The keeper of Meng universe

Situ Yufan, the juvenile dean, has longed for a masterpiece but cannot cultivate. A mystical assassination, a catastrophe, and three magical beads in the body, the fate has changed since then. The space of consciousness and energy beads made him possess the conditions for becoming a strong man of the last generation. From then on he flew all over the sky and stirred up the land of East China and turned it upside down. It was with Yang Yi, Mu Yinxue, and Yu Xiong that they shouldered the burden of setting things up. ...... Situ Yufan had always wanted to be strong and mighty but didn't have the innate ability to become this. However, following a failed assassination, a catastrophe, and the discovery of three magical crystals in his body, his fate changed. His new consciousness and crystals made him possess the ability to become the strongest man of his generation. From then on, he flew across the sky and with the help of Yang Yi, Mu Yinxue, and Yu Xiong, he fought against the enemy.


1. Dragon's shadow I

East earth God, Fengshen mansion, Lingyun City, Huangshi town.

The family of Szeto is one of the largest families in Huangshi town. Its business family is famous for its calcined body fluid, which is different from the calcined body fluid on the market.

Shi Tu Yu fan, the orphan of the family of Szeto, the parents who became the taboo of the family of the Szeto family, no one mentioned that only twelve scars of the chest were different.

Stuart has no child under his knees. He has only one daughter, Situ Ling, who is three years old. He has seen all his children as a family successor. But Stuart Yu had no good relationship with Stuart because he had always believed that Stuart forced his parents away, because the family had such gossip.

Situ Yu fan is intelligent and unrivaled. When he was twelve years old, he began to get into family business, and he earned a lot of money for his family.

Stuart's beauty was unmatched, but he was weak and unable to endure the pain of calcination.

If it hadn't been for Stuart's asylum, he had been rushed to Medicine Valley to learn to cultivate medicinal materials, unable to practice, even the alchemy could not be competent.

Situ Ling is more miserable and unable to practice, but beauty becomes a burden. The elders of the sac family have put forward three times that the son of siren is married to the Lord of the city of Lingyun. He visited Huangshi town and saw Stuart at a glance.

If Stuart did not try to stop him, he would have fallen into the hands of the devil.

The East China Shenzhou practice is popular and the strength is supreme. Even if the poor, frugal and want to allow future generations to practice. There is no difference between men and women.

Practice is against the sky, difficult and abnormal, need Dan medicine auxiliary.

The average person can only calcinate the body, unable to reach the spirit of Ju Ling, and have no way to reach the polypill.

The calcined body is the basis and the key. If the calcined body is formed, it can lead the spirit into the body and practice the spirit. Ordinary people can not withstand the impact of aura, at least after training to seven parts of the calcined body in order to cultivate the spirit of law.

In the calcining stage, the more solid foundation is, the easier it will become after training.

The family has a huge field of martial arts. All the young men and women in the family are practicing martial arts and sweat.

Situ Ling and Szeto Yu could not practice and could only look at them from a distance.

"Brother, when do you think we can practice with them?" Sore's face hopes. Her eyes were full of longing, and she wanted to be a practitioner like other sisters. Only in this way can she master her own fate.

Situ Yu's eyes are complex, hesitant, uneasy, eager, unwilling, and others can not see loneliness. He rarely communicates with the rest of the family except for Stuart. Others have been pushing him away because of his identity, and even want to expel him.

He did not take all this to heart. He had a big secret, but he could not share it with anyone.

This is not the original sac fan, because the soul changed into a foreign person, he hid the secret for ten years, can not speak to people, including Siming. The bitterness of it is only to let yourself know.

The SAPO is absolutely pathetic and incomparable. He tested his talent and was extremely talented at the age of three. Unfortunately, he was secretly calculated at the age of three years old. At that time, he changed his soul. He was the high student of the Pharmaceutical University in the Chinese Medical University of China and China. He was infatuated with the Dao of gold and sent him a nickname.

An inexplicable chance that his soul passed through the appendages was in situ.

After crossing, he wanted to make alchemy and wanted to be a strong man.

Unfortunately, God played a big joke with him. His whole body was broken by palm power. After treatment, the meridians were too weak to be trained. Moreover, for ten years, even the murderer did not know who it was.

From childhood, he was subjected to countless cynicism. Even though he had made a lot of money for his family, no one took him as a family.

Unable to practice, the murderer has been free and unfettered, even though his heart is unwilling, but can not vent, making him a little more melancholy than the average person. The appearance of the sun, the melancholy eyes, is intoxicating.

"Ha ha..." Stuart Yu smiled bitterly, and he sighed to heaven. "Maybe never, maybe... Maybe, no maybe... "

Shi Yu Yu's eyes are red, and a pessimistic mood is growing.

Stuart's bright eyes turned round with tears. He patted Szeto Yu's shoulder and said, "brother, you are a genius. You need not be too pessimistic, as long as you can find the continuation of the Wan Ling paste, or you can practice it. My veins are stagnation, and I am weak and ill, and I can not practice, but I have never given up the idea of practice.

Situ Ling's eyes were bright and his eyes were firm.

"Sister Ling, I won't give up the practice, either. However, what we should consider now is not to give up training or not, but how to enter the road of practice. If it hadn't been for father's obstructing, I would have been sent to the drug Valley for children, and you... "

"Yes! I have been sixteen years old, to the age of the pavilion, if I can not practice, I am afraid that sooner or later the family members of the family are urged to marry, for the greatest interests of the family. Father is strong, and there is no way to procrastinate. I will never marry Ling Feng Han that goat. When I reach that point, I would rather die. " Sac said.

The two brothers and sisters are really in the same boat. They have been unable to cultivate these years.

This year is their last chance. They can not reach the seven levels of the calcined body. One is forced to marry, and the other is to marry a notorious playboy, all for the sake of family interests.

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