Melee warrior

Qin Yuan, the super soldier, returned to the metropolis and revealed the mystery of the year. Once the famous soldier of the world, let all people be impressed!


2. I'm your woman

"I'm back!" The voice is very light, but there is a lot of bitterness in the Buddha. If I don't come back, I'm afraid I can't even see the last side. A man is a woman, a beautiful woman, like a white jade, with a face like China. The double brow hidden in the willow leaf is concealed with an English breath, the nose is slightly upwards, the cherry small mouth does not point and red, and the two threads of the gills are gently blowing the face with the wind. A snow-white dress, the waist do not hold a grip, her body is like a layer of light mist, like a real illusion, the beauty is so unflawed, beautiful so no food and fireworks. Su tiyue, the code Datura, the eight men's Army division, is also the only woman in the eight squad. "What is the result?" Su Yue's voice is a bit cold. In order to know the army's final decision on Qin yuan, she kept on running for days and finally made her catch up. "Expulsion of military records and all archival materials." Qin Yuan says lightly, putting Buddha says a matter that has nothing to do with. Su Su's moon was silent, and the eyes of Mo Yu were flashed by a glimmer of rejoicing, but at the same time there was also a loss, and the expulsion of the army meant that Qin yuan would disappear from the army's world. "So what are you going to do in the future?" Su Yue moon gently brushed the beautiful hair which was disordered by the breeze, exposing a delicate and perfect face. Rao was five or six years with her, Qin yuan, still somewhat dazzled and fascinated. "Go home!" Qin yuan seldom smiled, and his eyes showed a yearning look. Qin Yuan died from his parents, only one little sister of his three years old, and the two siblings grew up outside his family, and until the age of eighteen, Qin yuan suddenly decided to join the army. His family was his grandfather's home. Shua! A burst of wind whistled, and did not wait for Qin yuan to react. Su Su's delicate and graceful body suddenly rushed into his arms. In a short time, Su Su's moon, the fragrant and moist jade lips gathered up, and the unspoken words were drowned in the kisses full of affection. Qin yuan's head was blank, and the relationship between the two had been in a delicate state over the years, and no one had taken the last step, because they knew each other that they were soldiers, a soldier who would never know whether tomorrow would still be alive. Feeling the clumsy and stiff jade lip of Su's moon, Qin yuan came back to God, the tip of the cold tongue slid into her mouth, grabbed her breath greedily, and consciously explored every place he had dared not touch, slipping from the shoulder to the back, and then going up and down to the saintly and soft crisp. On the chest. Two people's body is obviously tremble. The throb of this moment makes each other forget everything around him. "Cying!" Su tilting a month to remind a voice, Qin yuan hurriedly loosened hand, the body slightly back a few steps, looking at Su tilting the shyness flushes of the small face, embarrassed to touch the back of the brain spoon, do not know what to do. "The wolf!" Su Yue feigned an angry stare at Qin yuan, her body had never been touched by a man, especially the sensitive Shuangfeng, held by the hands of Qin yuan, and suddenly she had a sense of shame. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it." Qin Yuan said with a bitter smile and continued back. He was better than anyone who knew how horrifying, especially when she was all over and down. Mandala, though gorgeous, has a fearful poison. "When do you go?" Su Su's moon was a bit of a bitterness, and he did not know whether it was because Qin yuan was going to leave or because he had just offended himself. "Wait a minute. I don't want them to see me leaving. They should be coming back soon." Qin yuan's face was tiny and said. Su tiyue is clear, the "they" in Qin yuan mouth is the remaining six people in the eight person squad. "I will not come back, and you will not wait for me?" Qin yuan was silent. He really thought so, because he did not know whether he could bear the heavy separation which could not be explained. "Tell them for me, and tell me ANN is divided. If anyone comes to me, he is not my brother in Qin yuan." Qin yuan is very careful. He knew that, by virtue of their means, it was simple to find himself, but it would violate the military discipline, and the serious man might be dismissed as he was, which Qin yuan was not willing to see. Su Su nodded and said, "I will stop them. If anyone dares to go, I will break his leg." Qin yuan grinned. He believed that Su tiyue had this ability. In the eight squad, Su tiyue's strength ranked second. No one could get over her except himself. "But I'll go to you, it will!" Su tilting the moon, said a turn. "No!" Qin yuan hastily refused to say that he had left. If Su Su Yue left him again, I am afraid the veteran army would really shoot him in a rage. "You can't stop me. I'm not your brother. I'm your woman." Su tiyue raised his face, smiling like orchid blooming, pure without time. Qin yuan was startled, and the corners of his mouth gradually raised an arc, striding forward, pushing the Su Su into the arms, kissing and speechless.
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