman's eyes glanced at Sun Yaozu, and he immediately transferred to Lu Tianfeng. Obviously, this is Lu Tianfeng’s decision. Otherwise, Sun Yaozu’s role would not dare to block the gold bars.

"This is very simple. I will surrender the person who beat my son. Then you will pay 3 billion yuan in the gold bar as my son's medical expenses." Sun Yaozu said coldly that he only gave Lu Tianfeng two billion, but wanted to Ye Yunman took 300 million, which is too difficult.

"Three hundred million, is your son worth so much money?" Ye Yunman said scornfully, even if you bought gold bars, it is far from three billion. It is even more impossible to give people to you.

Hearing the opening of Sun Yaozu will cost 3 billion yuan. Lu Tianfeng’s face is also a bit ugly. Apparently he was composed of Sun Yaozu and Hu Wei who was watching him. He wanted to choose Ye Yunman.

"Oh, this is my bottom line, otherwise your gold bars will not continue." Sun Yaozu threatened him to deliberately refuse to see Lu Tianfeng's face. Since he has already arrived, he will not give up easily.

"This is what you mean?" Ye Yunman once again turned his attention to Lu Tianfeng's body. For this southeast triad, Ye Yunman is still a small taboo. With her ability, it is difficult to compete with him.

Lu Tianfeng looked at Sun Yaozu with a little anger, but he slowly nodded. Since he decided to stand up, he must fulfill his promise. When Sun Yaozu suddenly framed him, he would naturally find him revenge afterwards.

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