The keeper of Meng universe

Situ Yufan, the juvenile dean, has longed for a masterpiece but cannot cultivate. A mystical assassination, a catastrophe, and three magical beads in the body, the fate has changed since then. The space of consciousness and energy beads made him possess the conditions for becoming a strong man of the last generation. From then on he flew all over the sky and stirred up the land of East China and turned it upside down. It was with Yang Yi, Mu Yinxue, and Yu Xiong that they shouldered the burden of setting things up. ...... Situ Yufan had always wanted to be strong and mighty but didn't have the innate ability to become this. However, following a failed assassination, a catastrophe, and the discovery of three magical crystals in his body, his fate changed. His new consciousness and crystals made him possess the ability to become the strongest man of his generation. From then on, he flew across the sky and with the help of Yang Yi, Mu Yinxue, and Yu Xiong, he fought against the enemy.


2. Dragon's shadow II

Aura is everywhere, but not everyone can lead into the body, and the spirit is successful. The seven threshold of calcined body is the lowest threshold. It can not be repaired to seven parts of the calcined body. It will be abandoned by the family, either in business or in medicine. The wisdom and ability of situ Yu Fan envied jealousy, and the top of the family urged him to be sent to the valley of medicine. There are three months left, and seven of the calcined body is out of reach. Do not say that he can not practice, even if it is possible to practice, to cultivate to seven pieces of calcined body, is not a short three months to do. Ling Feng Han is the shortest genius in the recent seven years of lingyuncheng area training to calcined body. It has been three years since the age of six. When he was young, Ling family laid a solid foundation for him. In the eyes of the Szeto family, the fate of situ Yu and Situ Ling's brothers and sisters is doomed to be irreversible. Aura training, the spiritual environment has just started, not the sooner the entry into the spiritual realm, the higher the talent. Some of the genius, first of the first practice to the nine weight of the calcined body, began to practice the poly spirit method, once they have been successful, the strength is not the calcined body seven weight of the practice of poly spirit of the practitioner can be compared. At the age of fourteen, if you can't get together, you won't be able to get through it. The meridian is far more powerful than the Ju Ling realm. Through the whole body meridians, the aura can run quickly, and it can be added to assist in fighting on weapons. Above the Jing Jing, it is a peaceful state. In this realm, the spirit will gradually transform into the spirit liquid, the spirit can attack in vitro, and even congealed into a variety of virtual shadow to attack the enemy. Distance is no longer a problem. It's easy to take the enemy's life away from 100 meters away. The aura of the aura is more coagulate, the greater the power, the stronger helper. Most of the people in eastern China believe that the strong and the strong are unattainable. They can turn the devil's weapon to help fight, which has been gradually deified. There is no end to practice, and it is certainly not the end. However, few people can reach a higher level, and ordinary people can not reach them at all. The two sisters were sad and sad. Their eyes were the color of despair, and they could not see the light. For a long time, Shi Yu Yu looked firm and looked up to heaven and said, "God, ten years later, you have given me ten years of yoke. Now that I am in the world, I should have the chance to become a strong person, even if it is possible. Since you are so unkind, I must fight with you. I must be a strong man, and let the heavens tremble. " "Ha ha..." Situ Yu Fan vent his complaints, turn around and stride away, laugh some sad, and some helpless, more unwilling. When he saw Yu Yu leaving, he quickly followed up: "brother, wait for me!" In practice, many people saw Szeto Ling and stu Yu fan, and many of them smiled gloating. The only middle-aged strong man looked sour. He looked at the figure of two people leaving and shook his head. He is szebo, the family member of the sac family, thirty-six years old, the strength has reached the peak of the Jing Jing, and is one of the few strong people in the area of Lingyun city. He is a very strong character, but he is controversial because of his successor. Stuart had not yet had a full moon, and her mother was missing. The old fellows of the sac had repeatedly forced szebo to renew the string, and Situ Bo loved the mother of searling, who did not promise, and believed that one day he would be able to find his lover. Because of this, he had many disputes with his family's older generation. Stuart was very good at Stuart and Szeto Yu, and they could not practice. He is no longer a successor. In recent years, even the position of the owner has been unsettled. Situ Bo does not have to sit in the home owner's position, but he must keep the home owner's position, or the fate of a pair of children will be completely out of control, and the consequences can not be imagined. "God, you must bless the soul and the feather." On the tree lined trail, Shi Tu Yu unexpectedly walked to the back mountain forest, and he failed to see the signs. His pace was brisk, and he still hummed the pop songs on the earth, only he could understand himself. He has always been in good mood, otherwise he would not be able to stay in the family of Szeto. A moment of pessimism and loneliness soon left him behind. Walking along, he has reached the deep part of the mountain forest and is still at a loss. Suddenly, a black man appeared in front of him. The speed of the black man is very fast. Let's not say that he has no practice. Even if Stuart faced this man, I would not have enough time to respond. The strength of this palm was great, and the sound of "kicking" came out, and all the bones of stu Yu Fan were shattered, not to mention the meridians and viscera. He flew out and landed far away, and there was no breath left. The black man was not at ease, and went to confirm whether he was dead. At this time, he suddenly illuminated the half sky. Then, the huge dragon shadow appeared in the air. "Roar!" The dragon's shadow roared and hit the black clothes man. The black pupil magnified the pupil, and it was too late to dodge it. The Dragon shadow was circling in the air for several times, but not in situ.
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