The keeper of Meng universe

Situ Yufan, the juvenile dean, has longed for a masterpiece but cannot cultivate. A mystical assassination, a catastrophe, and three magical beads in the body, the fate has changed since then. The space of consciousness and energy beads made him possess the conditions for becoming a strong man of the last generation. From then on he flew all over the sky and stirred up the land of East China and turned it upside down. It was with Yang Yi, Mu Yinxue, and Yu Xiong that they shouldered the burden of setting things up. ...... Situ Yufan had always wanted to be strong and mighty but didn't have the innate ability to become this. However, following a failed assassination, a catastrophe, and the discovery of three magical crystals in his body, his fate changed. His new consciousness and crystals made him possess the ability to become the strongest man of his generation. From then on, he flew across the sky and with the help of Yang Yi, Mu Yinxue, and Yu Xiong, he fought against the enemy.


7. Consciousness Space I

Sishiyu any new memory inside, there really is a set of women to cultivate the law, named exquisite, only harsh conditions, need qiqiao exquisite body of women can cultivate. After reading, he can not help but regret: "Such a magical law, but unfortunately Ling sister can not cultivate." Or first find a way to let Ling sister can cultivate, even if the first practice of the family of the law of the House will be. Her body is too weak, the meridians also knot, must improve the physique, through the meridians to do.



Reasoning, he didn't come up with a good idea.


Suddenly he remembered that there is a bead inside the sea, there are nine layers of the world, into which may have unexpected harvest.


Just how to get into the nine-story world, he doesn't know, needs time to grope.


Anyway, no one bothered, Sishiyu who began to try.


He used the Dharma of Rongchang to find the beads in the sea.


Who knew that when the idea moved, the beads immediately sensed and appeared in his senses. "What the hell is this thing?" Colorful, very beautiful! "Sishiyu All Praise Way:" Just ... How do I get in?



He frowned, pondered for a long time, and had no idea.


The beads were so small that they could not enter at all.


He tried to use consciousness to look at the inside of the beads, and as a result his consciousness went into the beads. Sishiyu all calm down, look around, this is an independent world, boundless. There is plenty of aura, fresh air, more comfortable than the outside world.


But he had no other living thing in it, but he did not know where it was yet.


He looked at himself again, not in the state of consciousness, but in the world of beads. Sishiyu to himself: "I appear in the beads inside the world, and beads exist in my knowledge of the sea, after the world is called ' consciousness space '!"


"Given the name of the singular world, Sishiyu who has the mind to wander around and see what is happening in this independent world."


There was a lot of space, but the pressure made him unable to make it.


Not far away there was a solitary house, near at hand, but he could not approach. "Is there any good that the elders have said in the house, but how can I go to the house?"


"Sishiyu van Disbelief Road.


In such a short time, he experienced too many strange things, the heart endurance further strengthened, or some can not believe. "Ah!


Sishiyu every roar, exert brute force, toward the house in the direction to go.


Every step, he had to waste a lot of energy, sweating all over the body. "If I can't get to the house, I'll collapse."


"Sishiyu who immediately stop the folly of reckless behavior. "By the way, how did I forget the dragon Elephant Voldemort?"


Sishiyu all eyes a bright, immediately cast the Dragon Elephant Voldemort.


The Dragon Elephant Voldemort Works, he feels the pressure immediately weakens many.


So he took his steps and walked towards the house.


Keep close to the house, the pressure is increasing, the pace of the Sishiyu is also more and more slow.


However, Sishiyu who don't want to give up halfway, he gritted his teeth, finally walked to the house there.


Pushed open the door, Sishiyu who rushed in, soft fell to the ground, he was too tired. "It's strange that there's no pressure in the house."


"Sishiyu every astonishment.


He did not have time to look at the situation in the room, to relax and breathe thoroughly.


After a while, Sishiyu stood up and looked at the house carefully. The house is only more than 10 square meters, inside empty, there is only a jade table in the middle of the house, very exquisite.


The jade table above has two jade bottles, the jade bottle is not big, the simple and exquisite, the jade bottle is valuable.


Sishiyu any business for some time, a glance at the jade bottle of the material is not simple. His eyes hot and clinking, full of anticipation: "Hope that there is a bottle of me and ling sister need Dan Medicine, so as to change their fate."



He picked up one of the Jade bottle, in the hands of a while, before opening the bottle stopper.


The Jade bottle just opened, a strong fragrance of medicine waft out.


The aroma of medicine incense, smell smell let people intoxicated, but also let a person spirit big vibration. "Good boy, this medicine smells amazing!" "Sishiyu where the earth is a pharmaceutical top, the herbal medicine incense Familiar."


Even the most precious medicinal herbs on earth, there is no way to send out so intoxicating medicine incense.


Smell smell, the mind is clear and refreshing, the effect is even more amazing.


Sishiyu who did not pour out the medicine, afraid of the effect of the passage.


He set eyes, the jade bottle as long as a golden Dan medicine, thumb size. After reading, he hurriedly put the close tight, the medicine fragrance is not dispersed for a long time.

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