Melee warrior

Qin Yuan, the super soldier, returned to the metropolis and revealed the mystery of the year. Once the famous soldier of the world, let all people be impressed!


5. I want him to be my bodyguard.

"Uncle, don't do it, he's not a bad guy.


"The girl only then reacts, because the two people play the speed is too fast, wait until the bald man injured backwards when she just see who comes." "Snow clear, how have you been, have not been injured?"


Suddenly, from all directions, a large group of black men in black suits and sunglasses will Qin Yu them round. "Dad, you're finally here, whining!"


Lu Xie Qing's eyes suffused with tears, trotting toward a middle-aged man in a white suit, and stood out among a large crowd of black clothes. "All right, there is dad, which Wang eight eggs do not have long eyes dare to bully you?"


Rutin patted the bosom of the Lu Xie Qing, the eyes flashed a touch of anger.


See a face pale, mouth still residual blood Wang Yong, Rutin immediately flew into a rage, finally will gaze at Qin Yu body. "Hold him up for me."


"Not to doubt the tone, with the people can not resist the majesty of the upper person."


Swish Swish!


More than 10 black men at the same time pulled out a pistol, all pointed to a face indifferent Qin Yu, as long as Rutin orders, they will not hesitate to shoot. "If I were you, I would never let them point a gun at me.


Qin Yu eyes a cold, look Rutin the angry eyes.


Qin Yu didn't think that tonight he saved a gangster's daughter, for the existence of the underworld, Qin Yu not much resentment, the existence is reasonable, and his former identity also let him understand many unknown secrets, many local mafia control, behind them is those who serve the good officials. "Boy, you are arrogant!"


"Rutin not angry to smile, in Xiacheng, who dares in his Rutin before arrogant?" Lu Xie Qing A listen, now from the arms of Rutin, hurriedly said: "Dad, you wronged the good, is he saved me, bullying me that some of the bastards have been he hit on the ground."


” Said, Lu Xie Qing pursed his mouth, and pointed to the lying on the ground of the seven small punks.

Rutin along the direction of the Lu Xie Qing, as the streets were too dim, he had not found a few people lying on the ground before. "How dare you move my Rutin daughter and tie them to a stone and throw them into the sea to feed the fish."


Rutin angrily shouted, at the same time let aside the bodyguard put down the pistol.


A few small gangs have already pain not awake personnel, but even if they can open begging for mercy, the results will not change, in the summer city provoke anger Rutin, Rao is their background can not escape the fate of being obliterated.


Qin Yu looked coldly at several bodyguards to lift the few punks, although he knew that they are not the ultimate sin to death, but who told them to offend the people can not offend. "Brother, just shy of misunderstanding you, I Rutin, I see your skill is good, or to my work?"


Rutin to understand the situation, the not angry from the face of Granville immediately smiled.


Wang Yong is his strongest bodyguard, the original or expensive to come out from the Shaolin Temple, has been to him when the personal bodyguard, Wang Yong's strength Rutin very clearly, did not expect to face the 20 Qin Yu, a few strokes between the lose down, the heart of the students to recruit. "Not interested.


"Qin Yu not cold don't say, give underworld eldest brother when bodyguard, if let the old general know, I am afraid will directly to the door to shoot him." "Don't be so quick to refuse, this is my business card, if one day figured out, you can call me."


Rutin always a face smile, as a gangster Beikewen, he clear ability stronger person, the more arrogant, want to recruit Qin Yu such master, must have enough patience and sincerity.


Qin Yu hesitated for a moment, or hand over Rutin the glittering business card, he did not know, the whole Xiacheng can get this card, absolutely not more than 10 people. "If nothing else, I'll go first."


Qin Yu didn't look at Rutin's business card and put it in his pocket, and he was eager to get home now. "My name Lu Xie Qing, thank you for saving me."


Lu Xie Qing Sweet smile, stretched out her white jade right hand. "Qin Yu, don't show up alone in this place," he said.


"Qin Yu is still very fond of Lu Xie Qing, at least he from her body feel not any princess temper and charming."


Hands clenched, Qin Yu immediately feel Lu Xie Qing Hand came a burst of soft feeling, let him some not willing to loosen. "Well, yes!"


Lu Xie Qing The chicken Peck rice nod, that exquisite small face soon bloom.


Aside Rutin laughing, when his daughter became so clever.


Wait until Qin Yu disappeared at the end of the street, Lu Xie Qing will be willing to return to the head. "Girl, have a fancy to somebody else?"


"Rutin jokingly asked, Lu Xie Qing's character he naturally clear, the general beginning, she is simply not to have been in love, tonight's performance is indeed somewhat abnormal.


Sure enough, Lu Xie Qing little face a red, some dare not look Rutin eyes, Qin Yu although not handsome, but the body that peculiar temperament let her very fascinated, not those Playboy brother can compare. "Dad, I don't care what you do, I want him to be my bodyguard." Suddenly, Lu Xie Qing raised his head and said earnestly.

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