The keeper of Meng universe

Situ Yufan, the juvenile dean, has longed for a masterpiece but cannot cultivate. A mystical assassination, a catastrophe, and three magical beads in the body, the fate has changed since then. The space of consciousness and energy beads made him possess the conditions for becoming a strong man of the last generation. From then on he flew all over the sky and stirred up the land of East China and turned it upside down. It was with Yang Yi, Mu Yinxue, and Yu Xiong that they shouldered the burden of setting things up. ...... Situ Yufan had always wanted to be strong and mighty but didn't have the innate ability to become this. However, following a failed assassination, a catastrophe, and the discovery of three magical crystals in his body, his fate changed. His new consciousness and crystals made him possess the ability to become the strongest man of his generation. From then on, he flew across the sky and with the help of Yang Yi, Mu Yinxue, and Yu Xiong, he fought against the enemy.


16. Medicine Valley War II

String cultivate exquisite, rapid entry. Exquisite plastic body Dan's medicine has not all past, making his cultivation speed is amazing.

Only one night of cultivation, her practice to promote again, reached the forging body of five heavy. "My brother to the exquisite plastic body dan and exquisite centroid is really magical, it seems that my fix in three months to achieve the seven-body calcined."

"String the whole person relaxed.

Cultivation to the body seven, there is no one dare to force her to marry Ling cold that prodigal children. The next day, Sishiyu and String began to learn to cultivate the elixir, but no one to see them.

Helpless, they only go to read books, learn about the elixir from the tree knowledge.

In fact, after the world, Sishiyu who saw a lot of books on the elixir, he has not revealed it.

He looked carefully, and in the books he found some of the books of alchemy, with relish.

The Book of Alchemy, the family of the bookstore is not, it seems all moved to the Medicine Valley.

In this way, anyway, there is no one to control their siblings, they spend time reading, most of the time to cultivate, and strive to improve their strength.

In the twinkling of an eye one months, a short period of one months, String from the cultivation, to the forging body seven, only one months, if spread out, it is estimated that the east of China are shaking. Lingyun City Range, the Ling wind is the top genius, and has been the lingyange fully cultivated, from the beginning of the cultivation to the seven heavy body also used three years time.

Such speed, even in the house, is a first-rate genius.

String only one months, at first she was unable to cultivate.

It was unbelievable to say that. String oneself more dare not believe, find Sishiyu, excited way: "Brother, brother, I fix has to the forge body seven heavy, I reached the forging body seven heavy ...

I don't have to marry the Lingyange anymore ...

She was so happy, jumping and jumping. Sishiyu who also for her happy: "Ling sister, congratulations." "Brother, this also thanks you Ah!" By the way, how are you doing with your cultivation? Break the limit of the calcined body?

"String asked.

The work of the limit, Sishiyu who did not conceal String, but his body some secrets did not tell her.

"One months, still did not touch the road, I will certainly succeed."

"Sishiyu every sink channel. "Brother, you certainly do, I believe you."

"String laughs. Suddenly, someone outside shouted out: "Bad!" It's not good! There are enemies outside the valley of Medicine.

” "Go help, there's an enemy invading medicine valley."

” Sishiyu who heard the sound, hurriedly said: "Ling sister, we also go to see."

” "Good!" said the man. Maybe I can still make a shot, to a combat.

"String eager.

Cloud Carefree also was alarmed, with apprentices and drug children to go outside the medicine Valley.

When Sishiyu where they arrived, Medicine valley outside is fighting. Elder Sititen is with a gray old man to take off battle, Reiki Formation Knife mans, fist wind, amazing.

And two of the old body has a transparent layer of armor, is a Reiki cohesion, indicating that both of the initiates have reached the later.   

They fight too crazy, and the fallout is not something that the average person can resist, and no one else is.

Sishiyu who has not reached Poly virtual, with his eyesight, only to see two shadow entangled together, body shape constantly converted, speed too fast.

As for their moves, he could not see clearly.

He is so familiar with the appearance of the elder that he can recognize it.

He felt a little strange, in the end what people with the elder in the fierce fighting here, for what?

He looked around and found that there were two groups of men in addition to guarding the medicine Valley. One of the troops he was familiar with, that is, the family of the House of the Guardian, even the other two elders, Sishibo and other uncles of the people to the scene.

Guards also came a lot, there are hundreds of people, all murderous, a face angry.

The other team, looking at their costumes, Manyi recognized that some of them were supposed to be Huangshi Town Stone's people.

Stone Home people covet Medicine Valley has long, come to snatch Medicine Valley not strange.

However, the strength of the stone family than the family, should not have so much courage.

Sishiyu who suddenly think with stone home in a part of the strong, they dress up with stone home difference is very big, light see clothing, can determine these people conditions than stone home better. "These people should be the help of the stone family, what are they?" he asked. It seems that the Stu family is difficult.

Sishiyu, who frowned.

A lot of people in the House of the family to him, but he is still a member of the family, of course, do not want to see the Stu family accident.

In particular, the House of the family to survive the medicine Valley, once the medicine Valley was Shijia, then the family will certainly be forced to desperate.

Shijia since rob the medicine Valley, certainly won't let the situ family, because they are also afraid of the situ family.

Thinking of these, Sishiyu to get nervous.

Under the cover of the nest Ann has finished eggs! "Brother, the atmosphere is very tense, what should we do?"

"String some panicked. "Sister Ling, do not worry, we look at the situation first."   

"Sishiyu Fanning calm gas.

This is the world of the Great War, they do not plug.

Sishibo saw String and Sishiyu, fearing that they would be hurt and greet them in the past. The siblings walked past, Sishiyu all Curious Way: "Yifu, what is this situation?" Who was the big war with grandpa?

” "You should not ask more, you will have a melee, you must hide behind me."

Sishibo the color of worry.

"Father, I ..." String wanted to tell Sishibo that she had cultivated seven of the body.

In the end she did not say, lest Sishibo distracted. At this time Sishibo's mind is all on the battlefield, the surprise is not good for him.

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