Melee warrior

Qin Yuan, the super soldier, returned to the metropolis and revealed the mystery of the year. Once the famous soldier of the world, let all people be impressed!


13. Are you threatening me?

Ye Yunman’s face suddenly became super ugly, and it seemed that some consensus was reached before the arrival of the two.

How to do it? Do you really want to call Ann?

Ye Yunman has tens of millions of reluctance in his heart. She does not want to have any relationship with men. However, if he does not do so, Qin Yuan will definitely die.

"Miss Ye, you still give that person to me. There is no need to make everyone unhappy because of one person. As for money, you think, I can't control so much, um, um!" He said with a smile, he He can become the boss of the Southeastern underground world in his forties, he is very strong.

If Ye Yunman really compensates Sun Yaozu for 3 billion yuan, I am worried that he really offended Yanjing. Although he is not afraid, it can be very troublesome.

Sure enough, as soon as Lu Tianfeng was heard, the ugly appearance on Sun Yaozu’s face would be even more ugly. It seems that 300 million yuan is not available.

Fortunately, his main purpose is to avenge his son, who must die.

"Impossible!" Ye Yunman refused to consider, let him surrender to Qin Yuan, may wish to kill her directly.

Lu Tianfeng and Sun Yaozu were very surprised. They did not expect Ye Yunman's attitude to be so strong.

"Miss Ye seems to be unclear about the current situation!" Lu Tianfeng said. His attitude is very mild. If Ye Yunman does not cooperate, he can only use force.

Qin Yuan knows that it is time to start!

In the eyes of the crowd, Qin Yuan stepped forward and took a look at Ye Yunman's fragrant shoulders, revealing a hearty smile.

"Why are you coming out!" Ye Yunman snapped, but his eyes begged for coloring. She is so strong that she is protecting qinyuan


Qin Yuan said with a cold smile: "I did not develop the habit of standing behind the woman, and I can give it to me with confidence."

After that, no matter what Ye Yunman was impatient, he stepped forward and smiled at Lu Tianfeng.

"Is it you?" Lu Tianfeng immediately stood up from the sofa, his tone was a little surprised.

"We have met again. His son is wounded by me. How do you solve it?" Qin Yuanzhang casually pointed to Sun Yaozu and said that his eyes never left Lu Tianfeng.

Lu Tianfeng’s expression is obviously very embarrassing. He did not expect that things would develop to this point. He actually defeated Qin Yuan who saved his daughter last night.

"Have you hurt my son?" Sun Yaozu suddenly stood up, his eyes flashing a trace of anger.

Regarding Sun Yaozu's words, Qin Yuan turned a deaf ear and looked at Lu Tianfeng in this way. He believes that if Lu Tianfeng is a smart person, he will know how to do it.

"If you are willing to work under my hands, I will help you solve this problem." Suddenly, Lu Tianfeng thought of a good way. He always wanted Qin Yuan. Now is an opportunity.

"Are you threatening me?" The smile on Qin Yuan’s face flashed out. The cold made everyone fall into the ice hole.

Ye Yunman looked at the back of Qin Yuan. She first discovered that she did not know this Qin Yuan.

Lu Tianfeng deeply regrets the heart. He said for a while that he did not have any threats. He quickly apologized and said: "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it. Just when I didn't say anything, I will help you solve this problem."

Everyone is shocked. The most surprising thing is that Lu Tianfeng and Sun Tianzu are Lu Tianfeng. He said that it is no exaggeration to say that the entire underground troops in the southeast region belong to him. In ancient times, he was the emperor. But now I apologize to a young man.

Who knows the importance of Qin Yuan in Lu Tianfeng's heart, he is the bodyguard his daughter wants, not to mention the Qianlu Lake. Even if he has one hundred, he does not want to change his commitment to his daughter. .

After returning last night, Wang Yong admitted to him that Qin Yuan’s power was unbelievable and killed him like a dog, which strengthened the power of Lu Tianfeng to recruit Qin Yuan.

"Heavenly Brothers, how did you change your mind, have we already said that?" Sun Yaozu was anxious on the spot. If he does not support Lu Tianfeng, he will not dare to enter the gold bars.

In Lu Tianfeng's eyes, the cold is concentrated, and the cold clothes said: "Who is the first person who opposes you, your heart is very clear. Today, I said, Qin Song is my friend. If you dare, then look at it for trouble. The consequences should be clear, hehe!"

Sun Yaozu's eyes are unbelievable, he can't sit on the sofa. This is not the development of his imagination.

"No, you can't do this. I want to retaliate for my son. No one wants to stop me." Then, Sun Yaozu suddenly got up, gritted his teeth and rushed to Qin Yuan.

"Throw him out!" Lu Tianfeng shouted at the black man next to him.

Several black people soon moved. They caught Sun Yaozu, who was desperately moving forward, and then dragged it directly out of the door. The bar is very quiet.

"Qin Ge, then I promise that he will never bother you. You know, when you have time to go to my house, you saved my house last night, there is not enough time to pay you back, Xue Qing and the girl, I am also very Missing you. Lu Tianfeng immediately went to Qin Yuan.  


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