Melee warrior

Qin Yuan, the super soldier, returned to the metropolis and revealed the mystery of the year. Once the famous soldier of the world, let all people be impressed!


18. Charming Auntie

"The little bastard will be very shy and really grow up." Ye Yunman said with a wink, she seemed very happy to see Qin Yuan so embarrassed.

This smile, the chest immediately rough, trembling, seeing the eyeballs in the garden are falling.

This is enjoyment and torture!

Qin Yuan just ate and ate, pretending not to see what he did not hear, and then continue this way, he can not guarantee that he can block Ye Yunman's temptation.

Seeing the food of Qin Yuan, Ye Yunman’s eyes flashed a stranger, but he did not continue to lure Qin Yuan. She knows when it is right.

"That's right, telling you something is right. My company will hold a cocktail reception tomorrow night, so you can't shirk it. So go with me!" Ye Yunman said, sorting out some messy clothes.

"What am I doing there?" Qin Yuan asked, holding chopsticks in his hand. Look at Ye Yunman's clothes properly arranged. This dared to look up at her.

"Of course this is my male partner. A woman attends that cocktail party. There is no male partner. Other men don't like it. You won't want to help me?" Ye Yunman smiled. He said, looking at Qin Yuan with hope.

Qin Yuan naturally does not want Ye Yun to be disappointed, but when the male partner seems to be somewhat inappropriate, after all, from the perspective of relationship, Ye Yunman is his little sister, although they have no blood relationship.

"This does not seem too good?" Qin Yuan said carefully.

"Where is not good, this little busy is not willing to help, the loss is still very big for you, you said, do you think I am old!" Ye Yunman said excitedly, tears flowed down, I look very Distressed.

Qin Yuan immediately panicked. He did not expect Ye Yunman's response to be so fierce. He said in a hurry: "No, I didn't mean it. I promised you. No one said that you are old. You seem to be an 18-year-old girl."

Qin Yuan said that he is very sincere. Ye Yunman is 29 years old, but he is not old at all. Whether he is a character or a face, he is well maintained. Just like an 18-year-old girl in the flowers, but with the charm of this mature temperament, the charm is infinitely magnified, such a woman, it is difficult for men to stop her temptation.

“Really?” Ye Yunman said very happy.

Qin Yuan definitely nodded. "Of course this is true!"

"Great, let me give you a kiss!" Ye Yunman really stood up from this position, walked to Qin Yuan, leaned on his face, and kissed gently.

Qin Yuan’s head is blank?

"Little bastard, you eat slowly. I will go back to the bedroom to pick the clothes I want to wear tomorrow night. You don't want to sneak a peek!" Ye Yunman smiled and ignored Qin Yuan who had not recovered. Twisted sexy waistline towards the bedroom.

Qin Yuan’s body suddenly trembled. He didn’t think about peeking, but Ye Yunman’s reminder did not show the temptation he wanted to come.

"Oh, there is another thing I forgot to say." When he walked to the door of the bedroom, Ye Yunman suddenly turned his head and said.

"What?" asked Qin Yuan subconscious.

"I didn't wear underwear."

Qin Yuan’s body flashed and almost did not fall off. God, bring him this enchanting little girl!

The bedroom of the small bedroom really didn't close the door. Listening to the sound from the beautiful pieces, Qin Yuan suddenly appeared in her mind, and there was a picture of a pair of fragrant sprays in her mind.

After the end of a meal, Qin Yuan felt it necessary to calm down in the shower. If he stayed in the hall for a long time, he could not guarantee that he would make some beasts.

Sleepless night, Qin Yuan never felt that lying in bed was such a torture, almost unbearable sleepiness at dawn.

When Qin Yuan woke up, it happened to be noon. He found that Ye Yunman was not there. He left a small piece of paper on the table indicating that she had to go out and do something. After lunch, Qin Yuan solved it himself, and finally forgot to draw a lovely one. Smiley face.

After reading the small note, Qin Yuan smiled softly and then placed it in the bedroom. Although this is a small piece of paper, he is not willing to throw it because it was written by him.

Qin Yuan has no basic requirements for diet. He just needs to fill his stomach. Eating roots is common when he is performing tasks abroad. Therefore, he took out a piece of bread in the refrigerator and ate it directly. The lunch was solved like this.

At this time in August, the sun in the lower city is very poisonous. Qin Yuan did not want to go out and had to choose to live in the villa. He didn't exercise for a few days, he felt his body was rusting.

Once a soldier, Qin Yuan has been at the peak because he does not know if he will be sent to perform dangerous missions in the next second. Only when he is in perfect condition can he be guaranteed to survive.  


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