The keeper of Meng universe

Situ Yufan, the juvenile dean, has longed for a masterpiece but cannot cultivate. A mystical assassination, a catastrophe, and three magical beads in the body, the fate has changed since then. The space of consciousness and energy beads made him possess the conditions for becoming a strong man of the last generation. From then on he flew all over the sky and stirred up the land of East China and turned it upside down. It was with Yang Yi, Mu Yinxue, and Yu Xiong that they shouldered the burden of setting things up. ...... Situ Yufan had always wanted to be strong and mighty but didn't have the innate ability to become this. However, following a failed assassination, a catastrophe, and the discovery of three magical crystals in his body, his fate changed. His new consciousness and crystals made him possess the ability to become the strongest man of his generation. From then on, he flew across the sky and with the help of Yang Yi, Mu Yinxue, and Yu Xiong, he fought against the enemy.


11. Fu Wei I

String tears flashing, the tone resolutely: "Father, the last three months, I must with the younger brother together." If you do not agree, three months later, you can only carry my body to the Ling family.

This seems to be her last wish to stay in the family, after three months will marry the Ling chill. Sishibo suddenly moved, revealing the color of guilt.

He, as String's father, cannot stop String from marrying a playboy, which is a bit laughable and pathetic. He pondered for a moment and nodded: "Go!"

” Sititen loudly way: "Good!" String with Sishiyu who go to Medicine Valley to learn to cultivate the elixir, three days after departure.

” "Then we'll discuss the third and most important thing." As we all know, in the middle of the year, the days of the House of the House of the winds will soon arrive. Although our family is not a cultivator, but I still hope to have a few younger generations can join the House Wei Sharpen, the achievement of a career.

Sititen said, the people in this room are all showing surprise.

Fu Wei, there is the background of the palace, but does not belong to any force, is a separate organization.

Every year, the government has to recruit members of the reserve reserves, in the range of the house selection of outstanding talent, training and training.

The meaning of Fu Wei is mainly to resist the demon beast and Barbarian invasion in the western regions.

As long as the young disciples join the Guardian, the frontier of the western regions will be honed for several years without dying, and the future must be higher than expected.

The family of the elder generation of the great character, basically is through the House Wei honed. The wilderness of the western regions, not only demon beast rampant, but also good at using poisonous barbarians.

The vast expanse of the wilderness, rich, and Wei's young people get experience at the same time, but also can get a lot of benefits, for their growth helps a lot, the family is also good.

Because of this, the strength of the force within the scope of the house, squeeze broke the head to put the good young people into the Wei, become a reserve member. is only the House Wei examination extremely rigorous, does not have the formidable strength, is cannot pass the examination, wants the backdoor to enter the Fu Wei, basically is impossible.

Moreover, there is no strong strength, even if you join the Guardian, it is a dead alley, who will not be thankless. There is also a benefit of joining the Fu Wei, the overall strength of the government is beyond doubt, powerful no horse.

Once a disciple joins the house, then the other forces want to do it for the family, and they have to think twice.

Once the House guards intervene, even the house of those big family I am afraid to be afraid, not to mention with the family of the same three-stream family. The family of more than 10 of the Stu-age young people, all show a keen eye.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for them, once the eligibility to participate in the assessment, then the family will spare no resources to cultivate them, and even get three elders personally pointing out that the strength of leaps and bounds is not a dream.

Sishi look around, arrogant matchless, he think oneself get participate in the qualification of the health assessment is a matter of well-deserved. Sititen glanced at the crowd and shouted: "After our deliberation, Sishi, Silin, Sitschi, the three of you temporarily have the qualifications to participate in the selection of the health, from tomorrow, our three elders will personally guide you to cultivate, I hope you do not have high expectations."

” Is

Sishi Three people stood up and answered loudly.

It was so exciting that the three men were glowing and trembling.

Other young people show envy jealousy, even with Sishibo a generation of people also some envy, because they are difficult to get the three elders personally pointing. The three elders, all are through the quiet environment strong, Sititen more is through the late strong, they have a lot of time in retreat practice, pointing family disciple time very little.

To be able to get their advice, certainly benefited. To tell the truth, Sishiyu also some envy.

He wants to be a strong man, so he needs advice.

Although he obtained the practice of law, but no experience, light on their own groping, to go a lot of detours.

It was a pity that he could not expose the things he could do for the time being, and his fate could not be explained clearly.

He had thought well, in the medicine Valley to spend two or three months, with a time cushion, he made up the lie is also easier to credible. "Well, three things have been said, everyone to disperse it."

"Sititen waved.

Sishiyu where and String up to leave, just out of a few steps, was Sishi, Sitschi, Silin stopped. "What do you want?" "String a face tense.

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