Melee warrior

Qin Yuan, the super soldier, returned to the metropolis and revealed the mystery of the year. Once the famous soldier of the world, let all people be impressed!


11. collusion

The Dragon Club is a high-level private clubhouse in Xiacheng. The people who can sign up here are all the people in the Xiacheng City. They either have the right or have money.

In a closed conference room, two middle-aged men sit opposite each other.

"Tianfeng Brothers, you give me an accurate reply, this busy you help in the end still does not help." A middle-aged man with a bright hairstyle said, the voice is slightly low.

Lu Tianfeng tilted his legs and smoked a cigarette leisurely. He spewed smoke from his nostrils and said, "My brother, I don't help you. You know that woman's backstage. I find it hard to deal with her."

Among the smog, Lu Tianfeng's eyes narrowed into a line, exposing two glares.

His meaning is obvious. There is not enough money. Why does he  to help you? The world is very realistic. If you want to get something, you must pay the same price for the exchange.

All the old foxes of the millennium, Sun Yaozu will not hear the meaning of Lu Tianfeng's words. If it is ordinary people, Sun Yaozu's power can solve everything in Xiacheng.

However, unlike Ye Yunman, it is a woman known as the "Fire Phoenix." The backstage is harder than the stone. If there is anyone who can move her in Xiacheng City, I am afraid that this person is only in front of him and the king of the southeastern Underworld is controlled by Lu Tianfeng. .

Sun Hua is the only son of Sun Yaozu. He is still lying in the hospital and has not experienced a dangerous period. The doctor clearly told him that even if he had cured, he must be disfigured. Can he swallow this grievance?

“I gave up bidding for the piece of land on the Green Lake.” Sun Yaozu said, staring at Lu Tianfeng’s eyes.

Lu Tianfeng was unmoved and smoked again, revealing a faint smile.

"I am out of 200 million yuan to buy shares and only take 20% of shares," Sun Yaozu said with a bite.


Qianluo Lake is a land around the lake between the suburbs and the city center. Many real estate developers are eyeing this piece of land. It takes about 670 million yuan for a series of projects such as bidding and building a villa, and Sun Yaozu gives 200 million yuan. Only take 20% of the shares, sincerity is enough.

"Yanjing, but hard bones, ah!" Lu Tianfeng did not directly answer the words of Sun Yaozu, the meaning is obvious, this point of interest is not worth letting him offend that hard bone.

"10 percent!" Sun Yaozu's heart is bleeding.

Lu Tianfeng extended a palm and said: "Up to five percent, you know how much pressure I have to bear. Only then is it worth my offense."

Sun Yaozu was silent. He picked up the cigarette on the table and suddenly took a few deep breaths. People were under the roof and he couldn't turn his head down.

After waiting for a cigarette to smoke, his eyes flashed with a touch of sternness and said: "I don't want to be a shareholder. There is only one request. How does she ask my son? I want her to pay a price for it. A man who beats my son, he must die!"

Sun Yaozu knew that with Lu Tianfeng's means, he could easily eat away the 5% stake in his hands. Instead of giving him generously, he would give him 200 million yuan to revenge his son. Beijing's monk, worth it!

Lu Tianfeng smoked the smoke in his hand before slowly spiting two words: "The deal!"

Ye Yunman still cooks at lunch. Qin Yuan originally wanted to lay his hand on the side but was directly introduced by Ye Yunman to the kitchen. He said that this trivial matter was still handed to the woman. In fact, she just wanted to cook for herself by hand.

After lunch, the two chatted on the sofa about what had happened in each of these years. Because Qin Yuan clearly knew that although he had left the eight-person team, he still could not reveal the secret in the inside, so he gave a goodwill to Ye Yunman. The lie just said that he was sent to guard the country's borders in these years. The environment was very difficult, causing Ye Yunman's motherhood to shine brightly. It was also comfort and pity.

On the contrary, Ye Yunman’s experience was of great interest to Qin Yuan. After graduating from Yanjing University, she returned to the development of Xiacheng. She invested in several listed companies and became the honorary director of his company. He only took dividends every year. The bar was opened by her own. Two years ago, the government wanted to rebuild the city and collect old houses. Ye Yunman paid for the piece of land in his old home and built a bar. The main purpose was to wait for Qin Yuan to return. I did not expect to really let her wait.

When the two talked about being happy, Ye Yunman's cell phone suddenly sounded a melodious ringing tone. Originally, she did not want to bother. When she saw Zhao Guoqiang at the golden bar, her brow suddenly froze because she had told her to There are major events that happen when the sky is falling. Otherwise, do not call her at random.

"Say!" Spits out a word in a simple and clear manner, Ye Yunman restores her strong woman's posture.

"Yunnan Yunmeng, you hurry to come back, and the bar lets a lot of people." At the other end of the phone, Zhao Guoqiang's voice seemed a bit eager.

"What's the matter, Who dares to bully my mother so much?" Ye Yunman asked coldly.

"It is unclear whether the brothers are out now. They have a lot of people. You still come by yourself in person," Zhao Guoqiang said quickly.


Ye Yunman threw his mobile phone on the sofa, and a pair of voices exudes cold light.  


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